Real Estate Development Masters Degree

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Asset development (movable) and asset management expertise are said to accelerate the development of new workplaces or enterprises. In the degree programme, the students of the Department of Land Development and Administration are assured of qualifications that enable them to pursue careers in a new and dynamic environment. The department offers training and research on various topics such as real estate and property valuation; Determining business and real estate assets; Investments and Financing; land development; Development of housing projects; project evaluation; Project management and supervision; land economy; Development, property and land management; cadastre, subdivision,, value boundary request; land conservation, land use planning and integration; Urban development, renovation, restoration and conservation measures; Land Acquisition, Expropriation and Resettlement; Housing and Construction Accounting; land tax; Land construction contracts; Construction and Managerial Economics; Project analysis and costing; Analysis of structural cracks and defects; Accidents, Risks and Insurance and Information Systems. The main objective of the program is to enable students to explore assets and liabilities with different perspectives such as owners, investors, bankers, managers, consultants, governments and users and to have skills in developing strategies.

Real Estate Development Masters Degree

Real Estate Development Masters Degree

The Department of Real Estate Development and Management of Ankara University has started graduate studies since it was established by the decision of the General Council of Higher Education dated February 2, 2007 to conduct education and research at the postgraduate level. Turkey’s construction and real estate sector has a strong incentive for qualified staff with strong knowledge structures that can meet scientific research and project development applications. In order to support part-time work and contribute to development, based on business research, the weaknesses of Ankara University’s honor space are considered. For this purpose, the Office of Sustainable Land Development (hereinafter referred to as the Office of Land Development and Management) under the Ankara University Graduate School of Humanities and Applied Sciences was created in strong partnership with the public sector of the enterprise. Not the government. Organizations with international knowledge, accreditation and professional bodies.

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In 2007, master’s degree programs were opened with thesis and non-thesis thesis, and undergraduate degree program was opened in 2008, academic and research activities of the department have been started. With around 600 undergraduate students in various branches, our department maintains its status of being the first and only educational institute in our country to provide continuous education and training, and education and training programs are open at all levels (undergraduate). , thesis and non-thesis, PhD entry, Bachelor). After the establishment of Ankara University Faculty of Applied Sciences, the Department of Land Development and Management was restructured with its undergraduate and graduate courses. After the establishment of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and the establishment of offices, the Department of Environmental and Applied Sciences for Real Estate Development was renamed Land Development and Management and the undergraduate forms were moved to a newly named office. In addition, the Property and Economic Department and Value Unit and the Land Development and Project Management Division under the Office of Land Development and Management were completed in 2016.

It is the result of a long-term effort to open undergraduate and graduate programs in the Land Development and Management Department of Ankara University. Studies in valuation, real estate law, urban and municipal tenure, regional administration, land surveying and mapping, land management and land economics began in the 1930s and were renovated in 2007 to found a new company in separate branches from university offices. have. and creating undergraduate and graduate programs combined with business space, building and property management expertise.

The real estate industry is constantly evolving into an exciting field that requires experts from different disciplines to work together. Unlike many developed countries, our country’s construction sector and land resources are accelerating and will continue to be the engine of the national economy. Factors such as investment in construction and related developments in recent years, growth in commercial buildings and housing projects and investment projects, housing production and real estate can translate into exports, trade, commodity or value. In addition, by preparing the country to make this sector a major production tool, it will become more attractive and important day by day, and the economies of the country will be able to survive in large quantities. In Turkey, as well as in all developing and developing countries, the housing sector and its applications, as well as economic growth and economic and social benefits for the country’s development, have an important and potential opportunity to create jobs.

The Department of Real Estate Development and Management under the Faculty of Applied Sciences of Ankara University welcomed its first undergraduate students in the 2016-2017 semester, educating 336 students. Property and asset management, business and non-asset management, investment and finance, land development, housing project development, project value, project management and control, housing economy, asset class and land management, cadastre, subdivision planning, investment method value, land Defense, Land Planning and Consolidation, Urban Development, Reconstruction, Reconstruction and Maintenance, Land Purchase, Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation, Land Purchase and Building Account Based. , property tax, land-construction-contract land law, construction and management economics, project and cost analysis, construction damage and defect analysis, accidents, opportunities and insurance, and information systems. In the program, the main objective is to provide students with an understanding of various fields such as owners, investors, bankers, executives, policy makers, governments and users and their stakeholders. Ability to oversee and develop strategies.

Department Of Real Estate Development And Management

To achieve the objectives prescribed under the Office of Land Development and Management; The division of assets and economic resources and values ​​is determined along with the separation of land development and project management. Includes real estate and real estate economics and valuation; Methods and applications for property valuation of buildings, business value and assets, business value and assets, value of historical and cultural assets, subdivision requirements (value-related land valuation) etc. Land and housing policy, property, subdivision, construction and contract law and regulations. The Department of Land Development and Project Management offers courses, applications, theoretical and applied research projects in land economics, management and policy, land tenure, system change and integration, land use planning, regional development, water system planning and management, management Conservation areas. and land conservation policies, public enterprises and public studies, applications, theoretical research projects and research projects for housing management, land purchase for investment purposes, policies and acquisitions and resettlement methods, housing management, and real estate markets Professional management, development projects, and project management.

Housing Development and Management Research is an integrated investment organization in the multi-disciplinary field. In the literature, this field is defined as a multidisciplinary discipline that includes economic, social and cultural policies and practices, and there is the opportunity to distinguish between assets and related spaces. In view of the nature of interest announced, it is considered necessary to review the structures of the two departments under the Department of Land Development and Administrative Management and establish a separation. Study spaces in the office have been considered as undergraduate and graduate courses and new courses are opened.

Summarizing educational developments, it reviews the needs of the international service, social service and business worlds; It is necessary to restructure the knowledge structure of the Department of Property Development and Management so that it can work with public and private sector institutions on the basis of a research university and develop rapidly with a focus on graduate and undergraduate courses. Research and application projects arise out of the needs of the general public and the private sector. Based on the results of interviews with international and institutional validation, human resource requirements for public and private enterprises, and knowledge infrastructure departments of universities in developed countries with the implementation of similar initiatives, research on office and divisional structure has begun. (An opportunity to increase model exchange and collaboration opportunities). For the explained reasons, it is considered necessary to remove the two departments that are working under the department, to establish the Land Development and Administration Department on the department and to establish the departments related to this department. International accreditation requirements Open offices to developing countries with more than a hundred years of history

Real Estate Development Masters Degree

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