How To Apply For Italian Dual Citizenship

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One of the main reasons why immigrants move to Italy is to obtain a citizenship certificate. Italy is one of the most attractive countries in Europe to travel thanks to the best employment opportunities that have come to Europe for this purpose, but also because of the many financial opportunities this country has to offer. .

Whatever the reason for choosing to travel to Italy, citizenship can be obtained after a period of time. The only question most people ask is ‘How long does it take to become an Italian citizen?’ The answer, however, depends on the choice of how to travel.

How To Apply For Italian Dual Citizenship

How To Apply For Italian Dual Citizenship

Citizenship laws in Italy can vary in terms of practice. For EU citizens seeking citizenship through citizenship, the citizenship requirements are weak (they can start citizenship after 4 years of living in Italy).

Obtain Italian Dual Citizenship

Italian citizen for at least 4 years (or 3 in some cases) / 10 years, depending on the citizenship of the applicant,

Provide proof of minimum annual income as required by law (exchange rate or applicant is not married or single),

The rules for obtaining a third Italian citizenship state that you must have lived in Italy for at least 10 years before applying for citizenship. EU citizens benefit from a short -term residency requirement – only 4 years.

Below, our travel lawyers in Italy describe how long it takes to get an Italian citizen on the way to the country. We will start helping you get a residence permit in Italy.

How To Get Citizenship In Italy

Those wondering how long it will take to obtain an Italian passport should begin to understand that there are many ways in which citizenship can be obtained. These are:

If you enjoy traveling to Italy and need support, our lawyers can guide you. They can also answer any questions related to the length of time they have been an Italian citizen.

When it comes to obtaining citizenship in Italy, it is important to note that many visas can be a way to do it. Foreign nationals from non -EU and non -EEA countries can apply for different visas and wait for the appropriate period until they are granted permanent residency and citizenship.

How To Apply For Italian Dual Citizenship

In addition to a tourist visa, any type of residence permit, short and long, can be a good way to obtain citizenship in Italy. One of the great benefits of moving to Italy is that even a student visa can be converted into a work permit that allows immigrants to increase their chances of obtaining an Italian passport when they want to stay here permanently.

How I Got My Italian Dual Citizenship In Italy

If you have any questions on how to get Italian citizenship and the best visa for him, our travel lawyers are at your service with complete answers. We can also advise on how to apply for a residence permit in Italy.

As an EU country, Italy offers various benefits to citizens of other states applying for citizenship here. However, some of the mandatory requirements apply to EU citizens as well as those migrating from non -EU countries.

EU citizens have the right to apply for citizenship in Italy after living here for 4 years on a residence permit.

If you want to travel to Italy as an EU citizen and need assistance in preparing documents, you can rely on our experts who are at your service with full service.

How I Got My Italian Dual Citizenship [jure Sanguinis/blood Rights]

Non -EU citizens must first apply for one of the temporary or long -term residence permits issued by the Italian authorities before applying for citizenship in Italy. They also have to live in this country for a longer period of time compared to EU citizens, however, they have the opportunity to exercise the citizenship system through an employment scheme in a way that is possible. take citizens and places rather than traditional methods.

Non -EU citizens, interested in obtaining citizenship in Italy must know that through a residence permit, they must have lived here for at least 5 years before they can be issued a permanent place. Citizenship will be granted to this group of applicants after residing in Italy for 10 years.

Italy is one of the countries that accepts immigrants from Europe when it comes to joining with citizens who want to travel there permanently and then become citizens. It is also one of the most sought after countries among visa issuers for non -EU citizens.

How To Apply For Italian Dual Citizenship

Immigrants from non -EU countries can immigrate to Italy by applying for a temporary or permanent residence permit. EU citizens are not required to obtain such a visa to travel to Italy. While this is not one of the fastest ways to find an Italian, it is probably one of the safest.

How To Get Italian Dual Citizenship: The Only Guide You’ll Need

To answer the question of how long to obtain Italian citizenship by residency, we can say for non -EU life expectancy in Italy to be set at 10 years, but for EU citizenship is the minimum period of. 4 years.

A foreigner with Italian parents or grandparents who have not lost their Italian citizenship can apply for an Italian passport once they have proven their relationship with Italian citizenship. When it comes to foreigners and heirs who have lost Italian citizenship, they must have lived in Italy on a residence permit for at least 3 years.

For those who are married in Italy and want to know how long it will take to obtain Italian citizenship for themselves, the answer depends on where the marriage took place. For those married to an Italian citizen in Italy, the waiting period is 2 years. At that time, the applicant must live in Italy with his Italian wife.

Non -EU citizens who spend at least 500,000 Euros can apply for citizenship through investment if they can obtain a residence permit within 6 months. After that, travel in Italy it will take 10 years and practice.

Does Italy Allow Dual Citizenship? A Closer Look At The Rules

When asked about obtaining citizenship in Italy, one should be aware that the government has passed some specific laws about the specific types of people who can issue an Italian passport.

Law 379/2000 provides for the rights of Italian citizens residing in the former territories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with their children. To become a citizen under this special law, the applicant must provide proof of birth and residence of their ancestors residing in different regions after being annexed by Italy at the end of the World War I.

The application can be submitted to the Italian embassy or consulate if there are foreign nationals living abroad or with the province in the case of those living in Italy. However, the application will be reviewed in accordance with the law and will be made by a special committee when the needs of the citizens are met.

How To Apply For Italian Dual Citizenship

If you need more information on how to become an Italian citizen, our travel lawyers are at your service with details.

What Makes You Eligible For An Italian Passport

Obtaining Italian citizenship is not easy or difficult compared to other countries in Europe, however, Italy has specific integrated policies to help immigrants maintain national standards.

The government has also launched a special program designed to help researchers. In their case, our travel lawyers can offer professional assistance in Italy. We can assist with the paperwork process and we can offer advice on how to proceed. Italian citizenship is subject to certain rules that can be explained by our lawyers.

• by blood (children): the child was born to Italian parents, mother or father, also Italian; before 1948, an Italian mother could not give citizenship to her son; In addition, a child born in Italy of homeless parents or parents who do not know that Italy is also right;

• by authorization: citizenship is granted to all children adopted by an Italian citizen (even those adopted abroad, if permitted in Italy through an orders from the Juvenile Court);

Italian Dual Citizenship: An Easy Guide + Frequently Asked Questions

• by marrying an Italian citizen: may be prohibited for those who have committed a serious crime (whether outside Italy or abroad) or for those who threaten to public health and national safety; a language exam is required to be passed by the spouse in the future, and the marriage must take place at an Italian application;

• by residency: Italian citizenship can be granted to non -EU citizens who have legally resided in Italy for ten years; to EU citizens can be granted (under certain conditions) after four years.

In addition, it is no longer necessary to choose between your country of origin and Italy, because Italy now accepts two countries (“doppi doppia cittadinanza”).

How To Apply For Italian Dual Citizenship

Our lawyers in Italy can help give you more information on how to obtain Italian citizenship and other legal issues you face.

Italian Dual Citizenship Benefits And Applying For Citizenship By Descent

If you want to obtain Italian citizenship, you must apply to the Minister of the Interior (“Ministro degli Interni”) through the mayor of the area where you live or.

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