Short Term Furnished Rentals San Diego

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2BR / 2BA – Semi-Private – Abhijit $ 915 – $ 925 2 beds, 2 baths, 2,008 square feet of storage $ 165, currently available.

Fifty-five, enjoy luxurious students at incredible prices and near SDSU. We have developed many living space options so that you can easily find your perfect match. Choose our studio, two, and four bedrooms Each of us is fully equipped with Wi-Fi Internet access and fully equipped with 42 inch TV, full kitchen appliances package and washer and dryer. We also know how to have fun with the study room and the 24-hour computer center If you are not diving in the pool, relaxing in a chair or relaxing in your apartment to watch 42 ”flat screen TVs, ask for 24-hour fitness center training. 24 Or if you are researching in a nearby area . Experience redefining student housing in the area of ​​San Diego!

Short Term Furnished Rentals San Diego

Short Term Furnished Rentals San Diego

Fifty-five is an apartment located in San Diego County with a zip code of 92115. This area is the integrated presence area of ​​San Diego

Short Term Apartments For Rent In San Diego, Ca

The West College, which stretches west from San Diego State University to Fairmount Avenue, has many college students who appreciate the facilities of the campus. This luxurious area occupies the northeast corner of the campus with student housing Cross the Montezuma Road and head south to El Qazan Ballabh to find a calmer, calmer atmosphere. Here, the fractured roads bend the beautiful houses like Ranchi and the backyard.

Most of the nearby shops and restaurants are located in El Qazan Ballabh. Here you will find hotspots like Akki Tree Real Jamaican Kitchen, Living Room, Alforne Mediterranean and RB Sushi. The attractions at West College are the San Diego Police Museum and the SDSU Visas Arena, home basketball games and special events. Located on campus, the Don Powell Theater is a theater and film venue.

Fifty-five minutes or 1.3 miles from San Diego State University. It is near the Art Institute of California, San Diego and the University of California, San Diego.

Graduate school information is provided in schools Graduate School Assessment Parents help to compare schools in a state based on the quality indicators of different schools and provide a useful picture of how each school uses all its students. Assessments are on a scale of 1 (less than average) to 10 (more than average) and may include test scores, college preparation, academic progress, advanced courses, equity, discipline and attendance data. We also encourage parents to visit the school, consider other information about school performance and programs, and consider family needs as part of the school selection process.

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Transportation options available in San Diego include the SDSU Transit Center, 1.3 miles from Fifty-Five. McCallan-Palomar, located at 10.9 miles or 17 minutes near San Diego International and fifty-five miles away and 32.7 miles or 44 minutes away.

You may be looking for a place to ride your bike in this case, but you will want your car for most commissions.

Fifty-five out of 1.3 miles there are 2 malls, which are about 17 minutes walk Miles and minutes will be for the farthest property

Short Term Furnished Rentals San Diego

This valuation combines the property characteristics of the property with the beggar’s review in a simplified score that helps you evaluate the property. The factors influencing this assessment are construction design, construction, exterior and equipment.

Short Term Apartments For Rent In Downtown San Diego, Ca

Employees do everything to match you with Roommate as you like Buildings are safe The maintenance staff responds very well to the maintenance request I like that the apartment comes with a gym, study room and free printing. The industry is great when you need to go to SDSU or shop with merchant Joe. The rent was affordable and there was no problem

I still love to be here I really like that they match the roommate based on a questionnaire It is very convenient to have furniture in the apartment The club house equipment is great because I love exercise and it is really good to have a printer for homework.

Fifty-five have a good life, such as a spacious kitchen and a spacious living room. Furniture is better provided than most places with plenty of storage space Services are excellent with support staff who respond quickly to maintenance requests. The apartment also has toys and gifts for the residents

I love how fifty are placed for college students They are always having fun and giving the locals a chance to win free things! 🙂

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Overall, the current apartment looks really nice compared to the other students I saw. The architecture of the building is beautiful The fire alarm goes a long way, but these gifts are stones!

I highly recommend staying here While we were here, my coconut and I received nothing but terrible service and great communication. After the walk, we didn’t have a 2-month-old TV in our salon because maintenance first gave us a broken TV and we couldn’t find a new TV that was ordered for our unit. Our bathroom had a leak on the roof and had not been fixed for more than a month It was in October and is now March and has not been completed yet The maintenance in our bathroom left the garbage for a week, a ladder, a huge tarpoline, dirt, and a dry wall, so we couldn’t even get into it. The sink, shower, and shower worked perfectly, but we couldn’t get into the bathroom because of the rest of the chaos. We paid for two baths and two baths for one month and did not get compensation. Throughout the process, we were told 8 different times that someone would fix it and no one would come I would have to call the office several times a week to get any updates that were very disappointing. Even after we sent a detailed email with our questions and thoughts, we got no response. We have repeatedly demanded compensation for the bad service we have encountered and the spice lattice from the cakes we have received. With all our communication we were very patient and polite and we didn’t get an answer as to when the bathroom would be fixed. After finally fixing the sink, our bathroom was completely messed up with some of our belongings destroyed and we had to clean it ourselves. Have a favor and don’t stay here

Wonderful community and friendly staff who are always willing to help! Close to SDSU and campus and shuttle I had a few things that needed to be fixed in my unit but the maintenance reacted pretty quickly. My studio unit is very spacious

Short Term Furnished Rentals San Diego

My wife and I have a service dog and we only love friendly dogs They have a dog walk and bag pop station Our dog also befriended some other service dogs

Best Furnished Short Term Apartments For Rent In San Diego, Ca

I’ve been here for about 4 years when I went to college, and I’ve enjoyed all the things that 5025 has to offer! I graduated last year, but due to an epidemic, I decided to renew my lease for another year. The virtual events were really creative, and the work in my apartment was really helpful in repairing any work orders. And use for only $ 12 per month ?? Don’t get me wrong

I have been here for more than a year and I have enjoyed it The staff at the site are very welcoming, friendly and helpful Safe and secure for all residents 🙂 10/10 Recommended

For rent, 5025 is a great place to stay The staff is very friendly and the area is safe!

5025 is a great place to stay Despite the COVID rules they are great they enjoy my online events with great staff. Great value for space and room!

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Stay here is still good and he decided to renew the lease, and the staff is good The only downside was the dirt and it took a week to fix the AC as we went inside.

I have two options until student life and it was still the best !! Everyone is out there welcoming and very nice I don’t want to be anywhere else live I can’t wait to go downstairs and stay in a good place !!

I have been here for about four months and I love it. I feel very fortunate to have found this place to live in, they have an incredible infrastructure and everything has an incredible place to stay.

Short Term Furnished Rentals San Diego

I usually don’t take the time to write reviews but since I live here I have nothing but good experience. I think the events are so much fun, especially the Super Smash Brush Tournament. I am an interested player in many local tournaments and it can be expensive

Furnished Apartments For Rent In San Diego, Ca

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