Teaching Apprenticeships No Degree

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With more young people interested than ever in learning about apprenticeships, what can schools do to ensure students make an informed choice?

Matt Jones, Head of Ark Globe Academy, Southwark. Ark is keen to develop relationships with local employers. Photo: Christian Sinibaldi / The Guardian

Teaching Apprenticeships No Degree

Teaching Apprenticeships No Degree

Mia Angel’s 18-year-old son hopes to do well in his A-levels and has been offered by three Russell Group universities to study computer science. However, he also applied for a graduate apprenticeship at a government institution after his school brought it to his parents’ attention. Angel thinks it’s a good option: “It makes sense for him to get hands-on experience, get paid while he’s doing it, and eventually get a degree.”

Apprenticeship In Europe 🥇 [2022 Free Guide] Germany

This view reflects the growing recognition by both parents and students that apprenticeship schemes offer a good alternative to other study routes.

Keisha Walker, head of careers and employability at Phoenix Academy in London, says there has been an increase in interest from high-achieving and low-achieving students this year, particularly in subjects such as engineering and ICT. However, Walker offers a note of caution: “I tell students: ‘Apprenticeships are so competitive that you still need to apply to a university or college as a backup.'”

So how can parents and teachers help make an informed choice? The first port of call should be to find an apprenticeship website that allows you to enter a broad range of job roles you’re interested in (such as engineering), level and location. This will bring up a list of available apprenticeships with details of the role, entry requirements and how to apply. The Government Resources for Apprenticeship website is an invaluable tool for teachers and parents, including links to videos and webinars.

However, there is no substitute for asking people in the know, such as employers or current apprentices. Walker was recruited by Aim Apprenticeships, who not only lectured Year 11 students on how apprenticeships work, but also ran workshops for those interested, then helped students complete their applications.

Apprenticeship And Studying

Hannah McAuley, its head of university and career success, says the Arc has developed strategic relationships nationally. However, individual schools within the chain have also developed their own relationships, inviting local employers to engage with students in work-readiness activities. Arch students have been accepted for apprenticeships with architects KPMB and accounting firm Deloitte.

As not all teachers know what apprenticeships have to offer, Arc also runs a training program to help teachers build long-term relationships with businesses and provide expert guidance on schemes.

McAuley advises students to keep their options open, but adds: “Think about how you’ll learn best – basically going to university or staying at school is an academic route, but if you like hands-on learning If so, then an apprenticeship route may be appropriate. You are better. “If you enjoy working with children, a kindergarten teacher training may be just for you. In training to become a kindergarten teacher, you will learn how to best help children develop. We tell you how you can train to become a kindergarten teacher in Germany.

Teaching Apprenticeships No Degree

First you must complete three to four years of training in a kindergarten in Germany. For this training, you need at least a secondary school diploma. During the training, you will work in a day care center (kindergarten) and a training center. You will have to take an oral and written test and write a paper.

How Schools Can Teach Pupils About Apprenticeships

In German-speaking countries, training to become a kindergarten teacher is completed at universities (training sectors) and vocational schools. Training to become an educator is mostly eight semesters of preliminary training that you must complete before you can graduate from a university of applied sciences. Further qualifications can be obtained after obtaining relevant degrees. For this purpose, additional training in the relevant field is mainly selected.

During training, knowledge of basic subjects in social studies, psychology, education and other fields is taught. Individual federal states often have different rules for schooling in individual grades, and teaching staff usually come from different disciplines. The curriculum depends on the type of school. Training to become a kindergarten teacher usually takes 3 years. One part of the training is practical, the other part is theoretical and written work.

Fundamentals are taught in the first 2 years, and practicals in the last 1 year. The first three months of training usually consist of an introductory seminar, which teaches trainees the basics of academic practice. The seminar is usually offered as a block course.

Teachers work in orphanages, kindergartens, after-school care centers, or day care facilities for children. In daycare and childcare services, as well as in out-of-home care for families, they support aspects of their educational activities. Others work in schools, youth facilities, youth services or at home or in residential groups. The basic functions of educational businesses are very different and depend on the needs of individual groups.

What You Need To Know About Apprenticeships

In Germany, the average monthly gross salary of a full-time employee is around 4,000. As a kindergarten teacher, you are usually a little below this average. Depending on the federal state, educators in daycare centers can earn between 2,200 and 3,500 euros per month.

There are many children who need help in their development. Every child is not always sweet and beautiful and follow all the instructions. Therefore, becoming a kindergarten teacher is often not easy. You can check if this education is appropriate by asking these questions:

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Teaching Apprenticeships No Degree

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Teaching Apprenticeships No Degree

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