How To Update Lg Smart Tv Apps

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LG’s smart TV operating system, webOS, has reached version 6.0 this year 2021. It is now available for new smart TVs with 4K and 8K resolution. The Koreans have completely revamped the system, with a completely new look that is completely different from the original concept they worked on from the original version released in 2013.

WebOS is the operating system for the range of smart TVs from South Korean company LG. They started using it in 2014 as a replacement for the outdated Netcast.

How To Update Lg Smart Tv Apps

How To Update Lg Smart Tv Apps

This Linux-based system was originally developed by Palm in 2009. The smartphone brand was acquired by HP a year later, bringing the system

Lg Tv Apps Inoffizielle Apps Installieren

. Things seemed to be going from strength to strength for those in Palo Alto until a change in the company’s leadership derailed HP’s plans. This system has gone from an American flagship to a corporate savings asset. Although currently featured in smart projectors and refrigerators, LG Electronics will take advantage of this unique opportunity and take over the system for its televisions. WebOS interface Classic WebOS interface (2014 – 2020)

The webOS visual interface has been fairly consistent over the years. It is very similar (Apple has accustomed us to iOS in its various versions.

The system interface was retained until version 5. Applications are always displayed in a strip at the bottom of the screen. In the simplest televisions, communication occurs via the buttons on the remote control. In more advanced models, the Magic Remote can be used as a pointer. New webOS 6.0 interface (2021+)

The entire visual section has been redesigned from version 6.0, available from 2021. The brand’s distinctive application dock has completely disappeared.

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Instead, the new look is made up of dials. It is very similar to other proposals from other competitors on the market, so it is easier to use than previous versions. The key watch faces show the channels and streaming services you use the most, so you’ll always have your apps close at hand. Below is the complete list of services downloaded from the Store.

If you are familiar with the old version, adapting to this new interface will cost you nothing. On the other hand, if you have just bought your first LG Smart TV, you will certainly notice the convenience of navigating through the TV’s menus and applications.

Park Hyeong-sei, president of the entertainment division of LG Electronics, also commented on this version of webOS: “This is the most important update since webOS was launched in 2014.” LG Content Store: WebOS App Store

How To Update Lg Smart Tv Apps

The app store for LG Smart TVs is called LG Content Store. Through this platform we can buy channels, streaming services, applications and even some games. Multimedia platforms available on LG Content Store.

How To Install Apps On Your Lg Smart Tv (2022)

The content varies depending on the region we live in. If you are wondering how to install apps like Hulu or Pluto TV, we inform you that this process is currently only possible if we are in the United States. However, the range of applications in our country is huge. Voice assistants, remote control and artificial intelligence

No TV is truly smart without a voice assistant. The webOS system uses its ThinQ artificial intelligence with its own voice commands. Furthermore, we can use the help of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

In the Magic Remote Control we will also have dedicated buttons to quickly activate our favorite voice assistant. To make matters worse, TVs now have Magical Explorer technology. This feature uses LG’s AI to provide us with real-time data on the content we consume. You will receive the information you need, eg. B. The names of the actors who appear in the scene, some biographical information about them or the exact name of the place where the shot was taken. As the AI ​​gets to know you a little better, it will also offer you some content based on your tastes.

Another cool feature of WebOS is the ability to use your smartphone as a magic remote control. To do this, all you need is the LG TV Remote app available for iOS and Android. On models with webOS 6.0 and later, new features are also added to take advantage of your mobile phone’s NFC chip. You can pair your phone with the TV in seconds and start casting easily. How to upgrade to webOS 6.0?

How To Install Apps On Lg Smart Tv (2022)

Version 6 of webOS will only be available on smart TVs released to date in 2021. Unfortunately, this LG policy has always been there. The brand does not usually support older models, but sometimes offers modern system features that can be upgraded on TVs with older versions of webOS.

If you meet the requirements and have a version 6 compatible LG Smart TV, you will receive regular updates. Together with them, LG offers you new functions,

To get new webOS updates, you need to go to the menu of your LG Smart TV and then to the Support and Software Updates tab. Models compatible with LG webOS 6.0

How To Update Lg Smart Tv Apps

Most LG Smart TVs in 2021 are compatible with webOS 6.0. Fully supports OLED, QNED Mini LED, Nanocell and UHD product series.

How To Download Apps On Lg Smart Tv

On the other hand, entry-level smart TV models such as the LG LED TV series (with Full HD resolution) will remain on previous versions of webOS, even if they are recently released models. TV

All of this is true, but do you know which version your smart TV has? If you want to check which webOS is running on your TV, the following procedure is very simple:

It’s very simple. These steps will allow you to know the exact system version of your model and whether or not it is compatible with the available software updates.

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