Visa Rewards Credit Card Offers

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Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, the only card that refunds 5% of all purchases and rewards everywhere you shop. (Photo: Business Wire)

SEATTLE – (BUSINESS WIRE) – (NASDAQ: AMZN) –, Inc. and Chase today unveiled the new Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, the only card that offers 5% cash on all Amazon .com purchases and rewards. everywhere you shop, including 2% back at restaurants, petrol stations and drug stores, and 1% refund on all other purchases, available exclusively to eligible Key members.

Visa Rewards Credit Card Offers

Visa Rewards Credit Card Offers

Members of the existing Amazon Visa signature card membership with eligible Prime membership will upgrade to the new Amazon Visa Signature Visa signature card and receive 5% cash on all Amazon’s purchases, a newly designed metal card, and no fees are charged on foreign purchases. shopping at the border. Key members can begin to take advantage of new benefits using their existing card until their new card arrives.

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Cardholders who do not qualify as Prime now benefit from non-refundable foreign exchange fees and updated card design, with a 3% refund on, 2% refunds at restaurants, petrol stations and drug stores, and a 1% discount in everything else. Shopping. Cardholders can join Amazon Prime and earn 5% cash at

“Add more value to Prime by offering rewards on Amazon and wherever you buy,” said Max Bardon, Amazon’s vice president. “Main members receive 5% off, 2% refunds at restaurants, petrol stations and drug stores, and 1% discount on all other purchases – with high-quality benefits including no cash flow abroad. travel protection and 24/7 concierge service. “

“Hundreds of millions of people shop at, and there is no better way to earn rewards for their purchases than with the new Amazon Prime Reward Visa Chase card,” said Kevin Watters, CEO of Chase Card Services. “We are very excited to work with Amazon to offer more value to our card members.”

Tens of millions of Prime members around the world enjoy many Prime benefits. In the US, you get unlimited access to award-winning movies and TV episodes via Prime Video; unlimited access to Prime Music, Prime Audio Channels, Main Reading, Key Images, Twitch Prime; early access to the option of lightning offers, one free book previously released per month via Kindle First, and more. Prime is built on the foundation of unlimited, fast, free shipping, and today, members receive Prime Same-Day Delivery on over 40 million items, Prime Same-Day Delivery in 29 cities, and Prime Now 2 hours delivery in addition. 30 cities. . Start your free Amazon Prime trial at

Visa® Premier Select Rewards

Amazon is driven by four goals: customer satisfaction with competitors, creativity, commitment to efficiency, and long-term thinking. Customer reviews, 1-click purchases, personalized recommendations, Prime, Fulfillment of Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire tablet, Fire TV, Amazon Echo and Alexa are products and services initiated by Amazon. For more information, visit

Chase is the US banking and consumer banking organization JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM), a leading global financial services company with $ 2.5 trillion worth of goods and services worldwide. Chase operates for almost half of American households with a variety of financial services, including personal banking, credit cards, mortgage loans, automatic financing, investment advice, small business loans and payment processing. Customers can choose how and where they want to bank: 5,300 branches, 16,000 ATMs, mobile phones, online and over the phone. For more information, visit

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, the only card that refunds 5% of all purchases to and rewards you wherever you shop. Reimbursement for up to 5% off most of your spent items, free airport recreational access, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify – and more …

Visa Rewards Credit Card Offers

Note: Card benefits will be significantly reduced from 1 June 2022. This article is based on information from official announcements:

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Staking means you give money to and forget it, you will not be able to get it before it expires. Betting rates can go up or down.

At some levels you need to do a CRO for at least 6 months. After 6 months, you can save your stake and save all the benefits, or withdraw your stake and the benefits you receive will be reduced.

This card (and all the standard cards) is made of metal, which is fine. Note: there is a thin layer of plastic on the back of the card that allows for NFC payments (without touch).

The biggest profit for US cardholders is a 10% refund (like CRO) for more than 10,000 merchants. This 10% rebate is more than the refund of cards. Monthly refund limits on each card apply.

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It would not be easy, just pay for these services on your CRO card and you will be automatically refunded the following amount:

Once advanced, your current card will be disabled, so you will not be able to use it. The solution to this is to use a Curve card and use another debit / credit card. When you receive your new card, you can use the “Back In Time” feature to transfer purchases from the card you used to transfer to your new card.

You can continue to use your current card. You will receive maximum benefits, with the exception of card-related benefits, e.g.

Visa Rewards Credit Card Offers

You can apply for a premium card at any time (pay £ 50 / EUR / other fee if you live in a suitable country)

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In addition to refunding, you will receive these additional features when you pair your card with the Curve card:

Note: I live in the UK and there are no credit card deposits at, some countries charge up to 3%. See the official guide for more information. does not charge for this, but some banks charge a transfer if you do; Revolut is a great way to make money with zero / small amounts. Note that Revolut deposits are not allowed in the UK.

Buy a supported cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin) in the app and exchange it for the money associated with your card.

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Note: You may be required to report all cryptocurrency purchases / sales to the government and may pay taxes. Here are some government directives for UK residents.

Note: If you want to buy cryptocurrency for free, you need to add fiat to your bank account, see wallet- deposit- withdrawal section ‘ Fiat Wallet – Deposit and Withdrawal’.

Transfer BTC from another exchange (such as Coinbase) to, then convert it and transfer it to the currency associated with your card.

Visa Rewards Credit Card Offers

There are certain types of purchases that do not qualify for a refund (see the full list of MCC merchant codes). This includes cash payments, insurance, utilities and self-supporting petroleum products.

Amazon And Chase Introduce New Prime Rewards Visa Card With 5% Back On All Purchases And Rewards Everywhere Else You Shop

Note that when you pay for gas (‘gas’ in the US) you must use a pay meter (do not pay at the tap) for cash.

If you use the Curve and pay for a non-refundable fee, you can use the “Back to Time” Curve feature to transfer payment to the credit card that gives you cash / prizes.

If the purchase does not result in a refund (step 3), I use the Curve “Back In Time” feature to transfer the purchase from my CRO card to my credit card to earn prize points there (currently Hilton Barclaycard). .

Until 1 June 2022 the prizes awarded were very good (especially in the UK and Europe where nothing else was close). From this day forward, I can no longer boast.

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The cards look great. They are metal, heavy, well made, and the logo (representing Ethereum Lion) looks great. They don’t have a card number before, so you can share their photos on social media. However, my cards were always at home as I used my Curve card for extra security, services, discounts and benefits.

For many people, the cards are a point of entry into a truly beautiful, easy-to-use place; financial services ecosystem (see more of my articles for details).

When it comes to regulation, does everything right by making sure it has all the necessary rules before providing financial services to its customers in each country. Where problems arose (e.g. by issuing service provider cards), they quickly and efficiently solved the problem and became more efficient. They take ownership of services rather than relying on third parties, and they have developed strong relationships with Visa and other companies.

Visa Rewards Credit Card Offers

At the time of writing (May 25th), unless changes things dramatically with discounts and / or reduced card prices, I think by June 1st, I will be saying “Long term and thank you all fish”. I write articles about my credit card – don’t forget to sign up!

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Congratulations, you have reached the end of the article! Here is your “Easter Egg”. On the home screen, press the Lion logo and hold the X to access it

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