High Schools In Boulder

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Boulder High School has announced the outbreak of COVID-19 as a result of more than 200 total staff and student cases. Google map

The latest report of COVID-19 outbreaks from the Colorado Department of Social and Environmental Health is one of the most unusual since the agency began sharing data in April 2020. Of the 76 new or recurrent outbreaks listed and updated the agency on March 2 in all states, fifty. refer to Boulder County – and all including either K-12 schools or child care centers.

High Schools In Boulder

High Schools In Boulder

Another exception: most of the Boulder outbreak lists refer to a date, February 17th. But a spokesman for Boulder County Public Health said many were real in early January, and emphasized that much of the spread already exists, although all outbreaks are under investigation by the CDPHE. But Boulder County Public Health did not provide an explanation as to why it took so long for that information to appear on the state health department list.

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In the first year of the pandemic, state health officials reported an outbreak of two or more cases of COVID-19 among residents, staff, visitors, and others in connection with a specific program within fourteen days. affect. This measure applies only to health or rehabilitation materials; outbreaks anywhere else require at least five confirmed or probable cases in two weeks.

CDPHE numbers, which include cases, hospitalizations and deaths, have decreased in recent weeks, and outbreaks are expected to follow suit. The 76 new items or changes in March 2 is an increase from 61 that appeared on the list from Dec. 23, but only 26 outbreaks after Boulder made new cuts.

Currently, 1,130 outbreaks are believed to be active, compared to 1,242 a week ago. Of the 76 new entries on the list, 36 experienced at least one previous outbreak.

Only 21 K-12 schools were added to the February 23 outbreak survey. That number rose to 51 on March 2, and forty of the sites are in Boulder County. Five of Boulder schools are said to have charges between 50 and 100, including Boulder Universal (57 cases per participant), Superior Elementary School (9 cases per employee, 50 cases per participant) , Eldorado K-8 School (6 cases per employee, 55 cases per participant), Silver Creek High School (one case per employee, 77 cases per participant), and Monarch K-8 School (22 cases per employee, 71 times for the actor). The other two are between 100 and 200 times: Columbine Elementary School (18 times per staff, 86 times per participant) and Fairview High School (24 times per staff, 125 times per participant). And Boulder High School recorded 21 employee cases and 198 attendance cases.

Boulder Schools Massive Covid Outbreaks Update

In total, the newly listed outbreaks refer to more than 1,000 staff and visitors at Boulder K-12 schools and child care centers who have been positively tested for COVID. But there are no Boulder County health facilities among the 11 new or health care records that changed on the March 2 list.

Boulder County Public Health spokeswoman Angela Simental described Boulder’s outbreak of outbreaks in schools and child care centers as recordings in the history of a pandemic – and specifically for the period of January 4 -11. “CDPHE needs us to report in response to these outbreaks,” he said, before emphasizing, “These are not current outbreaks, particularly in the early childhood education system, which runs from December to early February, and most have not had cases in four to six weeks. “

Simental adds, “The outbreak rate itself reflects our team’s commitment to looking back at Omicron’s high-profile case data and estimating the size of facilities that met the outbreak definition at any given time three months ago.” “

High Schools In Boulder

Dozens of Boulder community outbreaks distributed by CDPHE on March 2 prompted Boulder County Public Health to send a letter to schools and families putting the numbers in perspective. “Due to the type of outbreaks identified here and in the March 2 updates, BCPH does not require any departure measures for the outbreaks in question,” one chapter read. “BCPH will continue to work closely with schools to monitor outbreaks and determine whether additional support and resources are needed.”

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Here are 76 new or active outbreaks identified by CDPHE on March 2, including the date referred to the outbreak and the following people:

33. Grand Junction Regional Center – House 11: February 2022, Health Care, Inpatient Center, Mesa County, 2/23/2022, 2 cases per employee

43. Manhattan Middle School of the Arts and Academys: January 2022, School, K-12, Boulder County, 2/28/2022, 4 staff members, 20 attendance.

48. My Second Home Two Day Care and School – Old Town: January 2022 Boulder County Child Care Center 02/17/2022 2 Staff Cases, 5 Participant Cases

Boulder High School

49. My Second Home Two Day Care and School – Waneka Child Care Center Boulder County 02/25/2022 5 worker cases, attendance 11

61. House Serenity Life Assistance – Kit Carson (23S213): February 2022, Health Assistance, Life Assistance, Arapahoe County, 2/24/2022, 6 resident cases, 3 employee cases

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High Schools In Boulder

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