Ryder Truck Driving School

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Miami – (Business Wire) – Ryder Systems, Inc. (NYSE: R), a provider of merchant ship management, dedicated transportation and supply chain solutions, embraces the tradition of driver preference with 43 offers.

Annual Driver of the Year Award to three professionals with 128 years and nearly 12 million miles of safe, professional driving experience.

Ryder Truck Driving School

Ryder Truck Driving School

The Driver of the Year award – one of the company’s longest and most prestigious recognition programs – honors drivers who have demonstrated exemplary safety performance, customer service and citizenship throughout their careers. Heroes is selected by a committee after a rigorous review process that includes rider clients, executives, safety specialists and professional drivers. This year’s awards went to Ryder’s Boat Management Solutions (FMS) customer-hired driver and two drivers hired by Ryder – one for Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) and one for Ryder Dedicated Transport Solutions (DTS). for the. Recipients were inducted into the Rider “Driver Hall of Fame” and awarded a cash prize and a specially designed ring and watch.

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Mike Mitchell is the Driver of the Year winner for the Ryder SCS. Ryder SCS drivers are responsible for the timely and efficient delivery of customer products. Mr. Mitchell is a Ryder Ford accountant based in Melville, Michigan. He has run 2 million preventable-collision-free miles with Ryder in 25 years and 3.3 million miles in his 35-year career. Professional driving profession. Mr. Mitchell returns to his community by volunteering as a high school assistant and coaching children through a minor league baseball coach and local golf program.

Tom Bronck is the winning driver of the year for the Ryder DTS. Ryder DTS drivers are responsible for operating specific equipment, managing specific products, operating complex routes and meeting strict service level requirements. The driver has a special responsibility when it comes to representing rider customers, who often wear uniforms with the rider customer logo and drive with the customer brand logo. Mr. Bronck of Do It Best Corp. Is the owner, an international home improvement cooperative with a distribution center in Sexton, Mo. Runs for. He was with Ryder for 17 years, and in his 48 years of driving he has traveled more than 4.5 million miles. Professional. His strong commitment to safety and professionalism has helped him win numerous safety awards and accolades. In addition to being an excellent conductor, Mr. Bronk is active in volunteering at his local church, where he is currently the head of the church and has served as a Sunday school teacher and pastor. She helps with nursing homes, nursing homes, and a variety of other local groups by helping the elderly, washing the yard, and dressing up as Santa. Mr. Bronk is also a veteran of Vietnam who has served in the United States Marine Corps.

Sam Stevens is the winner of Ryder FMS Driver of the Year. Mr. Stevens E.J. Pope & Son, Inc. Located in Mount Olive, NC. Pope Transport Company account he has worked for E.J. Pope and his son have driven 4 million miles without a collision for 25 years, and in their 45-year professional driving. This is unacceptable because he is transporting petroleum to places with extensive loading requirements. Mr. Stevens, driving instructor, E.J. Pope and son and one of their most talented drivers. She finds time to volunteer as a firefighter, teaches Sunday school, sings in church, and participates in a variety of other community activities. Mr. Stevens was a military veteran who proudly served in the United States Marine Corps.

“Professional drivers are the roots of our business and are vital to business flow across the continent,” said Robert Sanchez, Ryder CEO and CEO. “Without our drivers, we, as consumers, do not have easy access to the common goods that we use on a regular basis.” Continues to host its Best Driver of the Year award, which is a testament to their safety and commitment to customer service and a true testament to that as a leader.

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Ryder is a company managing FORTUNE 500® merchant ships, dedicated transportation and supply chain solutions. Ryder shares (NYSE: R) are part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 Index. Ryder has been named one of FORTUNE’s world-renowned companies and is recognized for its industry-leading performance in third-party logistics, eco-friendly ship and supply chain solutions, and worldwide safety and security programs. The company is a proud member of the American Red Cross Disaster Response Program, supporting national and local disaster preparedness and response efforts. For more information, visit www.ryder.com, and follow us on our online newsroom, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Note on Future Vision Statements: Some of the statements and information contained in this news release are “Future Statements” in the sense of the 1995 Federal Private Security Dossier Reform Act. These future vision statements are based on our current plans and expectations. And are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions. Accordingly, these future vision statements must be evaluated in the light of the many risks and uncertainties that may lead to real consequences and events that differ materially from future vision statements, including the risks to our assurances and Presented in periodic files. Exchange Commission. New dangers emerge from time to time. Management cannot predict all of these risk factors or predict the impact of similar risks on our business. Accordingly, we have no obligation to update or revise the statement of future publicity as a result of new information, upcoming events or otherwise. We will buy your truck! Tired of rising oil prices and long waits without pay? Leave these worries behind and be a company driver with Rider, where we have stable cargo transportation and need your help! We’ll even buy your current equipment, because that’s what we do!

The job of a local truck is usually to deliver goods within a radius of 200 miles, which allows the driver to complete his delivery and return home on the same day.

Ryder Truck Driving School

A local driver can usually expect quality home time with family and friends while staying at home on weekends and / or weekends or a combination of both. The job of a local truck is usually to move goods in an area that covers the surrounding area.

Eagle Truck Driving School

Team drivers are usually on the road for at least 1 to 2 weeks, then take two days off, can go out for longer, or get extra time. Established groups are welcome or we can introduce a friend to you. The function of a mass truck is usually to deliver and collect goods across the country.

When you join our Driver Development Program (DDP), we will partner with an experienced driver as your instructor. We provide paid training for local or off-road drivers. Ryder certified driving instructors provide formal professional training in a controlled environment. We offer one-on-one training, which is constantly monitored to ensure the successful completion of your program. This allows DDP drivers to gain knowledge and skills for a successful career with Ryder.

“The driving development program is a wonderful opportunity for people coming out of school to move into a full-time profession with a company in an industry that cares for its employees. I can’t be happier with the program. I have. I have had the support of coaches who have been very helpful and have helped me succeed. “

Know someone who is looking for a good career? We pay our employees a minimum of 500 1,500 per driver referral. It’s easy to send here.

Ryder Honors Top Drivers Of The Year

“From the top of our organization, we are a driver-focused company. They provide our customers with the service we sell and their company and our face. To make sure we reach out to our customers. Providing the best possible service, we focus on supporting our key resources, which are our drivers.They deserve a competitive salary, the latest model equipment that keeps them safe and useful, and the management team that understands their challenges, Recognizes their efforts and supports their aspirations.I am proud to say that Ryder is a company that provides the opportunity to create the best driving cars for the best talents in our industry.

“I really enjoy driving for Ryder because I believe management really cares about my safety. I have been given the tools and resources to serve our customers safely and on time. I am the captain of the boat and it It’s very important to me. Thank you Ryder. “…

“In 2007, I had the opportunity to join the Rider team through the DDP program. I’ve always been grateful for the way I’ve been treated in the training program. Over the years I’ve been slowly getting out of the car. I have gone from driver to supervisor and now to customer logistics manager.I consider Rider a success story for this program because through the DDP program and internal promotions.

Ryder Truck Driving School

“My driver means everything to me because there is no reader without them. Our drivers are the first people.

Ryder System, Inc.

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