Early Childhood Special Education Masters Degree

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The field of special education is gaining momentum in various states across the country, making it a good choice for teachers who want to pursue the education of children with disabilities. Universities across the United States are offering more and more options for current and future special education teachers, including blended programs, online courses, evening classes, and more. The schools listed here have gone so far as to offer these options at affordable prices, fulfilling the dream of becoming an excellent special education teacher who can appeal to even more aspirational teachers.

To compile a list of the cheapest nonprofit graduate schools, we scoured the NCE Database Institute Guide and found private archival institutions that offer master’s degrees in special education. From over 200 results, we identified at least 50 reported graduate tuition and fees. Additional information is collected directly from the university website.

Early Childhood Special Education Masters Degree

Early Childhood Special Education Masters Degree

OK – George Mason doesn’t have to be personal for profit, so you might be wondering what he’s doing on this list. When an online special education provider offers this kind of special value, sometimes you should bend the rules a bit to make sure people are aware of it. Provide an option from a fully applied behavior analysis certificate, including a certified course order required to obtain a graduate certificate or BCBA concurrently in an automatic spectrum disorder.

Top Special & Gifted Education Masters Degrees & Graduate Programs 2022+

The Master’s Degree in Special Education at the University of Hartford is a fully online, convenient, and inexpensive way to cultivate your special education skills. The 30 credit hour program will be completed over two consecutive years. Covers nature, including a range of topics in special education and learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral problems, and intellectual disabilities. Integrated research requirements serve as the cornerstone of this program.

Meridian College offers two nationally recognized programs for individuals who wish to enter or continue in special education: a Master of Education in Special Education and a Master of Arts in Education based in special education. Graduates have a 100% passing rate on the PRAXIS exam required for certification and are in high demand by school districts. Students benefit from a small class standard and collaborative environment led by industry-experienced teachers.

Cardinal Strich University’s unique Master of Arts in Inclusive Education prepares students to teach children of diverse abilities in mainstream and special education settings. This approach to special education degrees creates more flexible and marketable teachers for school districts and school principals. Students who choose to complete the certificate portion of the program will receive a Continuing Education License for Middle to Early Youth and a Special Education License for Middle to Early Adolescence across projects.

The University of Mary offers a Master of Strategic Education program that can be taken through a combination of online and on-site courses. Classes are conveniently arranged in the evenings, weekends and summer to accommodate teacher training schedules. Students have the right to complete a thesis project or a professional investment project. As a Catholic university, the curriculum incorporates Christian, Catholic and Benedictine values. Specific curriculum topics include special education law, education for emotional disabilities, behavior management, and advanced methods and materials – learning disabilities.

Masters In Early Childhood Education Programs 2022+

The Master’s Degree in Special Education at the University of Scranton offers students two ways to graduate: one with a Pre-K-8 certificate and one with a 7-12 certificate. Both courses require 39 credit hours as well as comprehensive exams and student internships. Special classroom topics include classroom practice, introduction to autism spectrum disorder and behavior analysis, special education assessment, evidence-based learning for low-income students, and implementation of assistive technology in the classroom.

Brandman University offers Master of Science in Special Education degree programs in three areas, including Behavior Analysis in Special Education, Advanced Education Methodology, and Special Education Automation. All three programs can be completed online or at many school districts in California and Washington. These programs are coordinated with the Child’s Advanced Content Standards Board. Students can combine the course and complete a degree program.

National University offers two degree programs from the Department of Special Education: a Master of Science in Special Education (California only) and a Master of Special Education in Nevada and approval from the Department of General Education (in Nevada). The former, in conjunction with the California Board of Teacher Certification, allows students to earn a master’s degree when they earn a master’s degree. He is also certified and meets the requirements set forth by the Nevada Department of Education.

Early Childhood Special Education Masters Degree

The Graduate School’s Special Education Program is a Massachusetts-approved arts program designed to prepare students for the challenge of teaching students with mild and moderate disabilities in an inclusive environment. Teachers who require initial licensure will intensify their work in the curriculum and provide practical application opportunities. The 33-credit hour program covers the basics of special needs education and English language instruction, developmental pathways and challenges, behavioral assessment and intervention.

Most Affordable Private Non Profit Schools For A Master’s In Special Education Program 2022

Anna Maria College offers two options for students who want to expand their knowledge in the field of special education. The Teacher of Education, Teacher of Students with Disabilities prepares Massachusetts student licenses and allows them to work with children with special needs in PreK-8 or Grades 5-12. For those who already have a teaching certificate and are continuing their career, there is a Master of Professional Practice in Medium Disability. There is also postgraduate study.

Southwestern University offers a full-time online master’s degree program for professionals who need a flexible schedule. The degree program includes core courses such as research on education in special classrooms and special populations, as well as specialty courses such as students with disabilities, advanced classroom management, students with behavioral disorders, the nature and needs of gifted children, and special education classes. Students are required to pass a comprehensive exam at the top of the program.

The Master of Arts in Special Education program at Saint Mary’s University is based on adaptive special education, and you can find the school park on campus. Classes take place in the evenings, most of them from Monday to Thursday. The 33-credit program includes 11 required courses, including introductions and functions for students with learning disabilities, working with parents and institutions, assessing students with learning disabilities, and creating the best learning environment for students with learning disabilities.

She is pursuing her master’s in special education degree program at Point Loma Nazarene University, which will be completed in eighteen months through online courses and traditional face-to-face meetings. Registered students can add a number of different rights under the program, such as: depression, brain injury, emotional disorders and childhood special education. The purpose of the program is to equip, transform and empower special educators to provide the best education to students with various disabilities.

Top Special Education Degrees & Graduate Programs 2022+

Pfeiffer University offers a special education degree program from the Charlotte School District. The 39-45 semester program has been approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) and will be taught through evening classes with some online components. Special courses include literacy and language development for students with special needs, diverse instruction for students with special needs, classroom and behavior management for students with special needs, and coordination of special education services. The textbook also includes components of service learning and student practice.

Erkin-Hardman offers a Master of Arts in Teaching, a special education program, and a 37-credit program that culminates in 12 hours of student teaching. Erkin-Hardman Christian University requires all registered education students to study the Bible as part of their Bible study to provide a foundation for moral behavior in the classroom. Other subjects include diagnosis and remediation of reading difficulties, care for children with special needs, assessment in special education, and technology and special education teachers.

Baker University’s Master of Science Degree Program is a 36-hour program, with K-6, K-6 5-8, 6-12, and K-12. Registered students can take one week at night once a week, completing the program in less than two years. Lessons are taught by experienced special educators who apply theory to real situations and give students a comprehensive and realistic view of working with special children. The program is available in the Park, Topeka and Wichita neighborhoods.

Early Childhood Special Education Masters Degree


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