All Android Os Versions

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In November 2007, the first public release of Android Mobile OS was Android Beta. The father of the Android OS was Andy Rubin but later it was acquired by the Google team and since then Google has been updating and exploring new features daily. In addition, it has many updates of the operating system after the official launch.

There are the first two versions 1.0 and 1.1 that have not been released under a specific name. The name of the Android operating system is Candy Theme. Android versions start in alphabetical order. It started with the letter C as Android 1.5 CupCake from 2009 and the latest update is Android 8.0 Oreo released in 2017. Now we look at the oldest version with the latest Android and its features.

All Android Os Versions

All Android Os Versions

Both versions are the first commercial version. They will be officially released to the public in 2008 and 2009. The first commercial version of Android was installed on the HTC Dream device. These versions are released without a code name. Android 1.0 Features:

How To Know Which Android Os You Have On Your Honor

Android 1.5 was released in April 2009. This is the first release codenamed under the official name “CupCake”. It brought various features to the user interface design and improved some new features.

Android 2.0 is codenamed Eclair. It was introduced in October 2009 and version 2.1 was released in December 2009. It features:

Gingerbread entered the market in December 2010. It was officially announced on the Nexus S Android phone, which was developed by Google in partnership with Samsung.

Android 4.1 was released in July 2012. Its codename is Jelly Bean. “Google Now” is the main character of Jelly Bean. It is used whenever you want to retrieve data from your google account and location data from your Android device to capture the information you need. There are many other aspects

Origin Of Android Os Versions 11 Different Versions Of Android Operating System And Its Origin

Some of the most recently released versions of Android 8.0 are called Oreo in August 2017. Some new features have been updated.

Android Pie is the older version of 9.0 and the 16th version of the Android operating system. It was first released as a developer preview on March 7, 2018 and released to the public on August 6, 2018. Want to know what Android OS you have on your HONOR phone? This simple guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Sometimes it is important to know which Android operating system you have installed on your beloved HONOR phone. Why? Well, there are many reasons. First, you may just want to know which particular app you are looking at is compatible with your Android operating system version. Or you may want to learn how to do something with your HONOR phone and you need to know which version of Android so you can find useful tips and more while searching for answers on the internet.

All Android Os Versions

Often, if you ask a support worker or someone you know for help to fix a problem, they will often want to know which HONOR phone you are using and which version of Android OS. . Similarly, you may be curious to know yourself!

Do You Know The History Of Android Versions?

No matter what you want to know, here are some quick and easy tips to find the information you are looking for, so keep reading to get all the answers!

First, you need to open the Settings app. This can be done by dragging down the drop-down menu from the top of the screen. You do this, not surprisingly, by dragging your finger from the top of the phone. When you see the menu, tap Settings to launch the app.

On some Android versions, you need to select a system. This mostly applies to older versions, so you may be able to skip this step.

On the phone tells you everything you need to know. Once you select it, you should see a screen showing various information. Search for words Android version. The next number is the version of the Android operating system you are using.

Android Versions A To Z: Evolution Of All Android Versions From 1.0 To 12

When you are on the phone, you will notice that it also tells you many other things that can be useful if you are trying to solve a problem. It also displays the EMEI number of your phone, which is a unique number of your phone. There is no other phone in the world that shares this number. You should make this note in a safe place. If you are unlucky enough to have your phone stolen, you may be asked if you have this number, so they can blacklist the stolen phone and make it harder for the thief to sell it.

So now you know how to find the version of Android OS that your HONOR phone is running. Next time someone asks, you know what to do! Google owns almost 85% of the smartphone operating system market. To keep up with its main competitor, Apple, Google releases a new version of Android at least annually with new features and improved security. Release date for all Android versions from Android 1.1 (Alpha) to May 2017.

As of May 2017, 62% of Android smartphones are running versions that are at least 2.5 years old. This is a worrying signal for Google, which has failed in the Android update process. It also does not bring enough differences to encourage OEMs to launch a new version of Android.

All Android Os Versions

Older versions are not as accessible to consumers and are still vulnerable to malware attacks. This situation is common across vendors, regions and price ranges. Even the leading OEMs so far have not shipped their products with the latest version of Android.

Android Versions, Their Names And Their Evolution Through The Years

In contrast, Apple’s iOS is the second-largest smartphone operating system. Apple strictly controls its ecosystem and can control the distribution of iOS on its platform. The two latest versions of iOS accounted for 79% of the iPhone in February 2017. Because Apple has complete control over the hardware and software, it is in a better position to serve its consumers by introducing new features in easy-to-install devices.

The proportion of older versions of Android is higher in the lower price range, but only a handful of high-end smartphones ship with the latest version of Android. This makes unresolved situations easier to resolve breakdowns.

Google has developed a low-level system architecture to separate the core Android functionality from other OEM customizations. This may result in faster implementation of the update. But it will take some time to launch, and may still face pressure from OEMs because it means Google is taking more control of the core Android.

There has to be a trade-off between real open source and fragmentation. It has become imperative for Google to address this issue as artificial intelligence-driven (AI) implementations become an integral part of all smartphone operating systems in the future.

The Evolution Of Android Over Years| Mindster

Artificial intelligence promises to be a major change in the way consumers interact with smartphones. Google has significant resources in artificial intelligence, which it plans to leverage through its massive Android smartphone base. Google Assistant on Android is the first step. However, it is necessary to enable APIs so that third-party developers can benefit from some core AI features.

It also helps Google improve its AI by sending more data through its servers. Information is the bloodline of the artificial intelligence system.

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All Android Os Versions

Contact the basics if you have questions or insights about the technology industry. Our team of analysts and executives from the growing industry should meet your needs. Android has been around for a while, and there are endless variety of apps and development projects for the platform. It’s interesting to look back and really understand where the mobile operating system came from and where it might go.

Android Version Evolution Graphics

And there is much to overcome. Android has 11 major versions so far (and many more to come), and even more so if you factor in fixes and mid-month changes. Along with it, many devices and applications and programs were developed, many with their own rich history. If you look at the first Android devices and the latest devices, you may mistakenly think that they are completely different operating systems, except for common applications.

Although we can not get into every changelog and the reason behind it

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