Compare Credit Card Airline Miles

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Last week I wrote about 5 things you need to know about Air Miles Card. This week I’m going to share with you a personal recipe on 6 ways you can upgrade your Air Miles Card *. I am often asked how best to get the most Air Miles in the short term, especially as I have successfully redeemed two airline tickets to Barcelona in less than a year.

* Also like last week, in this post we’re going to talk about Kris Flyer Air Miles mainly because most credit cards in Singapore have a reward scheme for it (compared to Asia Miles ready – small reward schemes). Call it the Missing Kidney Case.

Compare Credit Card Airline Miles

Compare Credit Card Airline Miles

Before we start studying credit card strategies, let’s first compare the different credit card air miles in Singapore. To do this, we created a table that compares 8 credit cards (Krisflyer American Express Credit Card, Citibank Rewards Card, Citibank Premier Miles Card, ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card, Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card, Maybank Horizon Visa Signature Card, Card Privi UOB Miles American Express, Visa Height Signature Card (DBS).

Comparison Of Air Miles Credit Cards In Singapore

But what? Read our article last week. Have you read the small print? Last week, we discussed how real-world spending systems often don’t take into account the exact amount of air available.

To summarize our previous article for you lazy outdoor enthusiasts, some credit cards are only a mile away for household spending in round 5. For example, some give 3 points for every $ 5. For example, take an Altitude Visa signature card from the DBS:

In addition, most credit card companies allow you to convert your credit card points into miles within a set amount of 5,000. This means that if you have 14,000 credit card points in your case, you only convert 10,000 points for a credit card and you lose 4,000 credit card points until you build up ‘ next redemption point.

This is like a difficult lifestyle. In fact, it is difficult for people to kill properly in such cases. So for all the lucky ones reading this, I’ve narrowed it down to 6 steps using 5 credit cards: Krisflyer American Express Credit Card, Citibank Rewards Card, ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card, Maybank Horizon Visa Signature Card and Signature Card DBS Height Visa.

Air Miles Credit Cards That Give Frequent Travellers The Most Mileage In Singapore

Here are 6 ways to plan your credit card erasure and upgrade your credit card miles (along with your personal data stored in your phone!):

In my younger days I used to get over 10 credit cards at different banks (oh pity!). However, as life goes on, I realize that it is not possible to manage multiple credit cards with different bank details coming up at different times. So it will be difficult for me to search for all the cards mentioned above unless I bother traveling between several cards. I believe that on my own I can control a maximum of 3 credit cards.

So my personal recommendation is to get an ANZ Travel Visa card, Citibank Rewards Card (for shopping) and Maybank Horizon Visa Card for restaurants, return taxis. What about a standard Infinite Visa? That’s because everyone gets 1.4 big miles of air in local $ 1, someone would spend over $ 2,000 a month. So if you haven’t spent more than $ 2000 a month on your credit card and aren’t traveling regularly, I would recommend ANZ Travel Card.

Compare Credit Card Airline Miles

However, if you travel abroad often, I recommend the Citibank Miles Premier Card (instead of the ANZ Travel Signature Card) for daily use because they have 1.2 miles of air in $ 1 per 2 miles per home air per $ 1 crossing (compared to 1.4). miles below the ANZ card). I think Citibank Premier Miles strikes a sweet spot if you don’t always want to remember to hit a certain amount for revenge, and if you want a good amount of air miles for home feeding while getting extra air miles for spending foreign.

Best Air Miles Credit Cards With No Annual Fee (2022)

What are your thoughts on the 6 ways to increase your credit card coverage? Is it very stressful? Do you think getting 3-4 credit cards is hot? If you only had one credit card to choose from, which one would you choose? I’m curious!

About the Author: Lydia loves credit cards and miles because they come from Barcelona and Japan. As a result, she is interested in educating friends and everyone on how they can increase their credit card rewards. In her previous life, she was a civil servant in charge of social and business affairs. Lydia is now a social entrepreneur involved in business development, as well as childcare and education. She lives in Singapore with Sheltie with soft skin called Lemon and a notorious husband named Shuohan.

5 Things You Should Know About Your Air Mileage Credit Card [Directed Couple] 7 Easy Steps to Europe with your credit card airway

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The 9 Best Airline Credit Cards For Earning Miles To Book Free Flights

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Compare Credit Card Airline Miles

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Maximizing Credit Card Rewards To Add Client Value

Most credit cards get “points” or “miles” for every dollar you spend, but these rewards can be very different. Each regular bank and powder program has its own set of rewards that can be used in different ways. This makes it complicated when trying to choose a credit card; two different cards may give two points on purchases, but these points may have different values, and may be better for two different items.

Continue reading below to learn more about the differences between credit card points that can be transferred by miles of flights, and to see why it makes sense to have both.

Here we focus on the rewards and profits associated with each card. These cards will not be worth it if you pay interest or late fees. When using a credit card, it’s important to pay a full monthly fee, pay on time, and spend just what you can afford.

Generally, one type of reward emerges as the most important: volatile points, which you can earn with travel other than an airline offering credit card rewards. Transfer areas will not be confused with hotel locations, which are linked to specific hotel designs such as the Hilton Honours or Hyatt World.

Credit Card That Rewards Users With Airline Miles And Points. Stock Illustration

You can use the transfer points to make travel directly through the credit card issuer, or you can transfer them a mile to the airport or hotel safely by sending them to a different security program – cabin. (Hence the term “convertible weapons.”)

Because of the way regular programs work, you can usually get a lot of value from flexible credit card locations rather than miles away. Plus, with convertible points, you have more options to use your rewards than you have for certain miles of flights.

However, as you can earn many miles every time you fly – as well as any points or miles you earn from buying a ticket with your credit card – there is no reason to go overboard these, even if you are

Compare Credit Card Airline Miles

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