Property Management Companies In

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We offer an overview of the largest property managers and property management companies in Germany as a clearly structured Excel file. With the list of the most important German property managers you can manage lead generation in the real estate industry. Our database contains contact details (address, email address, phone number, management) companies and can be easily filtered, sorted and modified. The list is available for immediate download and can be used unlimited. So you don’t need to take an expensive subscription and can process the data for your own needs. Once the list is compiled, our research team has a good look at all the German real estate markets, so you can contact companies from all over Germany. In particular, the list contains many medium-sized property managers who, due to their regional importance, are particularly important partners for players in the real estate scene in Germany.

The range of services offered by property managers is wide and covers specifically three basic areas of residential property management (WEG management), rental management and condominium management. Some companies specialize in certain areas (usually road management), while others cover the entire range. For professional investors and asset managers, property management companies that are active in road management areas are particularly important. Private landlords are more likely to look for property managers who can handle rental or condominium management. You will find all types of property management companies in our comprehensive database. We wish you success in identifying the most appropriate company for your needs.

Property Management Companies In

Property Management Companies In

Special features of our list are coverage in many cities from all over Germany. Of course, our database includes property managers from Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and Co. but property managers from smaller cities in all German federal states are also included in our list. This means we can help you contact potential partners across Germany and save you hours of research. The top property managers in Germany are, in fact, especially those who are market leaders in certain regions. For example, some property managers limit themselves to metropolitan regions, conurbations or even individual cities and towns. Due to the optimal networks in the area, these medium-sized property managers are often valuable partners. We wish you success in your approach and good business.

Best Property Management Companies In 2022

For whom is our address database of the top property managers suitable in Germany? The answer to this question is very diverse, because property managers are important partners for many players in the real estate industry. First of all, real estate agents like to enter into long-term partnerships with property managers to help with leasing and brokerage. It is not uncommon for real estate agents and property managers to work closely together and in a spirit of trust to give landlords optimal support in finding tenants. Moreover, property managers are obviously important contacts for homeowners and investors. Especially in the case of WEG management, experts are looking for who can take the job and contribute to a sustainable increase in returns. It also makes sense for asset managers to work with German property management companies. This applies not only to administrative management, but especially to technical management of a property. The transition to facility management is often fluid, so asset managers can focus on purely business work.

In recent years, Research Germany has established itself as the largest research portal on the demand for industry listings in the real estate scene in Germany. In addition to the largest property management companies in Germany, we offer many other lists that are very important for players in the real estate industry. These include, for example, the largest project developers in Germany. We also offer many specialized listings, such as overview of the top 250 housing companies in Germany. A look at our online store is therefore worthwhile whether you are a real estate agent, investor, owner, consultant or similar. We look forward to your suggestions for our products and are happy to help with individual orders.

For us, customer satisfaction first. First and foremost, we are meant to provide you with the best possible support in getting new partners. Our databases are constantly updated and have relevant companies that can really help you. But we also achieve great customer satisfaction through other services. This includes, for example, free preview files so you can get an impression of the structure of the lists and the data types. In addition, we will assist you with any questions before and after the purchase. We are also happy to help you if you need more information. Simply email us [in] and our team will contact you as soon as possible. Convince yourself of our best service.

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How Do Property Management Companies Work?

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Property Management Companies In

We evaluated more than 15 organizations and selected the eight largest based on their services, reporting options and contacts with landlords and tenants. Continue reading to learn about our choices and which property management company is best for you.

List Of The 300 Largest Property Managers In Germany

A property management company works directly with candidates and tenants. It helps you save time and stress on your rental promotion, collect rent, respond to tenant complaints, deal with maintenance and repair issues and even evict.

Reputable property management companies bring their knowledge and expertise to your property and provide you with peace of mind from knowing your investment is in excellent hands. In addition, because a management business is an independent contractor, you escape the headache that comes with being an employer.

Many investors deal with the use of a property management business. But there are no rules that dictate that everyone needs the services of a property manager. Although property management companies offer several advantages, they can be quite expensive. As a result, consider hiring a property manager if:

To choose a good property management business, find one with a strong market reputation. These companies should provide management fees for fully disclosed and specific contracts. Just look for management companies that have great expertise in your area and have the necessary licenses and insurance to operate in your state. If you have any difficulties, the company you hire should follow a simple process to resolve these issues.

List Of Property Management Software Companies In 2022

We evaluate more than 15 organizations based on industry expertise, reliability, type of property they handle, specialty services and other factors. Here are our top recommendations:

Lincoln Property Company is committed to providing excellent customer service as it develops its own reward system with 15 categories. Building owners who are interested in learning more about premium facilities can do so directly through their website, earning the largest option for outstanding customer service.

Founded in 1965, Lincoln Property Company bought more than $ 6 billion in multi-family development and created 220,000 units worth more than $ 14 billion. Because each employee is properly checked, the employee’s annual turnover is less than 25%.

Property Management Companies In

In addition to regular residential property management operations, Lincoln distinguishes itself through Service Organization control compliance, ensuring that properties are made to meet the management, accounting and IT requirements of third parties.

Best Property Management Companies In Atlanta

Cushman & Wakefield, founded in 1917, is one of the largest real estate service companies in the world, with 400 facilities in 60 countries. The company acquired Pinnacle, the third largest multi-family property management company in the United States, in March 2020.

Cushman & Wakefield takes a comprehensive approach to property management, assembling integrated teams of property managers, developers and accountants to save operating costs and strengthen tenant relationships. The company’s business management experience encompasses real estate, as evidenced by its 700 million square foot portfolio of managing commercial assets across the Americas.

This property management company

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