Apply For Grant Funding

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With grant proposals, individuals and organizations can receive funding for foundations, government agencies, companies and projects such as scientific research, humanitarian projects, academic research, community services and professional development. Because grant funding is an important component of funding an organization or allowing research to progress, it is important to create an effective funding program. Whether you’re creating a lengthy proposal for a government agency, using a letter form for a private foundation, or entering information into an online application, a grant proposal helps potential funders understand the importance of your project and what you plan to accomplish.

Below are several templates for writing grants, including proposals, application and budget forms, to help guide you through the process. These free, printable templates can provide structure, deliver a professional presentation and save time and money. You will find templates in Microsoft Excel, Word and PDF formats, all of which can be customized to suit your organization and your project.

Apply For Grant Funding

Apply For Grant Funding

Use this template as a guide to prepare a grant proposal. It contains general sections such as requirements description, project description, goals and objectives and budget. There is also space to add a detailed timeline. This template provides a basic overview that you can easily change for a variety of suggestions.

Urgent Action Fund

Many non-profit organizations rely on grants to pay operating costs and provide social services. This nonprofit grant template contains sections that include background organizational information, details about the community or population served, measurable goals, and more. Remove or add parts as needed to create a custom template.

Present your hypothesis, literature review, research plans and intended results with this research grant proposal. This template can be adapted for a scientific research proposal or application for an academic grant. Depending on the application requirements, you can submit this document as a formal proposal or use it to compile and organize all the information that will go into your final project.

This template for proposed technology grants is perfect for teachers and schools seeking funding for technology to use in the classroom. The template can be used to describe academic goals, technology needs, program sustainability and budget requirements. The proposal also includes a timeline section to include a detailed schedule.

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How To Apply For Grants

Create a specified grant proposal budget that shows revenue and expenses over a period of time. Enter sources of financing and amounts together with specific costs and the template will automatically calculate the amount. This template can be used for planning purposes or submitted as part of a larger grant project.

If you need to revise your budget, this template is designed to show how funds can be adjusted by reducing the amount allocated to one or more categories and increasing funds for others. Some donors require a revised budget so that they can approve how the funds will be used. This template also has the space to add organization and grant details.

Non-profit organizations can use this cash flow template for financial planning over a 12-month period. The template shows income and expenses on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. The template also lists common sources of funding along with operating costs, which can be edited to suit all types of organizations.

Apply For Grant Funding

This template is designed for donors who want to create a grant application. It has sections for collecting a complete proposal including the applicant’s contact information, company information and budget. Customize the application to include questions and information that should be reviewed to properly evaluate a proposal.

Need Grant Money? Here’s A Step By Step Guide To Applying

Contributors can follow this outline to create a template for requesting proposals. Include submission instructions, agency background information, deadlines for reviewing proposals and requirements for the content and format of the proposal. Applicants will want to know what criteria will be used to evaluate proposals.

Once you have completed a proposal, use this checklist to ensure that all application requirements have been met and to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the proposal. Consider asking for feedback on your proposal from stakeholders or others who are less familiar with the project and more objective. Taking some time to review a project can help reduce errors or omissions that can cost you more time and money in the long run.

Suppliers may require an interim or final report describing the progress and results of a project. This simple template provides an overview for creating a detailed report, including a financial update showing how the funds were used. Beneficiaries can provide this form to beneficiaries so that they can follow a template to create a narrative statement.

Grant writing varies between different disciplines and projects range from long reports that summarize project details to short letters. A scientific grant proposal can be 50 pages long and includes a thorough literature review, background information for key people, research methodology and more. The National Science Foundation, for example, has detailed guidelines for grant applications, and its policies and procedures are described in the Comprehensive Guide for Applicants.

How To Write A Grant Proposal: Step By Step Guide (free Templates)

On the other hand, the application for a global grant from the Rotary Club is much shorter, and the information required depends on the type of project being funded. The scope of a project, the amount of funding granted, the type of beneficiaries and other factors affect what is required of grant applicants.

Companies are generally not eligible for grants unless they qualify for funding through local government initiatives or engage in research and development projects related to federal programs. Some states offer small business grants to women- or minority-owned companies and certain industries. If your company is eligible for federal or state funding, the development of a business grant must follow the guidelines for a specific grant.

Some organizations will adopt a common application form, which enables a standardized proposal that saves time for both beneficiaries and grant applicants. When researching grant opportunities, it is important to understand and follow the application requirements so that your efforts are not undermined by technical errors, missing information or mistakes in the submission process.

Apply For Grant Funding

Grant writing may seem like it follows a series of linear steps, but if you are not applying for a one-time grant and will not use the grant funds in the future, grant writing is a circular process that follows the funding cycle. The process begins with a goal or need that is translated into a proposal that is reviewed by the granting authority or foundation and then accepted or rejected.

Free Grant Proposal Templates

Regardless of whether the proposal is accepted or not, the grant writing process continues into the next funding cycle when you review and resubmit previous grants or apply for new ones. Non-profit organizations, ongoing research studies and other groups that rely on grants as a primary source of funding should keep a calendar and dedicate a writer to planning and securing grants.

In order to be able to write an effective proposal, it is good to not only identify grant opportunities that are relevant to your project, but also to understand the source of funding and present your proposal to that audience. Getting the financier to meet in person before your organization submits a proposal can go a long way to giving your project a more personal context and building an ongoing relationship. Above all, the proposal must describe a project that the applicant can realistically carry out on the basis of experience, qualifications and financial resources.

As previously mentioned, grant programs vary widely and the content is dictated by the application requirements for a particular financier. However, there are common features between the benefit systems. Here is some information that is usually included:

Before submitting a final proposal, grant writers can carry out their own review to ensure that the proposal meets the required criteria and application requirements. Beneficiaries go through their review and choose which proposals to fund. Once the funding has been granted, the donor and the beneficiary sign an agreement describing the terms of the grant.

Apply For A Research Grant

There are many examples of templates for online grant proposals that provide examples of successful applications. For example, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) offers a variety of model programs for scientific research and small business research and development funding.

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Apply For Grant Funding

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