Ace Masters In Educational Leadership

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2 Table of Contents Mission Statement of American College of Education … 3 Overview of internships and final experience in academic leadership … 3 Experience in academic leadership. , Field experience and / or student teaching … 5 electronic portfolio enrollment … 5 academic leadership department staff … 5 department presidents … 5 assistant department presidents … 6 assistant directors of internships … 6 ACE internships and Faculty Capstone … 6 Academic Leadership Internship Process … 6 Internal Responsibilities … 6 Guide Selection and Approval … 7 Guide Strategy … 7 Internship Activities … 7 Internship and Capstone Component Assessment … 8 Programs Results Results Department of Academic Leadership (2012) … 9 Program Temperament and Key Values ​​Factors Rubrix Degree Requirements EL5113 Academic Leadership Internship Completion Appendix A: Florida Florida Requirements William Cecil Golden School Leadership Development B App O: Texas Texas Requirements Internship Experience D Academic Leadership Signature Evaluation Appendix E: American College of Education Pace Guide, Peer-Review

3 American College of Education Mission Statement The American College of Education aims to provide affordable, online graduate programs that provide evidence-based materials and relevant experiences to improve teachers’ knowledge, skills, and performance. Academic Leadership Internships and Capstone Experience Overview All American College of Education students must complete the Capstone experience in the Academic Leadership Project as part of their program requirements. Academic Leadership Students must complete an administrative internship that will be part of the Capstone experience in academic leadership. Academic Leadership Capstone Academic Leadership Experience Capstone experience in academic leadership provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate and document the impact of scientific research, pedagogy, teaching technology, school effectiveness, supervision, and leadership skills in a variety of P-12 school settings. And the ability gained throughout the academic leadership program. And as a result. The following list serves as a guide for items that students will upload to their electronic portfolio as part of the Capstone Experience in Academic Leadership. This list and suggested expectations may be clarified during the study, but no new requirements will be issued beyond this list: 1. Individual Student Profile (Pre-Program Reflection): Students will create an individual student profile in which their leadership philosophy and module 1 EL5033 Three to five business objectives in / ELX5033. This profile is a mandatory submission to the Taskstream portfolio upon completion of this course. 2. Proof of program results: Students will select three (3) artworks based on the results of each event to submit to the Capstone portfolio for a total of 15 artworks. Artwork is required for signature assessment course assignments (see Appendix D). The rest of the artwork will include completed assignments or course reflections. As the authors of their final portfolio, students will decide which program each artwork will align with the outcome of which program. 3. Reflections on Leadership: Students must read at least six (6) leadership books written by recognized leaders in the field of education and will submit 2-4 pages of scholarly reflections on each book in their final portfolio. Three (3) books are self-selected and the following three (3) books are required to represent the main research: American College of Education, peer-reviewed

Ace Masters In Educational Leadership

Ace Masters In Educational Leadership

4 Goldring, E.B. (2008). Leading with data: Ways to improve your school. San Francisco, CA: Josie-Bass. Marx, G. (2006). Future Leadership: Building Schools, Students and Communities for the Reality of Tomorrow. Alexandria, VA: ASCD. Tschannen-Moran, M. (2004). Credentials: Leadership for successful schools. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. 4. Original Scholarly Contribution to Discipline: Original contribution is a product that demonstrates your influence in the field of academic leadership. Students will make their own choices and present them in the form of a presentation of their choice which they consider to be their most original internship activity and artwork to meet these requirements. Presentation formats are suggested in the EL Internship Evaluation Artifacts: Considering that the internship is a part of the Capstone project, the student completes the internship in the Capstone portfolio by completing the final process and completing the internship verification form in the Electronic Capstone port. As the main requirement of their internship course. 6. Final Capstone Experience in Academic Leadership Paper, with reflections on Leadership Book (post-event reflections): a. Part 1: Your Capstone Experience in Academic Leadership Papers Part 1: Post-Program Reflections Part 1 will include the following components: Five Leaders Program Artwork in the field of academic leadership Leadership Model b Part 2: Reflecting on Leadership Books and reflecting competence in program results All assignment expectations and requirements will be explained in more detail in the electronic portfolio. As a course, documents submitted to the electronic portfolio must comply with APA formatting and style requirements as outlined in the American Psychological Association’s publication manual (6th edition, 2nd printing). The Academic Leadership Internship Internship represents an extended period of guided professional practice during which the Academic Leadership Internship assumes the increasing responsibility of learning P-12 students under the guidance of self-selected and accredited mentors and ACE faculty members. This experience is designed to address the consequences of an educational leadership program through standard-based work in a school setting under the guidance of a school administrator. The campus is expected to provide mentoring and administrative support to the school community in addition to instructional assistance to help enhance student learning and achievement in all activities conducted by interns. Reviewed by American College of Education, peers

Advanced Certificate For Executives In Management, Innovation, And Technology (ace)

5 School-based internship locations, field experience and / or student teaching practice, student teaching and / or field activities are designed to be compatible with the US school system. To ensure adequate supervision and equivalent experience, students must complete all internships, student education, and / or other field experience in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands. Students with special circumstances (such as working in the Department of Defense School) may apply for waiver of clinical experience as explained below. Information is also available in the catalog. Note: The American College of Education does not issue visas or other types of work permits. It is the student’s responsibility to secure all necessary authorization. All admitted students must be eligible to work in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, and must agree to meet all of their requirements. Clinical Experience Exceptions Approval Process Clinical experience is defined as essential experience in a school setting, including field experience, internships, and / or student instruction. In special circumstances students may seek approval to complete their internships, student lectures, and / or field experience outside the jurisdiction listed above. Special circumstances include, but are not limited to, the Department of Defense Schools or US-based international schools. Students cannot enroll in programs with internships, student lectures, and / or other field experience without completing a process or confirmation form. The process begins during registration. After enrollment, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the college of any change in the place of employment by submitting the license test. It is the responsibility of the student to become familiar with the requirements and make the appropriate arrangements to complete the tests required for the state in which they are applying for a license. Electronic Portfolio Enrollment Students will be admitted to the web-based portfolio program Taskstream (in the second course of their program. Taskstream is designed to help students submit and store their final components as well as present their internship experience professionally. For post-graduate use. Academic Leadership Students Taskstream will be responsible for maintaining two (2) separate portfolios, one for Capstone experience in the academic leadership project and one for the internship. Once the internship is properly registered, there will be links to each portfolio. So the suggestions for the internship portfolio will be included in the EL5983 / ELX5983: Academic Leadership internship experience. Note that the internship portfolio will not be available until the student enters the internship (EL 5983 / ELX 5983). The Head of the Head of the Department of Educational Leadership Human Resources is responsible for the direct supervision of the Department of Educational Leadership and oversees all staff and professors assigned to the department. In addition, the American College of Education, reviewed

6 The department head supports ACE faculty members to ensure that all courses and experiences are meaningful to students. The department resolves all raised concerns regarding chair internships and capstones following all established lines of communication and all documentation efforts for reasonable resolution were reviewed. Assistant Department Chairs The Assistant Department Chairs directly support the chair and are available to answer questions or questions about internships and major academic leadership experiences as needed. The Assistant President also supports ACE faculty members to ensure that all courses and experiences are meaningful to all students. Assistant Directors of Internships Associate Directors of Internships are responsible for the overall management of internships and activities. The assistant directors will do

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