Spy Spot Gps Tracker

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The 4G LTE GPS Micro Tracker uses the latest GPS tracking technology and works on 4G networks as compared to previous 2G or 3G networks, making it the most reliable GPS tracker on the market. The Micro GPS Tracker is a small tracking device the size of your pet. It is a battery -powered device with a rechargeable battery and the internal GPS battery can last up to 2 weeks on a single charge. This solar GPS modeling technology allows for less signal interference and can provide more accurate tracking. The kit includes the GL300MG 4G LTE micro GPS tracker and a long-lasting battery to extend the life of the 4G tracker. Up to 4-6 weeks of use on a single charge (battery life may vary depending on update interval, movement and signal).

The extended battery pack comes with a weather -resistant pelican case that can withstand extreme temperatures, such as rain and snow. The GPS tracker easily fits into the case for covert surveillance. It also comes with a magnet at the bottom of the plate to allow it to be attached to a magnetic field. The most common magnetic area to place equipment in a car is the top of the car’s structure. This protects the device in the event of a car crash, while also hiding the GPS tracker.

Spy Spot Gps Tracker

Spy Spot Gps Tracker

The tracking software provides up to six months of historical reporting, including location, kilometers per hour, reporting time and scheduling.

Amazon.com: Spy Spot Gps Tracker 4g Lte Mini Portable Gps Tracking Device. Real Time Tracker For Vehicles, Motorcycles, Car, Pets, Kids, Elderly. Includes Magnetic Weatherproof Case.

The new low -cost plan offers a 12 -month service for $ 9.95. $ 11.95 for a 6 -month service plan. $ 13.95 for a 3 -month service plan. The plan is available at $ 15.95 per month. The plan will only provide hourly updates. Will not provide event updates or immediate alerts. It will only show the speed when it is updated hourly. None of this plan is aimed at hand. Monthly service starts at $ 18/month when you pay the annual fee. $ 20 per month when paid 6 months in advance. $ 22 per month when paid 3 months in advance. Pay $ 24 per month. Cancellations are possible at any time. The cost of one activation is $ 9.95. GPS tracking now works in Canada and Mexico! The GPS Tracker Spy Spot mobile app is available on your iPhone, iPad or Android. Apple and Android users can search for SpySpotGPS in the iTunes Store or Play Store and download it for free. features:

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