Steps To Apply Skincare

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Have you ever wondered if this expensive eye cream is doing anything, or should it be applied before or when your serum is hot? You are not alone!

Knowing how to properly apply skin care products is as important as choosing the right product for your skin type. What good is a website if it ‘links’ to anything else out there?

Steps To Apply Skincare

Steps To Apply Skincare

If you are a fan of double scrubbing, like me, you will want to use an oil cleaner or micellar water first to remove the makeup and break the oil, then remove the dirt and foam. or gel. Look for facial cleansers with glycolic or salicylic acid to help with cleansing.

The Correct Order To Apply Skincare Products

The cleanser should be gently rinsed to stimulate the lymph in the skin and prepared to give the skin a functioning serum. Avoid using hot or cold water when washing your face; proper lighting.

You apply a toner or use a cotton swab to adjust the pH of your skin, always after facial cleansing. Think toning is the last step in cleansing. Cotton toner cleansing is perfect for gently removing dead cells as well as adjusting the pH of the skin to properly absorb the skin care product.

Active ingredients are put on your face. Gently apply eye cream around the orbital part and ring.

Special skin care for the eyes will quickly penetrate into the thinner skin and protect the delicate area of ​​the eye from other hard areas of the face.

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Serum will vary from day to night. This morning’s step should be serum vitamin C to protect you from environmental damage. At night this may be a product of glycolic acid or serum added to plant peptides to stimulate collagen production.

One myth about moisturizer is that skin oil does not need it; that is not true! Oily skin needs an oil-free cleanser that can help control oil production while keeping the skin clean. Hyaluronic acid is a cleansing cream that gives oil-free cheeks and lips a smoother and smoother complexion.

In the morning, wherever you go, don’t leave sunscreen! Some SPFs are produced as a one-step liquid / solar mixture, so steps 4 and 5 can be combined in the morning.

Steps To Apply Skincare

But sunscreen should be the last product you put on before you leave the door. It protects the skin from sun damage, harmful radiation and aging. Sunscreen often helps to soften makeup and even, some of the sunscreens on the market act as ingredients for sunscreen, moisturizers, and makeup!

How To Build An Effective Pm Skincare Routine

It gives us time to repair and rejuvenate our skin while we sleep. To remove the skin tone, apply a retinol moisturizer and then to prevent unwanted whitening and redness.

To seal the serum we use and allow the product to work miraculously by applying face oil or night cream 2-3 times a week. For the oil, try to warm your palms for a few seconds and then gently press on the skin.

These products are usually from the thinnest to the hardest to apply. All products in your diet should be thoroughly cleaned before applying the next product. Each product should have a specific purpose that enhances the quality of the other products and the celebration of caring for your skin. Not every size fits all and your skin needs will also change depending on the time and changes in your hormone levels.

Start your skin care routine every time you brush your teeth to keep bacteria from sticking to your gums and preventing breakage.

The Ultimate Skin Care Routine Guide

Dr. Jennifer Haley, a certified dermatologist with extensive experience in health, cosmetics, and dermatology surgery, has reviewed this post. Learn more for health researchers Hello Glow here. As always, this is not personal advice and we recommend that you discuss it with your doctor.

Deborah is a beautician and blogger behind Playtime My Life, where she records her life with her three children and their events in Los Angeles. There is a night skin care routine than removing makeup before going to bed. As we sleep, our skin enters a “repair state”: it heals wounds, rejuvenates the skin, and flushes out dead skin cells. We need to carefully choose our PM skin care products to protect the skin and keep this process going.

So, when it comes to building a PM skin care system, where do we start? Below, we answer all your questions, including what to use, how to apply the product for the night, as well as the best room rules for healthy skin.

Steps To Apply Skincare

Our face works well! The skin spends the whole day defending itself from environmental invaders and free radicals, such as sunlight, blue light, pollution, bacteria … Dew Point.

The 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

However, when the sun goes down, the skin begins to repair the damage of the day. The body releases melatonin (this sleep-deprived hormone also acts as an antioxidant) and human growth hormone (HGH), which stimulates cell transformation, removing old, unhealthy skin cells. and make it fresh. The skin loses a lot of moisture while we sleep, so strong creams, moisturizing serums and facial oils can be especially helpful during PM hours.

Should there be a difference between morning and night? Science says yes. Your body goes into the clock: during the day, it focuses on protecting the skin; at night, the skin is repaired.

A good skin care system will use this method for its benefit. Apply oily products and increase skin protection abilities (e.g., sunscreen and ferulic acid) morning and night, hydrating and repairing damage, such as night cream.

Also, before you go to bed, you are the perfect choice to beautify yourself with your favorite creams and treatments after sunbathing (talking to you, retinol) or using these products as masks and skins which you do not have time. of course, in the morning.

How To Layer Your Skincare Products! — Jordan Harper

Most of the time, you will adjust your PM skin care system in the same way you apply for AM products. The biggest change is to focus on your best evening creams (like retinol and face peels) and apply sunscreen, of course. While everyone’s skin is different, this is the product series we recommend at night:

Step 1: Remove makeup and / or cleanser No matter how tired or exhausted you are: Do not go to bed without makeup. Among the beauty, dirt, and bacteria that get into your skin during the day, you want to make sure that these pores are not allowed to penetrate overnight; therefore, it is important to cleanse your skin. before making the movement.

Step 2: Moisturize Toner Earn toner to cleanse the skin and restore the pH of the skin to remove debris and excess moisture. We recommend a baby bump to add to the water shortage tonight.

Steps To Apply Skincare

Step 3: The action in the retinol serum or glossy coating for acne and aging skin can damage sunlight and make the skin warmer in the sun, so we prepare to prepare it for the night. In addition, the ability of retinol to increase the rate of rapid cell transformation coincides with the skin repair process, this is the best time to apply this material. Our soft Serum Retinol can be applied every night without irritation, but if you want to change things, this is also a good time to apply the mask as a doctor’s visit (do not use both at night).

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Step 4: Effective eye cream works at night to soften the area under the eyes and prevent signs of aging, such as crow feet. For best results, look for the same type of peptides produced as Zero-G (which strengthens the skin’s immune system).

Step 5: spot treatment (optional) If you break or focus on hyperpigmentation, cover pimples with dark spots and timely treatment to help heal the skin. For black and white spots, use a moisturizing cream like Game Over. For darker areas, select Dark Gel.

Step 5: Night cream completes your process with a rich night cream designed to moisturize the skin and create smooth lines and smooth texture. Do not forget your voice and your heart. Do you have oily skin? Do not skip this step; instead, apply a moisturizing gel that helps control sebum.

Step 6: If facial oil is on the side of cleansing the skin, apply facial oil as a final step in your skin care process. The oil needs more time to penetrate, covering the top and bottom of the skin with a layer of fabric that will last all night.

An Esthetician Explains: The Correct Order For Applying Your Skincare Products

Step 7: Night mask (optional)

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