360 Antivirus Android Apk Download

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360 Total Security is a free antivirus program that offers a one-stop solution for data security and tools. Download it now and get the best optimization tools and comprehensive protection against viruses, malware and other new network threats.

360 Total Security is fully integrated with Windows 10. Check the status of your protection through Windows Tiles and stay up to date on security and threats.

360 Antivirus Android Apk Download

360 Antivirus Android Apk Download

Where there is an internet connection, there are dangers. 360 Antivirus for Mac protects you from identity theft and phishing. Use Junk Cleaner & App Removal to keep your Mac healthy.

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360 Total Security also takes care of the security of your mobile devices. 360 Security for Android offers features such as theft protection, garbage disposal, increased storage and battery power, and antivirus protection. Download now from the AppStore.

Opera is a user-friendly browser known for its speed and security. It comes with a secure connection, anti-malware and a free VPN for secure browsing. Combined with battery saving and ad blocking, Opera offers a unique and efficient browsing experience.

360 Internet Protection Browser Plugin uses cloud-based technologies to check the security of visited websites by comparing them to a database of dangerous URLs. You will be notified in real time to ensure your protection against malicious websites.

As digital currency and blockchain technologies evolve, many websites are making money by implanting Cryptominer instead of displaying ads. If you visit a Web site that has a built-in Cryptominer script, CPU throttling can cause your system to crash or destabilize your computer’s performance. Anti-mining protection stops the mining script from running to ensure smooth system operation and prevent cryptomination from affecting performance. Although this unauthorized conduct and resource abuse does not involve identity theft or privacy theft, it does affect your browsing experience and computer performance and should still be blocked.

Total Security: Free Antivirus Protection For Home And Business| Virus Scan & Anti Malware For Windows

360 Ransomware Decryption Tool helps to decrypt various types of ransomware-infected files. Currently, files encrypted by GandCrab, Jsworm, x3m, etc. can be decrypted.

360 Document Protector is a powerful document backup. With real-time monitoring and automatic backup, ransomware and all other threats to take over your personal data effectively are avoided.

360s WannaCry Recovery Tool recovers your files from WannaCry attack by thoroughly analyzing the virus mechanism to find the most effective and accurate method to recover encrypted files.

360 Antivirus Android Apk Download

The NSA’s weapon protection tool assesses whether a computer is immune to exploits from the NSA’s leaked hacking arsenal. Once vulnerabilities are found, users can apply necessary security updates to protect against cyber attacks.

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CPU Vulnerability Assessment and Repair Tool checks your PC for Intel CPU vulnerabilities such as Meltdown or Specter, and helps you download and install new updates in 1-Click.360 Security – Antivirus upgraded to brand new 360 security and redefined Phone Security: Protects not only your phone but also your privacy. Instead of offering all the popular features, 360 Security – Antivirus introduced intelligent diagnostics to detect the status of your phone and advise on the necessary solutions, including antivirus, garbage disposal and telephone amplifier (battery saving and CPU cooler).

Our famous large button design has been updated to intelligently diagnose the most necessary solution. All the solutions you need to keep your phone safe, clean and optimized like a new phone, including the battery.

Antivirus – 360 Security – Antivirus provides the certified # 1 antivirus engine. It detects 100% of viruses and malware through custom scanning and removes viruses and malware. It protects both your phone and your personal information from malicious software, spyware and hackers.

Junk Clean – The phone automatically saves junk files from time to time. 360 Security – Antivirus detects this problem and frees up storage space if needed. One tap to clear cache and junk files at once. The smartest way to clean and optimize your phone.

Android 360: Mobile Security For Android

Phone boost, battery saving and CPU cooler – Your phone does not get the best performance if it stays at a high temperature or uses a lot of memory. Especially when charging the battery and playing games, it will monitor the phone and the battery and keep the phone cool, fast and save more battery.

360 Security – Antivirus protects the privacy of your apps with AppLock. You can lock everything you want to protect, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi switches, incoming calls, recent apps, settings, photos, WhatsApp or any app you want. In addition, the notification preview can be locked so that no one can see which apps you are using or who you are chatting with.

With Applock, you can lock apps with a pattern, PIN, or fingerprint. Fingerprint lock is supported by Samsung or Android devices 6.0 and later equipped with fingerprint sensors. You can also adjust the re-lock time to re-lock the device screen so that you do not have to unlock it every time you launch the app.

360 Antivirus Android Apk Download

Intruder Selfie – 360 Security – Antivirus protects the app’s privacy from snoopers. If someone tries to open your app with the wrong password, a photo of the intruder is automatically taken and an intruder notification is sent to you via email. It keeps your phone safe and lets you know who the intruder is.

Mobile Security 360: Super Fast Antivirus Cleaner For Android

Hidden Cover – 360 Security – Antivirus masks your lock screen so no one knows you are using AppLock, while protecting your privacy and privacy. You can protect your privacy without knowing your parents, partner or children.

Theme – Choose your own lock screen style from hundreds of AppLock themes or customize it with your photos.

360 Security – Antivirus sweeps and cleans junk alerts in the notification bar. This prevents junk from blocking alerts and slowing down the phone, keeping the phone free

By adding tags for games and apps you help make these games and apps more visible to other users.360 Security – Antivirus Android 360 Security – Antivirus, Booster, Cleaner is an application that provides antivirus protection and performance. optimization for Android tablets and smartphones

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Security and performance are the two main pillars for the proper functioning of any smartphone. That’s why there are so many applications that offer us both concepts in one tool, for example this 360 Security – Antivirus – Free Antivirus, Booster, Cleaner, an application that improves the performance of our device while protecting us from all types of malware – Threats protect. And last but not least, the touch of a button.

We are talking about a tool that can be useful in your Android to make it work as it did on the first day of purchase. For this purpose, it divides its functions into three areas: acceleration, cleaning and antivirus. We only need to access one of these areas and press the corresponding button to perform a system analysis and take action on processes that slow down our phone, on useless files that load our storage space, or on threats that affect our privacy or device our.

But with these apps, we always have to answer the same question: do they really work? If you look at the opinions of other users about 360 security, many of them do not really like 360 ​​security and usually complain about the promotion. The truth is that the base version or the free version contains too many ads, which will probably force us to buy the premium full version after installing the APK.

360 Antivirus Android Apk Download

Your best option would probably be to download CCleaner or another reliable alternative, mainly due to the app’s good reputation. And if we are looking for a proper antivirus, the solutions developed by AVG, Norton or Avira are probably better.

Security For Android (2022) Review

We use our own and third party cookies for advertising, sessions, analytics and social networks. Any action other than blocking it or explicitly requesting a cookie-related service constitutes consent to its use. See our privacy statement. 360 Security is one of the best antivirus and security software for Android mobile devices. Download 360 Security latest version APK to protect your phone from theft or Trojans. 360 Mobile Security Limited is a subsidiary of Qihoo 360. Qihoo 360 (Chinese: 奇 虎 360;), full name Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd., is a well-known Chinese Internet security company known for its antivirus software (360 Safeguard, 360). Mobile Safe), browser (360 browsers) and mobile app store (360 Mobile Assistant). Qihoo 360’s biggest news in 2016-2017 is that Qihoo 360 bought most of Opera’s software for $ 600 million. On November 4, 2016, Golden Brick Capital (including Qihoo) completed the acquisition. In the future, the Opera browser and Opera browser for Android will be developed near it by a team of Chinese development engineers.

200 million users trust, and 360 Security is the only all-in-one speed enhancer and antivirus app that optimizes the background apps, memory space, cache and battery while protecting the device from viruses and Trojans.

★ Is it the most efficient cleaning – running out of space for new photos or apps? Just clean the app buffer and junk files with one click!

★ This is the best security app – Worried about viruses or phishing? Don `t be! 360

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