Salesforce Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Customer feedback makes your CRM more powerful. Here are some simple tips to improve visibility and drive action on Salesforce survey data.

Customer feedback makes Salesforce even more powerful. When the survey results are available directly in the customer record, you’ll gain visibility for your customer experience, but you can use that information to take action across your business. Today, we’re sharing some simple tips to improve visibility and drive action with Salesforce survey data.

Salesforce Customer Satisfaction Survey

Salesforce Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dashboards can be your solution if you’re looking for a more efficient way to track feedback. You can create one in Salesforce or as needed. With both, you have the ability to filter out the noise and focus on the most important survey data.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys For Salesforce

Dashboards are especially useful because they keep you up to date on trends and grow you in key areas of interest. For example, our support team measures customer efforts (CES) across support channels and case categories. They use a dashboard to compare customer efforts with support channels and topics, allowing them to identify customer pain points and alert the right team.

Monitoring is the hardest part of managing public opinion, but it is the most important. When a customer complains, time starts ticking. If you don’t know their reaction quickly and don’t take action, you could damage the relationship to the end. But if things go wrong, you can save the customer from being left out.

With a simple Salesforce Survey workflow or custom notifications, you can set up custom alerts to alert you when negative feedback arrives. These alerts can include customer information from the customer registry and / or their service cloud storage key. .

For example, when a customer is assigned a low CES, the assigned agent will receive some details about the customer and an email alert link to the case so that you can reopen it and quickly resolve any issues.

Tips On Maximizing Salesforce Survey Data

Not a big fan of email alerts? You can make personalized notifications more accessible by automatically posting your sales force survey responses on Slack. Just set up a Slack email address in an email app, then link it to custom notifications.

We publish all CES and Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) results on Slack so our support team doesn’t miss an answer.

You can quickly understand customer satisfaction and loyalty with survey information in the customer log and take immediate action to correct errors. This improved control not only strengthens customer relationships, but also shows countless ways to improve your business. He wants to show the key dashboards and score sheets that Shinje is following.

Salesforce Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Response Distribution Dashboard contains multiple charts. Each of them gives a different perspective on the responses they receive. Maria informed Shinje that she could use filters such as poll and time to view information for each poll and time period.

Surveymonkey + Salesforce

This section of the dashboard contains two bar charts, each showing two items about all active surveys in your organization. The first survey shows the number of participants who left the center and the percentage of people who responded to the survey. The second compares the number of invitations sent to the number of participants and the number of participants who responded or left in the middle of the survey.

This is a line graph that shows the trend in the number of responses received in each selected period.

This shows the participation and satisfaction rate of all customers who responded to one or more surveys. The chart also lists all your customers and you can check the report for each customer.

In the Geographic Response Unit, Maria mentions Arizona to give an idea of ​​what people of all ages and genders think of the Bear Solar Major in their home state.

Salesforce Survey Status And Responses

On the dashboard, Maria can select a question type and also select one or more questions to view in the detailed analysis. Let’s see what the dashboard offers for each type of question.

This is very simple. You also use a survey response table to see the responses given by each participant.

Looking at the dashboard, Shinje wants to learn more about what Einstein’s discovery story offers to improve response rates. He switches to the Stories tab and clicks on Eddie History for advanced survey responses.

Salesforce Customer Satisfaction Survey

Shinje is very impressed, the story offers not only advice but also information about his well-being. He then he clearly knows what needs to be improved and what doesn’t need a lot of attention.

Send Salesforce Survey Without Code

After explaining the two dashboards and the story of Einstein’s discovery to Shinje, Maria quickly moved on to the customer satisfaction score card of the case record.

The scorecard is easy to read. Provides two points across all case records, the latest customer satisfaction score and the average customer satisfaction score. The scorecard also lists questions asked by customers.

This scorecard helps Shinje monitor the performance of each service agent and the health of the service organization in general. This helps because service agents can learn a little more about the customer based on the most recent results.

Similar to the Customer Satisfaction Score Card, it provides the latest NPS score offered by Ursa Major Solar and the average NPS score offered by all contacts. The scorecard also lists the questions customers ask for NPS points.

How To Measure Customer Satisfaction With Salesforce

Using these scorecards, Shinje understands each customer’s opinion of the company and learns more about how customers register the company over time. He can therefore know at any time which customers need the most attention.

Finally, Maria moves on to the final part of her customer lifecycle analysis application, the Employee Satisfaction Scoreboard. This score card also provides two points, the latest employee satisfaction and the average satisfaction score of all employees.

Using dashboards and scorecards, Maria automated the process of updating and viewing analytics related to survey responses. You now you no longer have to worry about creating new reports and dashboards every time a new survey is sent.

Salesforce Customer Satisfaction Survey

Shinje can also get real-time insights into how each survey works, which questions work well, and which ones can be reconsidered. She also contains Einstein’s Discovery Tips to help improve response rates. And it has the effect of how the service agents work, what the customer thinks of Ursa Major Solar and employee satisfaction. Sales operations expert Gabriel wants to see the customer satisfaction survey responses and share them with your management. . Marian asks Ursa Major Solar Sales Manager to report.

Taking Action With Customer Satisfaction (csat) In Salesforce

Before posting a survey response report, Maria must first create a report type. Maria decided to use the survey questionnaire as the main point because she would memorize the answers for each type of question other than the text question type. You can also type in this report online and use it for other surveys.

Maria has now used all survey response report types to help you better report (case closed) with survey responses. Gabriel also corrected the report by adding fields to help her better understand the answers to the questions.

Gabriel learned that reports based on survey questionnaires would be followed by version or level of invitation. Since there is only one version of the Customer Satisfaction Survey, Maria invites you to respond. Maria explained to Gabriel what each column in the report means.

Gabriella learned something very special from the relationship. Each column in the report should be interpreted differently depending on the type of question. The question types can be divided as follows.

Salesforce Survey: Customer Satisfaction Is More Important To Marketers Than Revenue Or Customer Acquisition

Maria leads a quick knowledge transfer session for Gabriel and explains what the columns mean for each type of question. Maria uses a sample report with answers from two participants to all kinds of questions outside the text. This information helps Gabriela create reports for other surveys.

Following some customer concerns, Gabriella now feels she has found the perfect solution. You can now understand what the non-English customers of Ursa Major Solar’s support team think. You don’t have to worry about handing out invitations for each closed topic. And finally, she is ready to follow up on customer feedback to make her garments even happier. But even if you keep all your promises, it’s not a guarantee of customer satisfaction or satisfaction, nor does it guarantee a customer return. What should companies do to ensure customer satisfaction? how about

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