Criminal Justice Masters Degree Programs

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The challenges of criminal justice and law enforcement are more complex than ever, reaching every corner of our society. One of the few institutions in the country to offer social science-based graduate programs, Metropolitan College (MET) has been providing criminal justice education since 1973. Armed with years of experience Hands-on experience in policing, cybercrime, systemic justice and correctional justice, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, MET’s criminal justice faculty are available to provide you with the skills and knowledge the sociological, legal, theoretical and practical knowledge you will need to tackle complex issues with confidence.

Since 2015. The concentration of master’s degrees in Criminal Justice and graduate certification options ensures that you can also specialize your education with advanced training in strategic management. strategy, crime and cybercrime analysis, giving you the tools you need to lead first-century criminal justice organizations. Fiche . .

Criminal Justice Masters Degree Programs

Criminal Justice Masters Degree Programs

Each certificate shares specific courses with the MSCJ program and its concentrations, giving you the option to earn one or two certifications along the way to a master’s degree. Please note that you must apply for admission and be admitted to a degree program to be eligible for a master’s degree. Consult with a graduate admissions advisor to learn more about this option.

Criminal Justice & Law Degrees: What Can I Do With A Criminal Justice Degree ?

Gain a general knowledge of the methods and theories of the social sciences, as well as an expert understanding of criminal activity, policy, corrections, criminal court procedure, and related social policy. related to crime control.

Check out how to establish evidence-based policies and best practices in criminal justice organizations, with options specializing in crime analysis, cybercrime investigation, and strategic management.

The MSCJ Focus on Crime Analysis offers an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to help you access and analyze a variety of data sources to guide the requirements, strategies, and policy decisions of agencies. criminal justice organization.

A joint MSCJ meeting in Cybercrime & Cybersecurity Investigations develops the skills needed to tackle a variety of issues related to cybercrime, including cybercrime and legal practice, knowledge Actual digital investigations and policies related to cybersecurity risk assessment.

Online Criminal Justice Masters

The Joint MSCJ Meeting on Strategic Management offers an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to provide the skills needed to address the challenges of modern criminal justice and lead reforms – no only domestically but also internationally.

Develop an understanding of criminal justice theory, ethics, and research to address the challenges of modern criminal justice, to administer and evaluate policies and programs, and to guide reform .

Study the original principles of criminal justice related to law enforcement, justice, and corrections, while laying the groundwork for further study of important areas of the justice system.

Criminal Justice Masters Degree Programs

Learn to access and analyze different data sources to inform criminal justice organizations investigations, strategies, and policy decisions.

What Can You Do With A Master’s In Criminal Justice

Leveraging an interdisciplinary approach to criminal justice and cybersecurity, ensuring that you develop the competencies, practical knowledge and skills needed to tackle the diverse issues involved Cybercrime investigation and cyber security.

Address the challenges of contemporary criminal justice and leading reform by developing valuable skills that enhance your ability to analyze diverse issues and develop sustainable policies and Proper guidance logic and planning.

Use the Career Insights tool to find the right job for you. Filter by career area and job title or by industry sector to find job demand and average salaries. Select “Learn more” for a downloadable career report or “Explore other options” to find the MET degree or certificate program that will prepare you for the job you want. If you work in criminal justice, you should consider going back to school for an advanced degree, as now is a great time to make that upward transition. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that the growth rate of most criminal justice professions will continue to be higher than the national average through 2026. The increase in technology use in the law enforcement sector has contribute to the need for more education and a larger workforce. . For example, cybercrime is an important area that was inhabited only a generation ago. The need to update techniques and skills is expressed not only at the national level but also at the local level.

Here are some of the job titles available in criminal justice: investigator; counter-terrorism analysis; young and adult probationary workers; budget analysts; social service coordinator; victim counseling; child advocate; professional correction; state police; and city police. Here’s a list of criminal justice careers that require a master’s degree, along with their average annual salaries, revealing more evidence that you should consider going back to school.

Criminal Justice Programs

Additionally, demand for correctional officers is expected to grow by 18% over the next decade, exceeding the 14% per job average, while employment of criminal forensic specialists is expected. will increase 17% by 2026.

The following is a list of the top 20 criminal justice master’s degree online graduate schools that have been researched and ranked according to the criteria outlined in the rankings. If there is a disparity in grades, the school will gain more weight with a lower tuition fee.

East Kentucky University’s 100% online, 30-hour science degree in justice, policy, and leadership offers 8-week terms with six opening days per year. The discounted tuition rate is $325 per credit hour for active-duty military personnel. Eastern Kentucky University’s online master of science degree in justice, policy, and leadership provides you with a personal mentor to answer questions during the admissions process and stay connected with that individual. by graduating any span in the learning path. Admission requires a 3.0 GPA, GRE scores, two letters of recommendation, and a $35 fee.

Criminal Justice Masters Degree Programs

University of St. Cloud State, an online master of science in criminal justice with a thesis and a non-thesis plan, has 36 credit hours. The curriculum includes the following: advanced administration of the criminal justice system; theory of criminal behavior and justice; and an advanced workshop. Two of the electives are consulting theory and emerging issues in leadership and management of local government. For admission to the University of St.’s online MS. Cloud State in the criminal justice program, submit transcripts with a minimum GPA of 2.75 and a $40 fee.

Criminal Justice Master’s Program Online

Bellevue University has developed a master of science program in judicial administration and crime management, which is a 36-hour credit program in a cohort format. The curriculum includes: planning, budgeting and resource management; forensic medicine; technology and future trends; criminal procedure law; and ethics and decision making. Admission to Bellevue University MS online in the field of judicial administration and crime management requires a transcript with a minimum 2.5 GPA in the last 60 hours of college work and a $75 fee. Letters of recommendation and essays may be required.

Online Master of Arts from the University of St. Paul’s Concordia in Criminal Justice Leadership takes 36 hours a semester to complete and is fully available online with no scheduled class meetings, with only scheduled asynchronous online courses completed your own. Exercises are designed in sequence. Applications for this program include a 400-1000 word statement of purpose and a professional resume detailing a career in the criminal justice field. Also, Concordia Saint Paul University’s online MA in criminal justice leadership expect an undergraduate degree with a GPA of at least 3.0.

Texas A&M University has a 36-credit hour, online master of science in criminal justice program that can be completed in 12 months. There are 6 opening days each year and courses last 7 weeks. The required six core courses include an advanced seminar in criminal justice, law and criminal justice, advanced social research methods, and a seminar on criminal theory. To apply for the Texas A&M International University MS online program in criminal justice, submit transcripts with a minimum GPA of 2.8, a professional resume, and a $35 fee.

Marshall University’s online master of science in criminal justice program is offered in four synchronous sessions, with the opportunity to interact with faculty in a virtual context at least 4 times during each course. The 18 hours of foundational coursework you’ll take includes: a criminal justice seminar, advanced theory of criminal justice, and a presentation or thesis. The options chosen include terrorism, bankruptcy justice, and cybercrime understanding. To apply to Marshall University for an online MS in criminal justice, submit transcripts with a minimum 3.0 GPA, GRE scores, two letters of recommendation, a personal affidavit, and a $40 fee.

The 20 Best Online Master’s In Criminal Justice Degree Programs 2022

There are three 15-hour semester certificates in addition to East Carolina University’s 36-hour online master of science degree in criminal justice. These certifications are for criminal justice education, public management and leadership, and security studies. Certificate hours are applicable (in most cases) for use as optional credit for the East Carolina University BS in the online criminal justice program. Core courses range from principles of criminal justice to seminars on criminal conduct. Application requirements for this degree include three letters of recommendation, GRE scores, a statement of purpose, and a $75 fee.

With six opening days each year, Xavier University’s online master of science in criminal justice degree can be completed in as little as 1-2 years. It’s a 30 hour credit program

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