Mobile Lost Data Recovery Software

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Android has become the most widely used system worldwide, meaning that many Android users lose important data such as photos, files. , and text. Fortunately, Android data recovery software is here to help, making it possible for the average person to delete such files permanently without any knowledge.

If you have spent all your time researching mobile data recovery software solutions before you stumble upon this article, you know that there is no shortage of visible development options. Listed below are 7 best Android data recovery tools based on our experience with them.

Mobile Lost Data Recovery Software

Mobile Lost Data Recovery Software

FoneLab is one of the best recovery tools for Android because its Windows version has the ability to recover everything without pain from lost photos to your WhatsApp messages, voice recordings and more.

Lost Data Recovery Software Pour Android

All you have to do is connect your Android device to your PC, start FoneLab, and start the recovery process. From there, follow the recovery wizard, which will guide you through the easy steps.

The free version of FoneLab allows you to predict data recovery, but only the paid data recovery option is selected and one user license is selected.

Good for: As long as you are willing to accept its high price, FoneLab can give you an easy and modern way to get Android back without any problems.

Disk Drill is a personal data recovery tool that is able to recover lost data from any device, including Android smartphones and tablets. Mac mode can restore deleted files directly to internal memory or SD card, while Windows mode prevents SD card recovery.

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Disk Drill both supports more than 400 file types, including images, video, audio and file formats commonly found on Android devices. When restoring lost data with Disk Drill, you do not need special knowledge or skills because the whole process is simple and designed to take as little time as possible. Viewing files can be previewed before they return, making it easy to find just what you really need.

With Disk Drill there are many other tools to help you protect important data and secure your devices. For example, Disk Drill’s duplicate file finder is great for finding downloaded photos stored on your Android SD card and extracting them to free storage.

Best for: Disk Drill is the best tool for getting phone information for Mac users, but it can also provide a lot for Windows users.

Mobile Lost Data Recovery Software

IMobie PhoneRescue is a great and effective data recovery tool that can help you recover lost data not only on your Android device but also on an iOS device such as the iPhone or iPad. Therefore, this solution is ideal for users of both mobile operating systems and know that it is better to have a data recovery tool before data loss.

Iphone Data Recovery Software In 2022 [ios 15 Supported]

The device supported by iMobie PhoneRescue is the ability to unlock the locked device on Android without setting up the firm. This can help you to keep your notes in case you forget your password or break your fingerprint.

When it comes to Android data recovery, iMobie PhoneRescue supports all types of files, including movies, photos, voice, messages, calls and date details. If your device is not rooted, you will also get the option to start the rooting process right from the app.

Best for: Due to its full features included, iMobie PhoneRescue is suitable for Android users who sometimes need to recover lost data on an iOS device.

MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android is the easiest Android recovery tool featured in this article, but it still does the job even though it has not been upgraded for a while. Its main advantage is the ability to retrieve data for free, which is not the case with many data recovery tools.

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Since MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android was last updated in 2017, it does not work in conjunction with Disk Drill and other data recovery software that receives frequent updates. It also does not look pretty, although we have to admit that its user interface is simple even when it is finished.

Good for: MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android is suitable for users who want to retrieve small details from an Android phone or tablet and do so for free.

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is a free Android data recovery tool for Windows and Android that can recover lost data, messages, calls, photos, music and videos for Android devices. Windows version of the device is about simple 3-step data recovery process, and supports internal memory recovery such as SD card recovery.

Mobile Lost Data Recovery Software

First of all, you need to connect your Android device to your computer. You will then need to launch EaseUS MobiSaver for Android and order it to scan the package. Finally, select the files you want to restore and specify the home recovery folder.

Best Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Android MobiSaver Android is easy to use, allowing you to restore photos, pictures, images, videos, calls, WhatsApp messages and chats with just a few clicks. You can recover data from your device’s internal storage and memory card. Copied results can be minimized using direct spying, making it easier to get what you want.

Both EaseUS MobiSaver versions for Android only work with rooted devices, and you will need to purchase a license to implement unlimited healing. Despite these shortcomings, it is still a consistent choice that fulfills its promise.

Good for: EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is a great tool for Windows and Android that can be recommended to any user who can take advantage of its writing and communication capabilities.

If you think Tenorshare UltData for Android looks like a copy of FoneLab, you are right. It is clear that one of these two recovery applications for Android believes that leadership is the highest form of praise, but we do not know which one.

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However, the fact that Tenorshare could be a copy of another success in the data recovery tool does not make it possible to restore data to Android phones and tablets.

The latest version of Tenorshare UltData for Android supports more than 6,000 Android devices, including smartphones and tablets from major brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Google. You can install this mobile data recovery tool on any modern Windows or Mac computer, but the macOS version only works once your Android device is rooted.

There is also a Tenorshare UltData Android version that allows you to retrieve your data without having to connect your phone first. The Android version is easy to use, can detect deleted files before recovery, and more. As with other similar applications, it can produce good results as long as your Android device is rooted, so keep that in mind if you decide to do so.

Mobile Lost Data Recovery Software

Good for: Tenorshare UltData for Android is a great solution for Windows users who want to quickly and easily recover lost data without root.

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7-Data Android Recovery is an old Android data recovery tool that is not stored at the same time as other data recovery programs, proven by its regular users.

But if we show one-sided and look at the 7-Data Android Recovery process to simplify it, it will immediately become clear why it is still worth this list. To recover lost data with this device, you just need to connect your Android device, scan it, view the recovered data, and save it to your computer. As long as you enable USB debugging first and enable USB storage, you should have no problem recovering your data at all.

If you encounter any issues while using 7-Data Android Recovery, you can contact the company behind it and ask for support as all licenses include free support upon request.

Good for: 7-Data Android Recovery can be recommended for users who like its custom user interface, as well as those who want to take advantage of its great discounts.

Top 10 Best Data Recovery Software That Worth Your Time (2022)

Disk Digger is an Android data recovery program that allows you to recover lost and deleted files on your memory card or internal memory. It has a “free wipe” that permanently removes data from the device and you can save data from Dropbox, Google Drive or email. He did not make three names because of his principles and his tendency to speak ill of the information he was returning.

FonePaw is not one of the most popular data recovery services, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the best capabilities. You need to install the device on your computer before you can use the Android version, but it can recover more lost / deleted files. You can also find back call history, newsletters, contacts, and more. Third

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