Unemployment By Education Level

Unemployment By Education Level – Changes in predicted probability of unemployment by level of education…, Figure 3, Unemployment among young workers during covid 19, Reasons for youth unemployment, File:unemployment rate (among persons aged 25 64 years) by level of educational attainment, 2022 (%).png, Risk of unemployment by educational level and years of education. gross…

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Unemployment By Education Level

Unemployment By Education Level

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Us Unemployment Rate By Education Level (2022 2022) [oc]

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Unemployment By Education Level

The Bureau of Labor Statistics annually publishes statistics on unemployment and earnings rates for various levels of education. In 2018, people age 25 or older without a high school diploma had a 5.6 percent chance of being unemployed, and if they had a job, they earned an average of $553 per week. Someone with a high school diploma has a 4.1% chance of unemployment, and makes an extra $177 per week. Add a two-year college degree, unemployment drops to 2.8%, and wages rise $309 more per week than those without a high school diploma. After all, with a 4-year bachelor’s degree, unemployment is only 2.2%, and wages are $1, $198 per week, $645 higher than without a high school diploma.

File:unemployment Rate Of Persons Aged 15 Years And Over, By Education Level, 2022 (%) World20.png

Georgetown University published a major study in 2010 that projected workforce trends for the next eight years. Some key insights are that education after high school provides access to a wide variety of jobs, while workers with a high school diploma or less are restricted to a small set of low-paying jobs. Estimated lifetime earnings show a striking difference based on education. High school dropouts will earn approximately $1,198,447 over their 40-year career. It is estimated that a person earning a bachelor’s degree will earn $3,380, and $060 over the same 40 years, and a person earning a professional degree will earn $4,650,588 over their working life.

What does all this mean? It pays to stay in school! The time and effort required to earn a high school diploma will pay off in more opportunities to land a higher-paying job, and the cost of a college education will pay off over a lifetime.

At McClellan High School, we are committed to helping every student earn a diploma. While we understand that college may not be the next step for all students, we help all interested students enroll in college and apply for financial aid. Our mission is to help prepare students for success in a variety of postgraduate options.

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