Home Warranty Companies Near Me

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The hot, dry summers in Las Vegas require your equipment and systems to be in good condition. Find out how a home warranty can save you time and money on repairs.

Home Warranty Companies Near Me

Home Warranty Companies Near Me

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, but it’s also full of everyday homeowners with outdated appliances and systems. Even if you take good care of your home, damage is inevitable and often costs thousands of dollars. A home warranty allows you to pay a monthly premium, as well as a small service fee to repair or replace the covered items.

Home Warranty Service Provider

This Old Home’s review team researched dozens of companies and compiled a list of the five best home warranties available in Las Vegas after factoring in cost, coverage, service, and availability.

American Home Shield (AHS) has been one of the top home warranty providers on the market since 1971, and it’s our overall top pick for Vegas residents. Unlike many home warranty companies, American Home Shield will protect items of all ages, cover rust and corrosion damage, and ship your old damaged items.

American Home Shield offers three plans: ShieldSilver™, ShieldGold™ and ShieldPlatinum™. ShieldPlatinum is the most popular AHS that combines ShieldSilver and ShieldGold insurance covering up to 23 programs in total. Here’s what’s included in each package:

If you need more protection, AHS offers optional coverage for personal electronics, in-ground pools and spas, guest rooms, septic and well pumps. Each is available for a small additional monthly fee.

Best Home Warranty Companies In Las Vegas (2022)

Because of its service call fee structure, American Home Shield offers flexible monthly pricing. Choosing a higher fee will result in a lower monthly payment. Here’s a breakdown of AHS’s monthly fee, $75 for service calls.

If you’re looking for a great all-in-one home warranty plan with flexible payment options, get a free online quote from American Home Shield or call 844-529-9298.

Choice Home Guarantee is our first choice for homeowners looking for fast, quality service. Choice promises to start service with an independent contractor within four hours. This simplified service is combined with two coverage plans, several optional add-ons, and a relatively low $85 service fee.

Home Warranty Companies Near Me

Choice Home Warranty offers a basic package that includes 14 home appliances and systems. The Total Package is the most comprehensive option, including all the basic packages and adding air conditioning, washer, dryer and refrigerator coverage. Here’s what each one covers:

Home Warranties Explained

If you’re looking for extensive coverage at an affordable price and quality service, get a free online quote from Choice Home Guarantee or call 929-400-6165.

Liberty Home Guard has been in business since 2018 and has earned us the highest score of trust. Liberty offers a 24/7 online portal to submit claims, and the streamlined process allows Liberty to have some of the fastest services in the industry.​​​ Most claims filed with Liberty Home Guard have a technician present within 24 business hours. Additionally, Liberty has a network of over 10,000 technicians, each of whom must pass a rigorous 10-point inspection process in order to provide service.

The Liberty Equipment Keeper bag includes kitchen and laundry equipment, the System Guard bag protects your most important systems, and the Total Home Keeper bag protects all the essentials in your home. Here’s what’s included in each package:

The Liberty Home Guard plan includes the essentials, but with 27 additional coverage options, homeowners can create a plan tailored to meet their needs. If you need coverage outside of the Total Home Guard plan, it may be available as an a la carte option. Liberty also offers some rare add-ons, including gutters cleaning, pest control, lighting fixtures, and lawn sprinkler coverage.

Are Home Warranties Worth It?

Offering monthly and annual fees, Liberty offers one month of free insurance for homeowners who choose to pay all at once. Liberty can negotiate volume discounts with suppliers and pass those savings on to customers, which is why Liberty’s service calls are the lowest in the industry at just $60. Here are the pricing details for each plan and each payment structure:

Cinch Home Services plans come with a 180-day workmanship guarantee, which is significantly longer than the industry average of 30 days. Cinch has been providing comprehensive coverage to Las Vegas residents since 1978. Homeowners can manage their accounts and request 24/7 online service on Cinch’s mobile-friendly website.

Cinch offers equipment packages, installation system packages and complete home packages. The Complete Family Plan is one of the most comprehensive plans available to Las Vegas residents and includes several unique coverages, including a $500 deductible reimbursement for homeowners insurance. Here’s a breakdown of what each plan includes:

Home Warranty Companies Near Me

Cinch offers a variety of additional coverage options, including Premier upgrade packages. For an extra $10 a month, Cinch will cover costs that home warranties don’t usually cover, such as license and code upgrades.

Achosa Home Warranty, Llc

Cinch Home Services offers three options for your service fee: $100, $125, and $150. Choosing a higher service fee will result in a lower monthly payment and vice versa. Cinch’s service fees are higher than the industry average, but its coverage and monthly pricing still provide excellent value for Vegas homeowners.

If you’re looking for maximum coverage backed by a 180-day service guarantee, we recommend getting a free online quote from Cinch or calling 877-589-0505.

First American Home Warranty is our top choice for homeowners looking for the best value on home warranties. First American offers two plans with higher coverage and an $85 service fee. For many items, there is no dollar limit for repairs, and coverage is often higher than First American’s competitors.

First American offers a basic package that includes appliances for the kitchen and laundry. The Premier plan adds home system coverage to the basic plan that covers the entire family. Here’s a breakdown of what each plan has to offer:

Best Home Warranty Companies Of July 2022

In particular, First American Home Warranty does not offer air conditioning coverage on either plan. Las Vegas homeowners coping with hot summer weather may need a cover for their air conditioner, and it’s available as an add-on through First American. This provides more flexibility when choosing your plan, and your air conditioner will be fully covered with no dollar limit.

Other important add-ons include well pumps, septic tanks and pond coverage. First American’s first class upgrades extend coverage to your entire plan and include costs associated with repairs such as cranes, hauling old equipment and building permits.

First American plans can be paid annually or monthly, with a standard service fee of $85 for all plans.

Home Warranty Companies Near Me

There is no one-size-fits-all home warranty for Las Vegas residents. While American Home Shield is considered our best overall provider, homeowners have their own set of priorities when shopping for the best package. We recommend getting free quotes from multiple suppliers and weighing your options.

Home Warranty Providers

Service charges are deducted as your home warranty. If you need service, instead of paying for the entire repair, you only pay for the service. Service fees across the industry typically range from $75 to $125, but some providers, like Liberty Home Guard, can offer even lower prices.

Most home warranties, including every vendor on our list, maintain a 30-day waiting period before getting service. Several providers on this list provide service within 24 hours of receiving a request.

With few exceptions, the home warranty does not cover damage due to weather-related events, damage due to improper installation or maintenance, pre-existing conditions or accidental damage. The home warranty industry is booming, with more than 180 companies in the United States. With so many options, it can be difficult to know which supplier is right for you and your home. With that in mind, Home Method has reviewed dozens of home warranty companies, so you can save time researching and get the best home warranty plan.

At House Method, our mission is to provide readers with in-depth reviews based on our unique and objective research and rating system. Each home warranty provider is judged on seven weighting factors:

Home Inspectors & Home Warranty

We spend hours on the phone with representatives of market-leading brands to compare quotes, learn about protection plan quotes and evaluate customer service.

Additionally, we analyzed sample contracts for each brand we reviewed. This helps us break down industry jargon, identify red flags, and understand what is and isn’t so we can provide you with this information.

American Home Shield and Choice Home Warranty are two of the best-known and most popular home warranty companies. Read our comparison to see what makes them special.

Home Warranty Companies Near Me

Water damage in your home can cause serious problems. Check out our guide to the best home warranty companies for water damage.

New Home Builder Warranty Company

Cleaning your dryer is an important step in maintaining your home.

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