American Express Reward Miles

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American Express credit cardholders appreciate the ability to convert earned Membership Rewards points into dozens of loyalty programs. What isn’t often immediately apparent is that American Express Membership Rewards points can also be transferred in a 2-to-1 ratio to Payback. Redemption points, in turn, can be converted 1 to 1 into miles and more miles. Thus, points from the American Express Membership Program can be indirectly converted into miles and more. With a little trick, you can even earn more miles and more miles for every euro spent with American Express credit cards than with Miles & More…

Anyone familiar with the American Express card holder will surely know that you can use the American Express Payback credit card to collect redemption points directly and thus indirectly Miles & More Miles. This article is not about this credit card. As Payback Amex is an exception among American Express credit cards with this feature. All other “regular” American Express credit cards, such as Amex Blue, Amex Green, Amex Gold or Amex Platinum, do not award redemption points, but Membership Rewards points – the currency for Amex points. The big advantage of these points is that you can transfer them to more than ten loyalty programs. However, Miles & More is not a direct transfer partner. That’s why we rely on another transport partner as an intermediate step: recovery.

American Express Reward Miles

American Express Reward Miles

Two steps are required to convert points from the American Express Membership Program into Miles and More Miles. First, the American Express Membership Program points collected must be converted into redemption points. From there it is transferred to Miles & More. This translates to a 2 to 1 conversion rate. One Membership Rewards point converts to 0.5 miles and more.

Amex Punkte In Miles & More Meilen Umwandeln

First log in to your American Express credit card account. The option to convert Membership Rewards points to Payback points can be found under “Pay with Points” on the American Express website. To do this, go to the menu “Membership rewards” > “Rewards for my points” > “Transfer of Payback points” in the menu or click on this direct link. With a single click on the option, you will get the following preview:

If you are making a transfer for the first time, you must first link your Payback account to the Membership Rewards account. I’ve had technical difficulties here in the past. So if the setup doesn’t work immediately, contact American Express by phone. Service center staff can make the connection for you.

As you can see, two Membership Rewards points become one payment point. A minimum of 1,000 Membership Rewards points must be transferred. After two business days, the transfer from American Express to Payback should be complete.

In the second step, you then convert your redemption points into miles and more miles. Once you have 200 or more redemption points, you can convert them from 1 to 1 into miles and more miles. If you wish, you can take out a Miles subscription so that your redemption points are automatically transferred to Miles & More twice a year. Simply go to > Discover > Partners > Miles & More or follow this direct link. Usually the transport is carried out very quickly. Miles must be credited to Miles & More no later than the following day.

Vergleich: American Express Gold Vs. Miles&more Gold Kreditkarte » Travel

The question keeps coming up whether it is possible to transfer multiple or third-party payment accounts to the same Miles & More account. The following information can be found on the recovery page:

Please note that you can only enter your personal, valid and current Miles & More card number to transfer your PAYBACK points, otherwise your PAYBACK points will automatically be returned to your points account.

So in theory it’s not allowed, although the wording isn’t entirely clear. Specifically, each Miles & More number can only be registered once with redemption. The second attempt usually results in an error message. Thus, the M&M number that has been used once must first be deleted from the redemption account (in My Payback).

American Express Reward Miles

It is also possible to have several Miles & More numbers. For example, a second M&M number is assigned to Miles & More cardholders internally linked to the previous M&M number. You can transfer two different redemption numbers to two different Miles & More numbers and the miles always expire on the same account. In practice, the transfer does not always seem to be checked to ensure that the above criteria are met when transferring.

Best Ways To Use Amex Membership Rewards Points

If you do the math, you will quickly find that you can earn more and more miles with American Express credit cards than with (individual) Miles & More credit cards. As a general rule, American Express credit cards initially award 1 Membership Rewards point for every €1 spent. This corresponds to 0.5 redemption points and therefore 0.5 miles and more miles for each euro spent. This means that Amex cards are already on par with the special Miles & More credit cards, which also give 0.5 Miles & More Miles for every euro spent.

As an owner of American Express, you still have a little trick at hand. If you join the American Express Membership Rewards Turbo program, you will earn up to 1.5 Membership Rewards points for every euro spent. After conversion, this corresponds to 0.75 miles and more miles for each euro spent. With this collection rate, American Express credit cards earn you more miles and miles than Miles & More credit cards for individuals. The Turbo is not publicly advertised, but registration is easy via the American Express Hotline (cancellations must be in writing). Note however that the subscription costs 15 euros per year. If you set the Membership Rewards point value conservatively at 1 cent (5 cents/point is also possible if redeemed accordingly), Turbo pays for itself from an annual turnover of €3,000. The turbo also applies “only” to sales up to 40,000 euros per year. For all sales exceeding this amount, the normal rate of 1 Membership Rewards point per euro applies again.

As mentioned earlier, Membership Rewards points can be converted into Payback points. These points are collected for transactions with all “traditional” American Express credit cards, such as the American Express Gold credit card. All Amex credit cards listed in the table below (except the Payback card) award Membership Rewards points, which can then be converted into Payback points. Of course, this also applies to the welcome bonus.

Easier than transferring to Miles & More via Payback is to transfer Membership Rewards points to one of the many loyalty programs that work directly with Amex (Miles & More is not one of them). For most programs, there is a transfer ratio of 5:4, with an average of 0.8 miles transferred from a Membership Rewards point. All the information about this is available in Convert American Express Membership Rewards points to miles – that’s how it works.

American Express Punkte Zu Miles & More Transferieren

Redemption, as a direct transfer partner of American Express, is a welcome addition to all American Express credit cardholders. Although the conversion rate is not as good as with direct transfer partners, it is generally worth transferring points to one of our other loyalty programs, American Express credit cards are still a good way to organize lost miles for an award flight. With a regular collection rate of 0.75 Miles & More Miles per euro spent, American Express credit cards finally outperform (private) Miles & More (private) credit cards, which grant 1 Mile and more for every 2 euros spent . The collection rate is better if you convert during the redemption conversion bonus campaign (up to 25% was possible in the past). If you are patient and make a strategic conversion, you can earn up to 0.9375 Miles & More Miles for every euro spent with an American Express credit card!

Information: For American Express Gold (40,000 points), Amex Business Gold (50,000 points) and Amex Platinum [Austria] (50,000 points), there are currently standard or additional rewards. One would think that the Gold variants of the American Express and Miles & More credit cards hardly differ. But if you take a closer look at the maps, there are definitely differences. However, both cards have a right to exist. Which card you prefer depends on your personal preferences and travel habits. We hope this article will help you make a decision!

With American Express Gold, you currently receive 20,000 Membership Rewards points as a reward. You have several ways to convert points to miles. Most programs offer a 5:4 conversion.

American Express Reward Miles

Unfortunately, Miles & More Gold currently only gives you 4,000+ bonus miles. We advise you to save points so that you can redeem them later for a more rewarding long trip. You will also receive a coupon for a weekend rental at AVIS. You will also get AVIS Preferred Plus status for one year.

Was Sind American Express Punkte Wert?

With Amex Gold you get more benefits. For example, you get Sixt Gold status. You can also get a discount on Priority Pass. The Prestige version costs €299 instead of the usual €399.

With Miles & More Gold, you can convert award miles earned with your credit card into status miles at the end of the year. This can be useful in some circumstances if it’s just you

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