Local Office Supply Companies

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19) A local office supply store requires 10,000 cases of copier paper per year: Stocking a bag of photocopier paper costs $4 per year and…

19) A local office supply store has an annual requirement of 10,000 cases of photocopier paper per year: It costs $4 per year to stock photocopier paper bags and $60 per year to order: Find the correct number of cases. on the order of photocopier paper: 10,000, 7 (7) + Lo 4 60 = 10, 0004xk2) + 66O wo U ~ x) ~ 8x_ + GOO, 0oo = 0 2 8x (6, Oo07S, 000 X2 27420) the company’s forecast from daily sales revenue (in dollars) x cookies given by R (x) = 570 + 0.04x 0.0003×2 Currently the company is selling

Local Office Supply Companies

Local Office Supply Companies

19) A local office supply store has an annual requirement of 10,000 cases of photocopier paper per year: It costs $4 per year to stock photocopier paper bags and $60 per year to order: Find the correct number of cases. On the order of photocopier paper: 10, 000 (7) + Lo 4 60 = 10, 000 4xk2) + 66O wo U ~ x) ~ 8x_ + GOO, 0oo = 0 2 8x (6, Oo0 7S, 000 X2 274 20 ) company Calculates the daily revenue (in dollars) from selling x cookies to R (x) = 570 + 0.04x 0.0003×2. The company currently sells 900 cookies per day. If a company increases sales by one cookie per day, spend a little to calculate the tax increase:

A Local Office Supply Store Has An Annual Demand F…

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