Daad Scholarship For Postdoc

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The DAAD/AIMS Doctoral and Postdoctoral Scholarship Program 2022 is currently open for motivated and qualified African students who wish to study in Germany and Rwanda.

DAAD is a government agency that represents 242 colleges and universities in Germany. It offers foreign graduates from developing and newly industrialized countries from all over the world, including Africa.

Daad Scholarship For Postdoc

Daad Scholarship For Postdoc

German Research Chair, Dr. Jan Hazla at AIMS Rwanda, in collaboration with Prof. Nicola Kistler from Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, is offering PhD and Postdoctoral fellowships at the AIMS Rwanda Research Center in Kigali. These scholarships are available and funded by DAAD to promote international academic exchange and educational cooperation with developing countries through various funding and scholarship programs.

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Successful applicants should conduct research in the thematic areas indicated in the “Research Interests” section. They should publish their results in peer-reviewed journals and conferences, actively participate in the scientific activities of the German research department, and contribute to the implementation of cooperation between the department and Goethe University Frankfurt. Scholars are also expected to be involved in AIMS Rwanda training programs. The fellows will be affiliated with AIMS Rwanda, but they are encouraged to undertake research trips to Germany.

Please send completed applications by email to [email protected] with the subject line containing “DAAD PhD Application”. Applicants must submit documents in one PDF file. Applications that do not meet these guidelines will be rejected without review.

We encourage you to apply to attend the Discrete Mathematics Workshop in Kigali from 4-9 July 2022. Click the button below to learn more about the programs.

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Study In Germany: 2022 Daad/aims Phd And Postdoctoral Fellowships For African Students

The German Scholarship Network offers scholarships to all international students for one year. So, if you want to study in Germany or are looking for a scholarship, follow this: DAAD scholarships are famous all over the world.

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