Human Resources Bachelors Degree

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The area of ​​human resource management deals with the recruitment, training and maintenance of corporate personnel. As employees grow and become more experienced, their value increases, providing long-term benefits to the company. Larger organizations typically have a team of human resources specialists whose responsibilities include processing compensation and benefits; workplace and hiring; relations with the workforce; and training and development. Smaller companies may only use an HR manager to oversee all of these tasks. The role of traditional human resources continues to evolve, but HR professionals are increasingly involved in decision-making processes that affect a company’s strategic plan.

In recent years, large-scale data collection has proven invaluable for companies to track human resource trends and develop more meaningful hiring strategies. Experts predict that human resource management will move to more strategic, independent and data-driven functions, and companies will need data and analysis of employee performance. According to the Recruiting department report, the two most popular HR projects in 2015 were the Digital Director (responsible for performance analysis) and the HR Director (reporting directly to the CEO). Candidates for this new type of HR position are now selected with non-traditional backgrounds in finance and information technology and assigned to a more active leadership-level decision-making role for corporate growth. With this new type of business-focused responsibility, there will be exciting new roles for HR professionals.

Human Resources Bachelors Degree

Human Resources Bachelors Degree

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported 9% job growth for HR managers between 2014 and 2024, higher than the national average. As a rule, a master’s degree is a prerequisite for a higher-level managerial position. Successful modern HR managers must have solid work experience, be highly strategic, be able to adapt to new trends, and be well versed in information technology, finance, and organizational leadership. HR salaries vary, but with an average HR manager salary of $102,780 in 2014, this career path can lead to a very high ROI. As new trends take hold and new HR roles are incorporated into strategic planning, job prospects in this area are brightening and the talent pool is expanding.

Online Bachelors In Human Resources Degree Programs

“I can work full time and work on my degree in my spare time. It only takes an extra year compared to a modern degree. I also don’t want to sit in class again. I like the duties that Athabasca has placed on me. to my students.

Online HR Degree Overview While an association degree and a bachelor’s degree are a good starting point for entry-level work as well as developing basic business knowledge and skills, more advanced training is required to work in HR at the managerial level. The master’s degree is currently the industry standard for leadership positions and students will have the best chance of ROI with this degree.

Whether you are new to the field or looking to advance in your current career, you need to consider the cost and time of earning a new degree versus the benefits. There is no universal degree for everyone. The best choice for you will depend on your current education, financial situation, work experience, and desired field. For example, those with no experience may want to consider an association degree due to the shorter time investment and lower cost. If you are having financial problems, then you should prioritize student loan debt and standard categories because you want to choose the degree that gives you the best opportunity to improve your financial situation with the least risk. If your employer or someone else pays for your education, you may want to consider getting the degree that will give you the highest salary. All salary information is sourced from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and/or PayScale.

Although a master’s degree is more expensive than a bachelor’s degree, the increase in base salary ensures that education costs are paid more quickly. For example, compare the average salary of an HR manager (Master’s degree required) in 2014 of $102,780 and a Human Resources Assistant or Clerk (Association degree required) of $31,500. Those with a Master’s degree can get a bachelor’s degree. earning potential and, as a result, lower student loan standards than those with only a bachelor’s or association’s degree. It should be noted that salaries vary by industry. The BLS reports that the top industries for HR managers are professional, scientific and technical services, business and enterprise management, manufacturing, government, healthcare, and social care.

Human Resources Degree Salary: Averages, Factors & More

Of the various levels of degree programs, the association degree is the easiest, most expensive, and fastest to complete, taking one to two years to complete. Students learn about the basic concepts in the field of human resources by studying specific areas of this field. Employers often prefer government regulation certifications because they are aware of government and government procedures. Starting salaries are typically in the $30,000 range, earning an online degree in HR is a great way to start a career in HR.

The field of human resources has undergone major changes over the past decade due to a number of factors, including advances in technology, globalization, and the millennial increase in the workforce. HR professionals are responding to this and several other challenges by using the skills and knowledge gained during four years of undergraduate study in this discipline. In addition, the field itself is already diverse, which creates a number of opportunities for specialization. HR professionals are currently pursuing careers as compensation and benefits analysts, training and development managers, and public relations professionals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects above-average growth rates for specialized HR occupations and the field itself as a whole.

Several accredited colleges and universities around the country now offer online human resource management degrees. The flexibility and accessibility of online programs is attracting mid-career professionals from other fields as well as traditional college students. A dynamic student body contributes to the transformation of today’s HR professionals and makes this field more challenging in the future. The following schools provide students with a variety of opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge base they need to become successful HR professionals in a rapidly changing workforce.

Human Resources Bachelors Degree

For the 2016 rankings, he has significantly improved his approach to evaluating schools and their respective programs. The innovative way schools are ranked is what makes our rankings so authoritative. At first glance, each ranking is created by a basic formula: academic quality + online offerings + student fees and assistance = final score. This final score determines the place of the school in our ranking. Of course, there is more than meets the eye. Visit the methodology page to find the data points that make up our formula and learn more about our process.

The 25 Best Online Bachelor’s In Human Resources Degree Programs 2022

CSU-Global had just 200 students when it opened in 2008, and currently supports 18,000 students and offers more than 40 undergraduate and graduate programs, including an online undergraduate degree in human resources management. Students can transfer up to 90 credits per degree, including 64 general education credits from accredited schools. Thirty credits must be obtained from the Human Resources Core Curriculum, which includes courses in business policy and strategy, managing human resources in a global environment, creating a diverse and ethical workforce, and labor relations and labor law.

Five areas of specialization are offered: applied social sciences, emergency management, healthcare management, international business, and project management. Students must complete a final course in order to complete the program. The curriculum follows Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) guidelines so students can take the SHRM-Certified Professional exam with as little as 500 hours of work experience. CSU-Global is accredited by the Higher Education Commission and is among the schools offering the best online undergraduate programs in the country.

The university offers 13 online undergraduate degrees, including a bachelor’s degree in human resources management. Earning a bachelor’s degree in Online Human Resources from CSU’s Global Campus will equip you with the skills you need to manage employees productively. Specific areas of study include conflict management and teamwork dynamics. Online students will be able to receive additional support through the school’s many virtual services, including tutors and writing centers. In addition, distance students who need career support can access online career coaching and seek assistance by contacting the university’s career navigation service.

From an initial enrollment of approximately 5,600 students in 1972, FIU currently educates approximately 57,000 students and offers over 190 study programs including an online Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management. The R. Kirk Landon Bachelor of Business Program administers the program and the curriculum follows guidelines set by the Society for Human Resource Management.

Bachelor’s Degree In Human Resource Management

Students must register to complete a minimum of 24 credits in the Advanced Human Resources Management course, eight classes, to meet the concentration requirements for the program. The human resources curriculum includes courses on labor law, recruitment and staffing, compensation and benefits, and human resources information systems. Transfer students with fewer than 60 transfer credits must submit SAT or ACT scores. FIU is accredited by the Southern Colleges and Schools Association Commission.

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