What Is The Best Business Credit Card For Travel Rewards

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Whether you’re a freelancer, someone with a side gig, or you run a business with 15 employees, it’s important to keep your personal and business finances separate. Even if you are the sole owner using your personal checking account, things can quickly get confusing if you pull personal and business checks from the same account

To make your daily life easier and avoid your headaches when it’s time to file your taxes, it’s best to keep your business purchases separate – which I quickly learned when I started working side-by-side freelance.

What Is The Best Business Credit Card For Travel Rewards

What Is The Best Business Credit Card For Travel Rewards

Your personal card may not simplify your company’s spending patterns. Business cards may have higher credit limits and in most cases business card activity will not affect your personal credit report (although if you do not use a business card, the card issuer may track you personally).

Best Business Credit Cards 2022 For Small Businesses

If you’re a “sole proprietor,” where you work alone and work under your own name and social security number (instead of a business name), there’s more to the convenience of keeping a business card separate and protecting your own credit. Profiles and assets – Even the smallest businesses qualify, such as freelancers, individuals with side gigs or even those who resell things on eBay.

However, if you are a big business – or want to become one with employees and more resources, having a business credit card is essential – not only to keep costs separate, but also to establish business credit so that you can get flexibility with loans later. And leasing. Also, you can get additional approved cards for employees if needed.

Keep in mind that we’re focusing on the rewards and benefits that make these credit cards a great alternative, not things like interest rates and delay fees, which will exceed the value of points or miles. When using a credit card it is important to practice financial discipline by paying your balance in full every month, making timely payments and spending what you can get back.

Earnings Rate: 3 points per dollar for the first $ 150,000 your business spends on combined card member purchases each year for travel, shipping, internet / cable / phone, and social media or search engine advertising. After you reach $ 150,000 or when you shop in another department, you earn 1 point per dollar.

The 3 Best Capital One Business Credit Cards Of 2022

If you want to earn valuable, flexible reward points on small business expenses, the Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) ecosystem is one of the best options. If you already have one of Chase’s most popular personal rewards cards – such as Chase Sapphire Preferred Card or Chase Sapphire Reserve – Inc. Business Preferred is an ideal business card companion.

Like those cards, Ink earns Preferred UR points, and when you can put them on that card and separate them from the rest of your inventory, you can combine them with the rest of your points. These points can be redeemed for cash back, transferred to Frequent Flyer and Hotel Loyalty Partners, or used to purchase travel with a 25% bonus (or 50% bonus if you transfer your points to your Chase Sapphire Reserve). Can

The Ink Business Preferred card earns bonus points for everything from business travel to shipping to advertising on social media sites like Facebook and Google ads to search engines. That earning rate, plus the card’s 80,000-point sign-up bonus – the biggest bonus currently offered by Chase – should create an excellent stash of Ultimate Reward Points.

What Is The Best Business Credit Card For Travel Rewards

Among other benefits, Ink Business Preferred provides mobile phone protection. When you use Ink Preferred to pay a cell phone bill, you cover up to $ 600 for the loss, damage or theft of your cell phone – or the phone of your business employees, if you pay them. You are limited to three claims in the current 12-month period, but it can save you a fortune. That insurance alone makes an annual fee of $ 95.

The Best Business Credit Card For Every Type Of Spender

Welcome Offer: Up to 75,000 subscription points (50,000 points after you spend $ 10,000 in the first three months and another 25,000 if you spend an additional $ 10,000 in the same time frame).

Earnings rate: 5 points per dollar for flights and prepaid hotels booked at amektravel.com, $ 5,000 or more (up to 1 million extra points per year), 1.5 points per dollar for everything else

The small business version of the famous Platinum card of American Express used to be our choice for the best business card, but last year the annual fee increased and it became a special product – useful for potential medium-sized businesses, costs a lot on flights and travels, but less for single owners Valuable and very small operation.

Business Platinum cardholders also receive up to $ 200 in annual credit for use in Dell purchases and $ 200 in airline credit per calendar year, essentially waiving a portion of the annual fee. Also, since airline credit is valid per calendar year, not per card member year, you can get it twice in the first 12 months of card use.

Find The Best Business Credit Card With These Features

Other travel amenities include access to more than 1,200 airport lounges, 10 free Gogo Wi-Fi passes each summer and free Gold Elite status with Hilton and Marriott.

Earnings rate: 2 Amek membership rewards per year cost the first $ 50,000 per dollar (after that, it is 1x points).

Outstanding Advantage: No annual fee, 0% initial annual fee on first 12 months purchase and balance transfer (then variable rate 14.74% -20.74%)

What Is The Best Business Credit Card For Travel Rewards

Blue Business Plus cards don’t usually have a welcome offer and that can be enough to turn off a lot of people. However, it is a rare business card that earns points and does not charge an annual fee; The first $ 50,000 you spend each year will earn you 2 points per dollar, with no bonus categories to track. According to travel website The Points Guy, Amek points cost 2 cents, so you’ll get back 4% of all your business expenses up to $ 50,000 per year.

Top 5 Business Secured Credit Cards For Building Business Credit

Welcome Offer: Earn up to 200,000 miles – 50,000 miles after spending $ 5,000 in the first three months and 150,000 miles after spending $ 50,000 in the first six months

Outstanding Benefits: Transfer miles to Capital One’s airline partners, including Air Canada and Emirates, or use miles to cover travel purchases in your statement, up to $ 100 on Global Entry or TSA Precheck Credits

Spark Miles is a great option for business if you want to choose how you want to use your miles. You can transfer them to more than 10 airline partners, or you can use Miles to “delete” your business travel costs from your credit card statement. Also, you can redeem miles for cash back or gift cards. So if you don’t want to lock in just one way to redeem your prizes, this card can make sense.

You will earn ড 2 per dollar on all purchases without any limits. Mile transfer to airline partners like Air Canada, Avianca and Singapore Airlines will usually cost you the most, but you need to do something to find the best use with each program.

What Are The Best Unsecured Business Credit Cards For Startups?

The card currently offers an extended welcome bonus of up to 200,000 miles, so now might be the time to take a closer look at Spark Miles. You’ll need to spend a total of at least $ 50,000 in the first six months to earn the full bonus, but depending on your business, it can be achievable – and 200,000 miles can net you up to $ 2,000 (or more, if you are a profitable partner with an airline partner). Able to score an airline award).

Click here to learn more about Capital One Spark Miles for Business. Read more about Spark Miles for business cards:

Great advantage: If you also have a card that earns Ultimate Rewards Points, you can redeem cashback as points to Travel Partners and get a 0% intro APR (then variable rate) of 1.5% refund on purchases for the first 12 months 14.99 % -20.99%)

What Is The Best Business Credit Card For Travel Rewards

The new card in Chase’s business portfolio, Inc. Business Unlimited is the first easy – unlimited 1.5% cash back.

Best Business Credit Cards To Build Business Credit

However, like Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Unlimited Consumer Cards, Inc. Business Unlimited has a strategy. Although the card is marketed as a “cash back”, it actually earns a final reward point that you can redeem for cash (1 point = $ 0.01).

This means you can consolidate the points you earn on Ink Business Unlimited, earned on cards like Ink Preferred or Personal Sapphire Reserve, and either earn a bonus when you use them to travel through Chase, or on partner travel. You can transfer 7 Combined with Ink Preferred, you will definitely earn 1.5-3 points per dollar spent.

The card offers 0%

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