Us Navy Tuition Assistance Program

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Education Congratulations! As an “Order Approver” (CO or Authority by Management), you are an essential partner in the WebTA application process! As the administrator of the rigorous financing of TA, you have been entrusted with the process of approving the WebTA application. ” The responsibility of the Board of Directors is that the WebTA application does not conflict with the requirements of the Order and that our goal for training the Board of Directors in the interest of the military is consistency, responsibility and more efficient management of the number of people participating in out-of-service training. The command knows best about military personnel, qualifications, operational commitments and often personal and financial difficulties. It is important to understand that your own responsibility is paramount when approving

2 Purpose 1. To ensure an understanding of the role of the command in the process of financing Naval Training Assistance (TA). 2. Strengthen the responsibilities of the ordering authority (CA). 3. Overview of the responsibilities of military personnel, command approvers and personnel of the Naval College Program (NCP) (Naval College Office (NCO) / Virtual Education Center (VEC)) in the process of applying for schooling. 4. Smooth and efficient implementation of the Naval Training Assistance Program. 1. Provide an understanding of the command’s role in the Navy Training Assistance Fund process. 2

Us Navy Tuition Assistance Program

Us Navy Tuition Assistance Program

3 Temporary Assistance Processing Service Context Member Submit WebTA Application Electronic Order TA Approval Automatically Approved Temporary Assistance or NCP Staff Temporary Assistance Member Delivers Temporary Assistance Voucher to School. The Order Approval Authority (CA) verifies that the service member has met the order verification requirements related to TA policies and procedures. Approval of the order authorization is one of the requirements for Temporary Assistance and does not guarantee the financing of Temporary Assistance! All TA applications must be submitted electronically through MyEducation. This is the complete diagram of the AT process. Each of these will be addressed later in the briefing. The Navy VOLED WebTA application is the only application process that gives you access to the Navy Tuition Assistance funding program. TA Navy applications are submitted and submitted electronically. TA paper applications no longer exist. The internal routing of the “cheat” for enrolling in courses and obtaining approval for the use of TA can be applied to your order. However, this process is for internal order approval and does not constitute an official WEB TA application. See the sample at the end of the presentation. Three

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Order approval must be approved After the order is approved, AT automatically approves or NCP receives a WebTA request. Applications will be processed in the order of approval of the command from the date of the beginning of the mandate. Service members will monitor any requests made by NCP to complete the processing of WebTA requests. Service members may submit applications up to 120 days before the start date. Applications must be submitted and an order-approved NLT must be received 14 days before the start of the semester. Period Start date Submission and approval of the order Period (days) Examine the flow of the TA process. The SVM must submit the TA with the Order between 120 and 30 days from the beginning of the term in order to give the Board time to review it and to approve / reject it. For example, if the semester start date is October-December, the SVM may submit a TA in July. This makes it easier for the CA to check the / HT / WT records once a quarter of FY. For SVM. Mention in the Late Temporary Assistance Policy: According to NAVADMIN 219/16, all Temporary Assistance applications for courses starting on or after 1 January 2017 must be submitted and ordered for approval within 120-14 days from the start of the semester. DODINST also says: All WebTA applications must be ordered and approved before the start of their term. Remind CAs and navigators that AT still needs order approval. Sailors receive regular s until the 14-day deadline. Order approvers receive periodicals until the 14-day deadline. One day after the 14-day deadline, if TA is not approved for the order, the system will cancel the request and send it to the navigator for status. 4

Am I ready for your (sailor) TA? Course Load Reimbursement for Past Poor Performance Cash Payments Personal Financial Ordering Program Professional Commitment How the Course Offers Family Engagement Academic Skills / Training The following are considerations for LMS. The Board of Directors should guide the SVMs in these considerations. Navy College staff are also looking into these issues. Command reinforcements are a complex and integral part of the crew training planning process. Examine the following topics with SVM. Course volume: consider the number of courses and the time required to learn and complete the course tasks. In general, all credit hours are equivalent to three hours of work per week. Example: a three-credit course may require 9 hours per week of course preparation, homework, and study. Previous grades: Review previous grades to make sure your grades have been posted in your records. Consider any preparation (learning skills) you need to fail or improve below average performance. If SVM does not work well in multiple classes, you may be required to take only one course per semester. You do not have to approve a TA. Compensation for poor performance: If a course is not completed successfully, consider the commitment and financial consequences. The minimum grade for license programs is “C” – “B” for license programs. Remind sailors of class responsibilities. Cash outflows: Sailors should assess the return on their personal investment. The out-of-pocket cost of the program is well worth it. Personal finance, including books, fees, and student contributions: Consider the potential for reimbursement and the impact on your monthly SVM budget. This is especially important if the crew has previous class performance issues. Order program: consider availability to meet course requirements. Professional Commitment: Consider how appropriate the completion of the course is to achieve your professional goals. How the course will be held: Consider the benefits and challenges of enrolling in an in-person, online, or NCPACE course. Complete the DANTES DL self-assessment to determine if you are ready for distance learning, which can be found on the DANTES website. Family Promise: Consider meeting your course requirements based on your lifestyle and family schedule. Academic Ability: Consider the level of academic skills and availability to start and succeed in college-level courses. Take advantage of the Online Academic Skills Course [OASC] to self-assess and develop skills when needed. 5

Start the registration process for schooling Only new users: Complete the JKO higher education training course and submit the certificate Complete the WebTA policy training through MyEducation Get and upload the training plan Get and upload Mandatory consultation for the Naval College program Follow the Internal Application Procedures Monitor and submit orders for WebTA Electronic Confirmation of application Temporary approval of assistance 14 days before the start of the semester Follow NCP staff for approval, if necessary. Send your TA voucher to the school for payment. Attend the course and successfully complete it 30 days after the completion of all courses Confirm the display of notes in evidence Minimum 30 days Resumption of the process Before the start date of the next semester! New users: Completion JKO HEPC Complete AT training: Education provided through MyEducation Obtain and submit training plan: Mandatory consultation with the Naval College program counselor at the school or developed by NCO / VEC staff Completed: Must be done through NCO or VEC. This must be done every two years or when the study program changes. Follow the internal process for requesting Temporary Order Assistance. The order defines the internal process of participation in the submission of an electronic WebTA application for the submission of TA. Using MyEducation (aka WebTA) online; SVM recommends filing TA 30 days before the start of the semester. This will ensure that any issues related to eligibility for temporary assistance will be resolved before the beginning of the semester. Monitoring and verifying TA approval of orders before the start of the semester: This can be done by logging in to MyEducation and viewing the existing application. The SVM can see the status of the application. Edited, Sent, Order Approved, Approved / Canceled / Rejected Follow NCP staff to confirm approval, if necessary. All TAs must have the order approved before the start of their term. Make sure your service member is aware of this. Never participate in the course without a TA voucher !! If SVM does not hold a TA voucher 2 days before the start of the semester, NCP staff must follow up. Send TA voucher to school for payment: SVM must print and sign TA for payment and return to school. There are 3 ways you can present your voucher at school. 1. By fax, 2. In person or 3. Attendance and successful completion of the course: License marks must be C or higher. The GPA graduate must be B or higher. Make sure the notes are displayed in Education Records NLT. 30 days after the completion of all courses: SVM is responsible for ensuring that grades are displayed in the educational record. If the notes are not displayed within 30 days: A. Service members may not submit new requests for temporary assistance. B. NCP staff may not approve Temporary Assistance. C. TA accounting may begin to dock the salaries of military personnel for courses 6

Make sure that service members meet certain eligibility requirements. Make sure that certain ineligible circumstances do not apply to service members. Make sure that the reservists meet the mandatory active service criteria. WebTA applications must be NLT command-approved.

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