Two Of The Same

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As the East Coast resists the season’s first brutal blizzard, we want to revisit the frosty proverb: Is it true that no two snowflakes are the same? Never?

Kenneth J. Libbrecht, a physicist at the California Institute of Technology, has found a way to create what he calls “identical twin ice cubes” in his lab.

Two Of The Same

Two Of The Same

Since each ice cube encounters different turbulent paths through the atmosphere, each spin and fall provides a unique symmetry. But if you subtract the variability of nature from the equation, these ice flowers are no longer guaranteed to be unique.

Who Ever Said No Two Snowflakes Were Alike?

By placing two crystals side by side and planting them in the same conditions, Dr. Liebbrecht found that he could create two ice cubes with the same intricate shapes and patterns.

Here is a photograph of the “same twin” iceberg taken under a SnowMaster 9000 photomicroscope designed to capture tiny snow crystals. Credit … Kenneth Libbrecht

“I started calling them identical twins because they were the same person,” he said. “They look like matches, but they’re not quite the same as the last molecule.”

Dr. Libbrecht has been creating snowflakes in sunny Pasadena, California, where snow rarely falls, using air conditioners and lab sapphire glass for two decades, even though he just discovered the same formula last August. By adjusting temperature and humidity, he was able to transform their designs into a wide range of patterns. He photographed them using a photomicroscope specially designed to capture tiny snow crystals. Negative 10 degrees Celsius forms a flat plate glaze. At minus 2 degrees Celsius, he was able to form a triangular snow crystal. If he grows the crystals in high humidity, the side branches become distinctive.

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To his surprise, he found that lab-made snowflakes didn’t actually grow on the glass surface they were placed on. Instead, they sprout like microscopic mushrooms supporting a flat pedestal. His synthetic snowflakes can grow from 15 minutes to an hour.

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