Best Free Computer Antivirus Software

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Editors select and review products independently. If you make a purchase through affiliate links, we may receive a commission that will help support our testing.

Avast One Essential offers impressive free protection for your Windows boxes and somewhat reduced protection on macOS, Android and iOS. This is a winner of Antivirus Editors’ Choice.

Best Free Computer Antivirus Software

Best Free Computer Antivirus Software

Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Windows offers the same core antivirus technology found in Bitdefender Plus commercial antivirus, focusing on the essential task of antivirus protection with minimal add-ons.

Best Antivirus Software For Windows 11 Pc In 2022

Microsoft Defender Antivirus protects Windows 10 computers that have no other antivirus protection. It does, but it still does not beat the best free or paid third-party antivirus tools out there.

Since 1982, it has tested and evaluated thousands of products to help you make better purchasing decisions.

Writing malicious software is big business these days — perhaps as much as writing useful or fun software. There are different types of malware, but they all have the same purpose – to make money. Spy Trojans steal and sell your personal data. If you want to recover your encrypted files, the ransomware cuts off the chase and demands payment. It may seem unfair to have to spend money on an antivirus to combat these threats. Well, good news! By choosing a free antivirus solution, you can protect your computers and devices without spending a dime.

Your antivirus should certainly be able to eradicate existing malware, but its constant task is to prevent ransomware, botnets, trojans and other types of malicious programs. All the free antivirus programs we have selected here offer real-time malware protection. Some fight against the browser and work hard to make sure you never end up on a malware host site or that you hand over your credentials to a fishing site.

The Best Antivirus Software 2022

Believe it or not, some of these freebies beat even all but the best paid equivalents. And since they are free, you can try several before deciding on your favorite.

Avast provides antivirus protection for as long as the antivirus industry exists. With Avast One Essential, you get award-winning antivirus for free and more. All four of the independent testing labs we track include Avast in their reports, and it does so in almost every test. It also achieves a high score in our hand tests. Other protection services include permission-based ransomware protection, a basic firewall, and a bandwidth-restricted VPN.

Avast offers some features for paying customers. For example, the free version will scan and identify programs that have missing security patches and update them on your command, but it will not update your programs automatically. It costs nothing to get a list of junk files and broken registry entries. Cleaning up the mess found is an excellent feature.

Best Free Computer Antivirus Software

Many free antivirus tools only work on the Windows platform. Avast has different degrees of protection for macOS, Android and iOS. Its macOS version gets high-end labs, and its ransomware protection, browser cleanup, and VPN work just like Windows. On Android, you get antivirus, VPN, spam cleaning and privacy protection, though anti-theft is noticeably absent. As usual, protection on iOS is limited, but it includes a VPN, filtering out fraudulent and malicious websites, and extra protection for your photos.

What Are The Best Free Antivirus Software Programs In 2022?

If you find security software interesting and not boring, as a limited budget is the only reason why you should not buy a complete security package, Avast One Essential is perfect for you. Avast One’s business suite obviously does more, but the free version is packed with features. The fact that you can use it to protect all your devices, not just Windows computers, is icing on the cake.

In 2016, Avast acquired AVG. After the dust has settled, both products use exactly the same antivirus technology under the hood. When you install AVG AntiVirus Free, you get the same powerful protection you get from Avast. These two have different laboratory total scores because not all laboratories report AVG. In fact, since the lab that rejected AVG is the only lab that gave Avast a low score, AVG is ahead.

Like Avast, AVG protects against ransomware by prohibiting all unauthorized changes to protected files. And like Avast, the free version detects AVG junk files and other performance losses, but solves no problems unless you pay. Bonus features include a hardened browser, a shopping tool and a simple network security inspector.

Not all users want features close to the level of the Avast One Essential suite, and not all require cross-platform protection. If your focus is on powerful protection against malware and malicious or fraudulent websites, AVG offers the same protection as Avast, but in a simpler, more traditional package. User interface can also be important. Both Avast and AVG have a large international presence but are popular in different regions.

Top 5 Best Free Antivirus Software

Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Windows provides the basic protection that is at the heart of Editors’ Choice Bitdefender Plus Antivirus. In fact, it’s more like the Bitdefender suite, but with many features disabled. Most of the closed features make sense, though the lack of ransomware modification and vulnerability scanning is a hit. On the plus side, the unusual defensive timeline shows exactly how Bitdefender stopped an attack. And his defense against malicious and phishing sites is not in the first place.

If you are looking for a commercial antivirus, you will get many more features, more features than some of the security suite products. These include a basic password management system, a hardened desktop for safe browsing, a rescue environment for recovering malware that disables Windows, and a Wi-Fi security analyzer. None of this is free.

Bitdefender has a good reputation in the security world, and the company’s researchers often report on important discoveries. Relying on such a company for antivirus protection is a smart move, but it can let you down due to the commercial version’s features. If so, try BitDefender Free Antivirus, which gives you full kernel protection without any confusing frills.

Best Free Computer Antivirus Software

Like Avast’s free offering, Avira Free Security is a free version of the complete security suite. All features are visible, but many are locked. All four laboratories we follow consider Avira’s antivirus technology important enough to test, with Avira mostly achieving peaks with a few vowels. It did not do well in our practical tests, but we postpone laboratory results when our results do not match the laboratories.

The Best Antivirus Software 2022: Free And Paid Options Compared

Avira searches for applications that are vulnerable due to missing security patches, but allows you to manually fix any issues found. Other features include a simple password manager, a transaction finder and active ad tracker blocking, as well as a limited bandwidth VPN and a comprehensive privacy settings check.

Perhaps more controversial is the inclusion of the Avira Crypto Ethereum mining component. If your computer is powerful enough to support it, you will be prompted to install Avira Crypto. This component works for you in the background of mining cryptocurrency. Avira handles this process and takes a bit off the top.

Do you want a complete security package instead of a simple antivirus? Can your nerves get the better of the occasional bounce when you accidentally click on a feature that is not free? Avira Free Security might be right for you.

No discussion of free antivirus software is complete without Microsoft Defender Antivirus. If you do not have a third-party antivirus, or if your antivirus subscription has expired, Defender will take over the protection banner for you. If you add or revive another antivirus, Defender is silently set aside.

Antivirus Tierlist: Best Antivirus In 2022

That does not mean we are too enthusiastic to use Defender to protect you. He scored good marks in some laboratory tests, but failed in others. Similarly, in our practical tests, some scores are high and some scores are very low. Typically, Microsoft’s protection against fraudulent and malicious websites only works on Edge. Okay, but you can do better.

Hey you! Someone who falls asleep reading this article. Someone who does not care much for antivirus. This one is for you! To use its protection, you do not need to do exactly anything. For the right person, this is an ideal solution.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is not just a free antivirus, but a stripped-down version of Kaspersky’s high-end multi-platform security suite. Kaspersky’s antivirus power stuns independent testing laboratories, often giving it perfect or near-perfect ratings. Unfortunately, we can no longer recommend it. Here’s why.

Best Free Computer Antivirus Software

Kaspersky has for years faced accusations and objections based on its Russian origins, although none of these allegations have been supported by hard evidence of malicious behavior. We focused on product capabilities, not fuss around the company. However, the current war in Ukraine has increased the game. Governments and third parties sever ties with Kaspersky. The FCC called Kaspersky a national security risk.

Best Free Antivirus For Windows Pcs: Top 5 Picks

After review, we can no longer buy or even use Kaspersky Security products for free. We’ve included reviews with a warning because it provides useful information. But at least for now,

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