Free Backup Software For Android Phones

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Want to set up Android backup for your smartphone or tablet? We show you which data is most supported. This post was created in Google Pixel 3 with Android 12.

Android comes with many setup options. As such, there is much work to be done in a well-functioning system – optimizing for months and years. By the way, Google hopes to secure these solutions. To turn any smartphone into a “personal” phone, accessing your Google account is usually sufficient. You saved it on your cell phone when you installed it. Since then, settings, passwords, WLAN access data and so on have come a year, especially on Google’s online hard drive called Google Drive.

Free Backup Software For Android Phones

Free Backup Software For Android Phones

You can check this in the settings under “System”. From there, click “Backup”. Above, the Google Drive Backup option should be enabled. Below you will see the Google user account that Android uses for security. Click the section above the “Back up now” button, and then Android will show you the exact data captured in this backup.

How To Backup And Restore App Data With Or Without Root

Tip: You can also check the backups on your computer. To do this, simply open the Google Drive backup folder. It also tells you how many sites the backups are currently using.

We recommend the Google Photos Cloud service for storing photos and videos. In this way, your notes are brought to security as quickly as possible and available to you on other tools as well. To learn more about backup settings, click on “Backup & Sync” below.

If your cell phone bill amount is sufficient, enable the daily security limit under “Use phone”. Otherwise, your phone is waiting for WLAN to be available before sending photos and videos for a year. For overseas backup, “backup when traveling” should be active as well.

Because photos and videos take up a lot of storage space, Google has limited them. Unlimited storage is only available if you leave the model. Google reduces images to 16 megapixels and videos to 1080p (Full HD) when moving to a cloud. If you save the recording in its original format, Google will read the repository. Every user gets 15 gigabyte Google Drive for free. If you need more storage space, a paid subscription to Google One is required. For example, 100 gigabytes costs 1.99 euros and 200 gigabytes 2.99 euros per month.

Android Backup: Datensicherung Für Smartphone & Tablet

Big Android manufacturers like Samsung and Sony offer their own backup solution. In short, these steps are good because any backup is a good backup. Secretly, however, there is a second purpose behind these activities. In most cases, backups can only be returned on devices from a single manufacturer. For example, if your old phone is lost, you need a replacement device from the same manufacturer to get the backed up data.

So, before you think about a solution developer, check if the built-in backups can also be sent to the devices of other brakes. If you are not sure, it is better to use another method. Google services are available on almost all Aroid devices. The same thing with backup apps

You do not have to worry about applications installed on your phone (preferably still available online). As a rule, you upload all the apples through the Google Playstore. To do this, you need a Google user account where the applications you install are stored automatically.

Free Backup Software For Android Phones

Update your Google Account with a new phone, and it will ask you if you want to restore newly installed apples. This also applies if multiple tools are attached to your account. You can then decide which application menu application the setup wizard should use.

Free Data Recovery Software

We cannot comment on the size of the backup of the data stored in the apps. Google provides developers with the ability to store data in Google Drive backups. The frequency of its use depends on the appropriate application manufacturer.

Today, calendars, emails and email addresses are usually year round and are therefore linked to user accounts – such as applications on Google Play. As such, they are there for you on any device you adjust to your access.

For example, if your calendars are in Google Calendar, you just need your Google user account to access them. The same goes for emails (for example in GMX, or Gmail) and they get involved.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. There are various media metrics based on e-mail, namely IMAP, Gmail based, Microsoft Exchange and POP3. You need to be careful about the latter: Emails are usually removed from the server (ie from the cloud) as soon as they are downloaded to your mobile phone when you switch to new hardware.

Data Backup Overview

One option is a manufacturer-specific year that provides as much as Samsung’s library address called “Samsung Contacts”. If you switch to a different phone, you can transfer data from the manufacturer’s cloud, usually only with a lot of effort and sometimes not at all. Therefore, it is better to rely on an independent seller like Google or to rent an online office.

If you do not want a US year, you can also use the standard Microsoft Exchange – which usually includes payment. You can find similar offers in Host Europe, IONOS and Quality Hosting, for example.

The most important data often comes in handy – meetings, phone numbers and of course photos. Our Tip: Find a security solution that is suitable for any communication service you use. There is no way to file a patent.

Free Backup Software For Android Phones

Broken display, crashes and so on: If your Android phone delivers a ghost, it is best to save your data first. We explain how it works.

How To Back Up Your Android Phone To A Pc

If almost all the important data is in a year, why not make a backup completely? In fact, the cloud does not replace the solid backup system. Imagine what could happen if a cloud operator came in, ran out of money or locked you out at night – all is possible. Therefore, sometimes download your data from cloud providers and store it on an external drive that you will store in a secure location.

Works great with PC or Mac. But you can also connect the hard drive to your Android smartphone and then store the data on it, for example in the file manager app (which is produced by in-app purchases). Our colleagues from will tell you how. Once you have the new phone, you need to explain all the applications in the new smartphone. Or you can simply back up your data from the old phone and restore it to the new phone. Whether you have locked your device or not, there is a way to do it. In this article we will show you why.

After you install the app on your Android phone and start using it, you collect data reapp, which contains app settings, profile profiles, login information, and more. These are stored in a separate library. To prevent other applications from accessing your personal information, your app data is private – but it makes backups dry.

Without special permission (root access) it is difficult to find hidden directories of that old smartphone. Therefore, unless the app provides its own set of backup method, your reapp data will be lost when you replace the smartphone.

How To Backup And Restore Android Apps

Thus, there is still a way to restore your data. Some applications allow you to retrieve data reapp through an adebugging interface, which is the only way Helium app can send your reapp data, even without root access, and transfer it to your new phone.

Google not only supports photos, emails, contacts and many other things, but also app data. For many users, the best way to recover app data would be a Google service, which is usually enabled by installed on Android.

To use it, you need to make sure the backup system is turned on in your account – like the Google One Cloud storage service. To do this, go to:

Free Backup Software For Android Phones

In Google One you have the option of personal security, and in the package you will find the item “Applications”. This directory keeps track of which app stored your data on Google at any given time, but unfortunately it is not available. Thus, if you set up a new phone with a backup of your Google Account, the app data will be transferred to your phone immediately after automatic installation. It could not be easy.

Die Besten Kostenlosen Backup Programme

One thing is clear: the quality of the data protection of the Google application depends very much on the application providers. App developers need to carefully integrate functionality into their apps so that Google can store and process data reapp. This is not always the case, and you may find some applications in your collection when not in use. But over time, backups get better, and it doesn’t make it any easier than Google backups.

If you do not want to rely on Google and the app developers will keep your data backed up to you, there are a few

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