Remodeling Companies San Diego

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For three decades, Lars Remodeling & Design has successfully served clients throughout San Diego County. We are a collaborative team of highly qualified designers, project managers, remodeling professionals, and business partners recognized as some of the most dedicated and skilled dealers in San Diego. We have the distinction of being one of the first companies to redesign San Diego into a nongovernmental organization. (National Remodeling Industry Association) Certified Remodel. As such, Lars President, Jason Larson, has consistently taken on the position of local leadership while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and craftsmanship in the industry. Staying up to date in the rebuilding industry allows us to offer you added value through our knowledge of the latest trends and technology, and current building permit related laws, regulations and statutes. We are proud of the fact that our company’s success is based on a tradition of trust. We look forward to serving you!

“Say what you mean, you mean what you say; that is not just a slogan, but the way we do business.” For 30 years, Lars Remodeling & Design has built its reputation for excellence based on trust, service and integrity. We treat every customer as the only customer, and every home like ours. When you entrust your home remodeling to Lars, your well-being is our primary concern.

Remodeling Companies San Diego

Remodeling Companies San Diego

At Lars, we understand the value of outstanding service and comfort. Lars is here for you with a team you can trust – professionals with the talent and experience to handle every aspect of your home remodel from concept and design to construction, management and completion.

Kitchen Remodeling & Design San Diego

Our experienced project design consultants will create remodeling solutions focused on your lifestyle. Each Lars design suits your needs and tastes; We never follow a “cookie cut” approach.

We focus on your comfort and safety by keeping the work site clean, safe and well supervised. We meet with you every week to give you project updates and progress reports. Our expert designers, managers and craftsmen are always ready to help and work hard to meet your specific requests throughout the project.

Open communication is at the core of Lars’ redesign experience. We focus on customer communication and education from the start, so there are no surprises. We work to help you with every detail, including selections like tiles, paint colors and fixtures, so that no detail is left unattended.

We’ve created our Five Step Process to serve you with open communication every step of the way. Our goal is to make your remodeling experience as enjoyable as possible. With trust, customer focus, and communication, Lars Remodeling & Design will deliver the beautiful design you envisioned, on time and as promised. No matter how much you love your home, it rarely meets all of your needs. If you love where you live but are looking for a fresh start, a complete home remodel is the perfect solution.

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Instead of facing the daunting task of finding and selling a new home in a suitable neighborhood, consider remodeling to change everything you don’t like while maintaining the features you love. Green building strategies can help reduce energy use, make your home healthier, and protect the environment.

The team of professionals at Eco Minded Solutions can help you realize your dream of a more functional and beautiful eco-friendly home that meets all your needs.

After an extensive process of finding the right Design Build Company, we chose Eco Minded Solutions for a large home remodeling project for our home in Carlsbad. From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, things went smoothly. The crew was always on time and often worked longer than expected to keep the project on track. I love our newly remodeled house and would highly recommend Eco Minded!

Remodeling Companies San Diego

Partnering with a remodeling contractor may be one of the best decisions you will ever make. They can do a lot to effectively transform and revitalize your old San Diego property.

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Are you looking for a home remodeling company to partner with? We at Eco Minded Solutions believe that the services we provide are second to none. Trust us with your rebuilding project, you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re familiar with the redesign, let’s highlight the top reasons why it makes sense. Check them out below to see if they appeal to you.

Wear can do a number in any home. Whether it’s because of a lack of money or time, it’s possible that your old home has fallen into disrepair.

Seeing your investment deteriorate like this is not ideal. You need to take better care of your possessions, and you can do that by remodeling.

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Manage the repairs your home needs. Repair any leaks, add more insulation, and repair damaged fixtures if necessary. These are all the services we can provide here at Eco Minded Solutions.

Your family’s needs will change over time. While your current home may be big enough for you and your early spouse, that may not be the case once you have children.

Before you splurge on a new property purchase, consider remodeling first. To be more specific, look to save space inside your home by removing walls. The wall between the kitchen and dining room is a great candidate to move if you need more space.

Remodeling Companies San Diego

But don’t try to get rid of it yourself. You could end up causing permanent damage to your home if you tear down the wrong wall or do it carelessly. Contact us at Eco Minded Solutions to handle wall removal and we’ll unlock the space you need.

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Your home design may need updating because your preferences have changed. Some patterns have become obsolete over time. If you are planning to stay in your home in San Diego, it would be nice to redecorate it.

It may also be worth remodeling your home if you want to keep up with the rest of your area. Maybe it’s time for your home to look more modern.

It may not be necessary to overhaul your home design because you are still happy with the style you originally chose. In that case, consider retouching your home decor instead. You will be amazed at how much difference it can make.

By the way, at Eco Minded Solutions we can work on your home design and landscaping. Feel free to hire us if you need to work in either of them.

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Green building has become popular in recent years and understandably so. Protecting our natural resources is more important than ever. Building more eco-friendly homes is critical.

You don’t need to look far if you want to convert your San Diego property into a green home. Remodeling homes following green building principles is one of our specialties here at Eco Minded Solutions.

They can add eco-friendly features to your home, including renewable energy sources, non-toxic materials, and additives designed to reduce the amount of waste your home produces. We will also better integrate natural lighting into your home. If you are interested in creating vents that allow better airflow, we can add these vents as well.

Remodeling Companies San Diego

Kids might have been fine sharing a room when they were in elementary school. But as they get older, they will want their privacy. You may have to add new rooms to your home to accommodate everyone.

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As your parents get older, it can become more difficult to live on your own. They may not like the idea of ​​staying in a nursing home or living facility. They may prefer to spend their golden years with their children and grandchildren.

We can go up if you want to add more rooms. Let’s add a second story to your home and give your kids or parents their own room.

Alternatively, we can change your floor plan downstairs and create space for the new residents of your home there. We can maximize your space to accommodate as many people as needed.

A common misconception among homeowners is that remodeling only makes sense if you plan to continue living in the same location. This is absolutely not true. You do not need to continue living in your renovated home to reap the rewards of your investment.

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Remember that remodeling your home can greatly increase its value. According to this CNBC article, the average return on resale value for an entire remodel is about 56 percent of the total project cost.

San Diego homeowners will be pleased to know that the returns are better for them. The same article states that the average return for homeowners along the West Coast is 64 percent.

You don’t need to completely remodel your home to take advantage of it. If anything, targeting specific areas of your home can lead to better returns.

Remodeling Companies San Diego

Remodeling your home is worth considering if you plan to stay in San Diego for the long haul or move soon. Please consider working with us if you are interested in a redesign.

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