Criminal Justice University Courses

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I would like to welcome anyone interested in the Department of Criminal Justice, hosted by the Nelson Mandela College of Government and Sciences at Southern University. Criminal justice and various institutions offer different opportunities for graduates. By making a positive impact on the lives of individuals, helping to reform society, changing political change, etc. There’s never been a better time to be part of a higher power that has the power to make a difference. Our department is particularly interested in teaching students about the various components of criminal justice. The aim of the department, in addition to promoting the development of science and technology, is to encourage our students to take leadership positions in the field of criminal justice, even at the regional, regional, national and international levels. Our department guides qualified and historical teachers who have knowledge and experience in the field of criminal justice. These areas of knowledge and experience include fellowships, law enforcement, lawyers, judges, federation officials, and more. And our department’s graduates have changed jobs locally, state and internationally in criminal justice and other related fields. Examples of employment opportunities for our students include city and state police departments, probation, national security, lawyers, United States Marshall, chiefs of police, and more).

Criminal Justice University Courses

Criminal Justice University Courses

I hope you will put a lot of thought into changing criminal justice in your chosen field. We have reception staff with information to help you navigate our department and university, and their goal is to make your graduation as efficient as possible.

Captivating Criminal Justice Courses To Expect

The mission of the criminal justice system for both undergraduate and postgraduate students is to provide opportunities for diverse student communities to achieve higher levels of national and global justice. In addition, students are given the opportunity to engage in scientific research and creative activities. At the university level, C.J. The purpose of the department is to provide students with tools to think more deeply about the causes and consequences of crime and criminal behavior and the changing issues in the field of criminal justice. In addition, it is the department’s responsibility to provide special equipment for students to enter the profession working in the field of criminal justice, and to equip students who plan to do a master’s degree or who plan to continue their education in another field. professions. At the graduate level, the Department’s responsibility is to develop critical thinking and research skills so that students can develop the theoretical and practical skills that play a key role in fulfilling their leadership responsibilities in the criminal justice system. The bachelor’s degree program aims to advance the doctoral program in gaining practical research that fosters in-depth knowledge in psychology, (criminology/administrative – organization), research methods and criminal justice.

The Criminal Justice Program is designed to (a) provide students with advanced knowledge, research and analytical skills that should contribute to educational and career development, and (b) provide students with psychological, professional and leadership skills. The administration should help them perform better in the criminal justice system such as police, prisons, juvenile justice, probation, personal security and more.

The program focuses on students interested in criminal justice who wish to develop their professional and managerial skills and enhance their education.

The Criminal Justice Department prepares students for careers in the criminal justice system and continues their education in vocational colleges and graduates. National and international issues related to current issues and corrections in police courts are in the field of education and are sought in perception and practice through various curricula. This chapter addresses one of the main objectives of the University in the development and integration of electronic media in the curriculum. Online courses in our online programs support student-centered e-learning, enabling e-learning and learning experience.

Department Of Criminal Justice

The department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice, both traditionally and online, and a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice in both traditional and online culture. The university’s first degree program serves as a feed to the Director of Science in a variety of disciplines in criminal justice, with a particular focus on criminal investigation and supporting law enforcement, corrections, and public policy professionals.

CRJU 201 CRIMINAL JUSTICE I: Introduction. For Police, Courts and Prisons (Credits, 3 hours) All the essential components of criminal justice will be exposed and their interrelationships in the struggle for wealth have contradictory goals. Their performance and ability to work towards common and competitive goals will be analyzed by the environment and the environment.

CRJU 202 CRIMINAL JUSTICE II: Private Security and Prevention of Public Crimes (Credits, 3 hours) Public and private security institutions will be reviewed historically to date. Balancing the working police with the philosophy reflected in crime prevention education. Violence and civil cases arising from violent crimes will compare the course of the crime with the trial process.

Criminal Justice University Courses

CRJU 210 CORRECTION (Credits, 3 hours) These introductory courses review the American breeding system and focus on historical and current developments, processes, and issues. The identities of offenders, rights, correctional system and separation of duties are examined at three levels: state, public and private sectors. The bibliography provides a wide variety of online resources and a line for further research and analysis of issues and issues addressed internationally.

Careers In Criminal Justice For Degree Holders To Consider

STORY OF CRIMINOLOGY USED BY CRJU 211 (Credits, 3 hours) Students will be presented with a summary of many schools of thought throughout history, including psychology, sociology, biology, bio-social theory, and others. pathology, causation and social control. Other gains will be the measurement of crime, criminal behavior, other definitions of crime, the nature of crime and its application to the criminal justice system and the private sector.

CRJU 212 HOME SECURITY (Credits, 3 hours) These lessons inform students about the challenges of law enforcement in “Homeland Security”. Barriers to civil liberties, national law and the Ministry of Homeland Security are among the topics of interest in these courses. The role of Americans in protecting the country from terrorism and common themes across all issues. The bibliography provides a wide range of e-resources and online search and analysis of issues and national security issues.

CRJU 232 CRIMINAL AND LEGAL RESEARCH (Credits, 3 hours) The student will be informed about the difference between criminal and civil cases that focus on various crimes. The importance of writing reports, notebooks, workshops and other criteria will be explained to the student. School trips to intelligence agencies and crime scenes. The difference between being an interviewer and an interviewer, following the source of information and providing information. Private offenses, court investigation, disclosure and childbirth.

CRJU 234 USE AND SATISFACTION (Credits, 3 hours) Courses on drug use, drug use, crime and violence. History and pharmacy of drug use. There are many definitions of drug use: physiology, psychology, and sociology. Treatment and prevention. Drug trafficking: regional, national and international trade; money laundering; politics and terrorism.

What Classes Are Required For An Associate’s Degree In Criminal Justice

CRJU 240 POLITICS IN AMERICA (Credit, 3 hours) Detailed study of law enforcement in the United States, including city, county, state, and state law enforcement agencies. Emphasis will be placed on activities, discrimination, planning, rank, politics and community, as well as the environment in which police work, including small, large and rural areas. The implementation of the Law, 1983 Human rights violations, the use of force and the effects of racism will be examined in a timely manner, in addition to other lessons. Local and national events will be discussed. Conditions: CRJU 201

CRJU 245 CRIMINAL LAW (Credits, 3 hours) These courses cover the study of criminal law, including definitions, penalties and criminal defense. This course also examines the general principles and characteristics of crime, the Penal Code and the most commonly used parts of the Penal Code (with a particular focus on human and property crimes and the FBI’s criminal record). Re) – ports). Next, these courses will examine the impact and/or impact of the U.S. Constitution on the enforcement and enforcement of criminal law.

CRJU 246 Private Sector Coordination, Extreme Strengths, Anxiety, Employment Negligence, Neglect, and More.

Criminal Justice University Courses

CRJU 247 CRIMINAL PROCESSES (Credits, 3 hours) These courses are designed to guide a student through in-depth research in some key areas of criminal justice, such as pre-arrest, search and seizure, seizure. Students will also be informed about bail, preliminary hearings and pre-assessment activities, including petitions, complaints, rights to claim.

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