How To Make An App For Beginners

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Here I give you a comprehensive step-by-step guide from idea to implementation. To make things easier, you can jump based on your goals:

But if you’re still working on a great app idea, I’ve got a handful of really good techniques to help you come up with your next hit app idea.

How To Make An App For Beginners

How To Make An App For Beginners

Most ideas are variations and combinations of old existing ideas. Remembering this opens your mind to think more creatively. Okay, onto the first technique:

How To Make An Android App For Beginners

One way to come up with a great app idea is to spin an existing idea or try to combine elements of different apps that you like.

For example, Zynga’s popular mobile game Words with Friends is essentially Scrabble, but online with social and multiplayer features that make it easy to play a long game with little free time.

Nowhere is this more evident than on many dating apps. It seems like every month there’s a brand new dating app that targets a different audience or has features (usually not new) that “other” dating apps don’t have.

Think of an app that you use very often. Is it possible to take the most useful features and combine them into a new kind of app?

How To Create An App For Beginners

I love this technique because often the simplest ideas produce the best results. These simple ideas rarely come from brainstorming app ideas.

Instead, they arise from a problem you face in life. It’s possible that if you have this problem and are trying to find a solution, other people have it too.

Write down some of these ideas, even if you know there is already an app to solve the problem, because as you’ll see in the next step, there might be an opportunity to create a better app than what currently exists.

How To Make An App For Beginners

Have you ever used an app and thought, “It would be so much better if it could do X”? If so, that’s a creative spark for a really good potential app idea!

How To Make An App For Beginners (2022)

There’s always room for improvement, so if you think the app is missing a useful feature, chances are you’re not the only one who thought so.

If the original creator of the app is not constantly updating and improving the app, you have the opportunity to create an even better app.

One way to find out if you are right or not is to look at the reviews and ratings of the original app.

The next step is to validate the idea to make sure it has a chance to succeed in the app store.

How To Create An App For Free

**NOTE** If your reason for creating an app is to get a good experience with the process (not that

Don’t be discouraged if you see other apps in the App Store that already solve the same problem as your app. Remember what I said before, there are no new ideas and there is always room for improvement.

In fact, this can be a good thing because it shows that your idea is viable and there is a real need for it. That’s why there is competition!

How To Make An App For Beginners

You may want to create a matrix or spreadsheet to track your results. The research you do now creates a starting point for what features you can include in your own app and what features you should focus on.

How To Make An App

It is mainly for identification purposes only to keep track of the different apps you want to use. Some people also add keywords as part of the app name. As you go through the list of competing apps, see if you notice certain words that keep popping up in the app title and consider using that keyword in your app title.

Later, when we look at reviews, you’ll also try to see if users mention specific features they love or hate.

Is it a one time fee for the app? Is it free but earned in some other way? This is important to remember for two reasons:

The point is to see who you’re up against. Big companies have big budgets for marketing teams and often only a team works on one app. It would be hard to compete against that. I’m not saying don’t compete, but we might need a unique perspective on our app instead of fighting over feature attributes.

How To Make An App In 2022 From Start To Finish (10 Steps)

If it’s a person’s name, it’s usually a single person, and that gives us some assurance that you’re going to make it on your own.

Sometimes, if the publisher of the app is a company name, it can only be a company registered by an individual. Visit the listed company’s website and try to find out whether it is a private company or a large company.

You can often get an answer by visiting the contact or information page. If there is an entire team on the information page or the address of the office building on the contact page, it is probably a significant company.

How To Make An App For Beginners

You want to know how well this app is maintained. If the author of the app hasn’t updated in a long time, you have a chance to grab market share. However, if the author updates the app frequently, you should flag it because the app is actively competing with you.

How To Make An App For Beginners 2022 / Swiftui

How do users rate this app? If the app is rated poorly, try to find out why. Is it a lack of features? Is the app broken? This review will help you avoid these pitfalls.

Second, if the app is well-rated, download it and try it yourself, paying close attention to the features and user experience. You should check out the user reviews to see why users love this app so much. It guides you in planning, designing and prioritizing the features of your app.

Whether the app is rated poorly or well, there’s something to learn here. Go through each review and find out what people are saying and why they are saying it. This is priceless user feedback that you didn’t have to pay (in dollars or blood and sweat) to learn.

The number of app downloads is not listed in the App Store app list, but there are tools to spy on apps and get ratings from this data. For example, SensorTower is one such tool that lets you see the estimated number of free app downloads.

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Now, if there is not much competition for your app idea, it may be such a new and novel idea that no one has thought of it before, or it may not be viable.

Start by breaking down your idea a bit so that you can succinctly convey the idea, audience and purpose of the app to someone in 30 seconds. Then practice giving your elevator pitch to yourself in front of the mirror so you can say it.

It would be sad to see someone reject a great app idea because they don’t understand it or because the messaging is confusing.

How To Make An App For Beginners

Once you have a clear description of your app idea and have practiced explaining it, try presenting it to your close family and friends. These people will not hesitate to tell you the truth. Ask them to play devil’s advocate and try to poke holes in your app idea.

Android App Development Tutorial For Beginners

The more people you present your idea to, the better. Strangers, friends of friends, people on the internet, etc. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas. Just remember this review from Shark Tank investor Chris Sacca –

This part is really fun because you can dream! Take your app idea and imagine what the perfect version of your app would be.

The vision will no doubt evolve and change based on feedback and testing from real users, but right now the sky’s the limit. Put it all down on paper and make your idea come true and breathe life into it.

If you want, you can also think about how to monetize the app. However, I recommend that this not be the main focus of your app idea. In the initial stages of the application, user adoption is always more important.

How To Make An App For Beginners 2022

In software consulting, this process was called gathering business requirements, and it was the most important step in the project because it helps clarify customer needs.

During this phase, we sat down with the stakeholders and explained all the details and documented it. In case of confusion, we can go back to this document and understand it from the beginning.

Now you don’t have to be

How To Make An App For Beginners

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