Private Nursing Schools Sacramento

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If you’ve already earned a bachelor’s degree in another field and want to pursue a career in nursing, SMU’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program may be right for you. The accelerated format is designed to build on your previous academic and professional experience, allowing you to complete your BSN in as little as 12 months.

This short, intensive program includes a blend of theory and clinical education, providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to transition into your new career. Upon graduation, you will be eligible to sit for the National Board of Registered Nurse Licensing Examinations.

Private Nursing Schools Sacramento

Private Nursing Schools Sacramento

The Bachelor of Science Accelerated Program in Nursing Wednesday, July 6, 2022 Financial Aid Summary Webinar – Bachelor of Science in Nursing Accelerator (ABSN) 12:00 PM to 1:00 ONLY

Accelerated Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher according to the requirements listed in the table below. While it is acceptable to have courses planned or in progress at the time of application, it is in the student’s best interest to complete as many courses as possible at the time of application. Without exception, prerequisite courses cannot be taken concurrently with the ABSN program.

Pass/fail courses are a prerequisite for acceptance due to changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these subjects will not be taken into account when calculating the grade point average.

Wondering if you’ve taken the right courses at a local CSU, UC, or community college? Use our new prerequisite course finder to see which courses meet the prerequisite requirements for the ABSN, BSN, and ELMSN programs.

Samuel Merritt University offers prerequisite courses in Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Pharmacology, and Pathophysiology. Courses are taught in the fall, spring and summer and are designed for prospective students. More information can be found on the University Foundation Courses website.

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AP test scores 3, 4, or 5 and IB test scores 5, 6, or 7 may be used to meet prerequisite requirements, but are only accepted if test scores are clearly noted on college transcripts. official.

HESI A2 results must be available at the time you submit your application for admission. You will be asked to self-report your HESI A2 results and upload a copy of the results report to the application.

Preference will be given to applicants who score above 80 percent on each of the following tests: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and General Knowledge, Grammar, Mathematics, Anatomy and Physiology. In addition, applicants must undertake a learning style assessment and personality profile.

Private Nursing Schools Sacramento

Samuel Merritt University safe nursing programs are now accepting TEAS as an alternative to HESI A2 to meet the entrance exam requirements. Candidates should note that the University will not host or conduct TEAS exams at any of its facilities.

Lvn To Adn Bridge Program In California & Idaho

When applying for TEAS, applicants must select the TEAS option in ATI (ATI Protected Internet Remote). Register for TEAS at The minimum recommended exam score for competitive applicants is 80 percent for each section individually and overall. For registration or technical support with TEAS, click here.

Applicants must request that their official transcripts be sent directly to NursCAS from their college or university registrar office. Applicants should follow the instructions provided in NurseCAS and can refer to the SMU Application Process for more details.

These courses are those that have been pre-approved by the School of Nursing to meet the pharmacology requirements. We strongly recommend contacting each school to find out about enrollment requirements and whether courses are offered online, on-campus, phone courses, and more. You can ONLY take the courses listed here. If you are considering taking a course not listed below, you should email the course outline to the Admissions Office at admissions@ and request that it be sent for approval. For questions or concerns, please call the Admissions Office at 510.879.9200. Below is the school name, course number and course name.

These courses are pre-approved by the School of Nursing to meet pathophysiology requirements. We strongly recommend contacting each school to find out about enrollment requirements and whether courses are offered online, on-campus, phone courses, and more. You can ONLY take the courses listed here. If you are considering taking a course not listed below, you should email the course outline to the Admissions Office at admissions@ and request that it be sent for approval. For questions or concerns, please call the Admissions Office at 510.879.9200. Below is the school name, course number and course name.

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There is a tuition calculator that provides a detailed breakdown of annual tuition, all fees for the program, and a cost estimator for the entire program.

Your nursing education at Samuel Merritt University is an important and valuable investment in your future. Not only do you have the opportunity to pursue a rewarding career in healthcare, but Samuel Merritt University graduates have a default rate of less than one percent. This means that students who took out loans to attend Samuel Merritt University have found work in their chosen field that allows them to pay off their loans.

The first step to applying for financial aid at SMU is to submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). ABSN students are eligible for scholarships and student loans. Federal and state grants are not allowed for a second bachelor’s degree.

Private Nursing Schools Sacramento

Your financial aid package at Samuel Merritt University is customized for you. We develop your financial aid package using the guidelines provided by the Department of Education and the estimated cost of each program.

Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

In addition to the cost of tuition, books, and fees, financial aid can also cover other indirect educational costs, so the total cost of attendance includes:

Once you receive your financial aid package, check this budget against your actual cost of living and we can make the necessary adjustments to meet your needs. More information about financial aid.

We understand that the financial aid process can be difficult and overwhelming. We are here to help. A Financial Aid officer can help with budgeting, understand your pricing, and understand the process. SMU staff is always dedicated to all prospective and current students. We have an open door policy and are available by phone or email at Finaid@ or 510-879-9200

The Samuel Merritt University School of Nursing offers an accelerated degree program (ABSN) to applicants with advanced degrees in other fields. The program recognizes each individual’s past learning experiences and achievements and builds on these assets. It provides a mechanism by which graduates with a non-nursing degree can effectively and efficiently switch careers. Because of these basic premises, the curriculum differs from the traditional BSN.

Sunrise School Of Nursing, 3050 Fite Circle, Sacramento, Ca (2022)

The program is designed to be completed in 12 months. The program of study consists of five terms of intensive study at a fast pace. Although the curriculum and format are different from Samuel Merritt’s traditional BSN program, the goals, learning outcomes, and basic concepts are the same.

All admitted students must provide official, stamped transcripts for courses that are still in progress or planned at the time of application and have not been updated in the Learning Update Process through the system. CAS.

Admission must fulfill all course requirements. Official transcripts are required for all universities attended. They must be sent directly to NurseCAS from the issuer’s registrar office:

Private Nursing Schools Sacramento

Criminal background checks and drug screening are required to participate in clinical rotation. To begin background checks and drug screening, visit this website and complete the required process within 30 days. If you have questions about the process, call customer service at (888) 666-7788.

Sacramento State Program Will Smooth Path For Community College Nursing Students

All students are required to have health insurance in effect from the first day of their orientation. You can enroll in one of Samuel Merritt University (SMU) programs or opt out of SMU coverage if you have your own. Apply or apply for a waiver through the tool provided by the Student Wellness and Counseling Center. If you have not received a confirmation email within five days of submission, please contact our insurance consultant, Trish Ivey at (888) 978-8355.

The certificate must be from the American Heart Association and be a Basic Life Support BLS module (must include adults, infants, and children). You can go to any provider for these classes, but the School has a partnership with HeartStart CPR that includes discounts.

Each student must complete Student Health Forms, which list the health requirements for incoming students. Please visit the Student Health Portal to enter your health information and upload all required supporting documents. To avoid enrollment suspension, submit all of your health claims as soon as possible after you are accepted into the program, but no later than 30 days before the program start date. All health information must be submitted online. Documents sent by post, fax or email will not be accepted and your documents will not be returned.

If you have a disability-related reason that prevents you from meeting any of these requirements, please contact the Disability Resource Center at drc@ to schedule a private chat.

Associate Degree In Nursing At Carrington College

Each student must submit a headshot for their ID badge. Instructions and specifications for this photo will be provided once you receive the email/list of student portals admitted.

** Employment data includes only graduates who responded to the SMU Alumni Survey; Employment rates are not necessarily representative of graduates who do not respond to SMU Alumni

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