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1 Apply Online to Minnesota Note from the Director of Admissions Thank you for your interest in the University of Minnesota Twin Cities! Attached is the Fall 2016 Minnesota State Freshman Admissions Application. We know you’re busy, so we designed the app to save you time: no essay required. You will automatically be considered for an academic scholarship. You will automatically be considered for admission to the university’s honors program. Apply online to Minnesota today! If you have any questions, please contact us or our admissions counselors are here to answer your questions and provide more information about the outstanding academic programs at the University of Minnesota. Be a part of something great at the University of Minnesota! Sincerely, Rachel Hernandez Vice President of Enrollment Management and Director of Admissions Don’t wait: Apply NOW! Fall 2016 Priority Application Deadline: December 15, 2015 Application Review Start: October 2015 Complete applications received by December 15, 2015 will receive priority consideration. Applications submitted after December 15th or late will be considered on a space-available basis for admission and based on scholarship funds. After December 15th, space is limited and admission is competitive. Scholarships are unlikely to be available to students who apply after December 15th. Admissions Office 240 Williamson Hall 231 Pilsbury drive s.e. Minneapolis, MN

Fall 2016 Twin Cities University of Minnesota STATE ADMISSIONS University Scholarship Overview University Honors Program Overview Apply to Minnesota today with your Personal Information Number. First Name, Last Social Security Number (optional) Date of Birth (if optional, 18 or older) Gender (optional) Male Female Your gender is not required and is not used as a form of discrimination. This question complies with the US Department of Education’s gender data collection standards. Month Day Year Contact Information Number and Street City/County Zip Code Cell Phone I authorize the University of Minnesota to send updates via text messaging. (Standard mail will be charged.) Home Phone Other Phone Address Important information about your inquiry will be sent to this address. Specify an address that you regularly check. Race and Ethnicity Providing the following information is voluntary and is not intended to discriminate. These questions follow the US Department of Education’s standards for collecting data on ethnicity and race. ETHNICITY Are you Hispanic or Latino? Yes No RASS Select one or more that apply. American Indian or Alaska Native Indicate that you are enrolled in a federally recognized American Indian tribe to be considered for the scholarship. Yes No Black Asian or African American Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander White Youth Admission policies and deadlines are available on our website: If you have any questions, please visit our website or contact us or

Apply For University Of Minnesota

Apply For University Of Minnesota

3 Residents Are you a US citizen? Yes >> Go through questions A-D. No >> Complete questions A-D. A. Country of Citizenship B. Country of Birth C. I: Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder) Temporary Visa Holder >>>> Current Visa Type (eg F-1, J-1, H-4, L-2) Refugee / political immigrant Note: If you are in the US on a temporary visa, your name on this application and your passport must match. Other D. If you do not currently have an F-1 visa, do you plan to change to an F-1 visa? Yes No Legal Residence Minnesota Specify Other When did you move to this state? Or have lived there all my life Month Year Family Information Do you mostly live with a single parent? Yes No Did either of your parents earn a four-year college or university degree? Yes No Has anyone in your family worked at the University of Minnesota? Yes No If yes, please provide their name and relationship to you. Did any of your family members attend the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities? Yes No If yes, please provide their name and relationship to you. College and Major This program is for the fall semester (Please note: freshman admission is offered for the fall semester only.) Please indicate your intended college below. A list of undergraduate majors is attached. (Note: If you plan to major in two colleges, select a major based on the college of interest.) Major College Offers Biological Sciences Design and Human Development Education Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Humanities Administration (Carlson School) Science and Engineering If you have If you have any other interest, please list it here. College Biological Sciences Design Education and Human Development Food, Agricultural Sciences, and Natural Resource Management Liberal Arts (Carlson School) Future Plans Science and Engineering (optional) Do your future plans include obtaining any graduate or professional degrees? Yes Maybe If not currently, please indicate your interest(s) below. Architecture Audiology Dental Hygiene* Dental Education (Licensure) Graduate School (Master’s or Doctorate) Landscape Architecture Law Master of Business Administration (MBA) *This professional program can be completed as a four-year associate degree. **Medical Laboratory Sciences (formerly Clinical Sciences) Medical Laboratory Sciences** Medicine (MD) Mortuary Science* Nursing* Occupational Therapy Pharmacy Physical Therapy Public Health Veterinary 2

University Of Minnesota Twin Cities

4 Education Level Is English your mother tongue? Yes No How many years did you study in school? School(s) List all high schools you have attended, starting with the most recent. (Note: If you graduate in Spring 2016, please include an additional sheet detailing what you have done since high school and what you plan to do by the start of the fall semester.) Purpose/Exact School Name High City/State From (mm/yy) to (mm/yy) Date of Graduation College(s) List of all universities (including U of M) or colleges where you took or are taking courses during high school, including PSEO and College in Schools (CIS) . (Note: If you have attended or attended a college, university, or other school since high school, you are considered a transfer student. Another application is required. Contact Admissions. Credits Completed College/University City Name /Number of Credits (mm/year) From /yy) List all high school or college courses completed or expected to be completed during your senior year of high school (Example: AP Calculus, History, IB Higher) Literature Level, English, French, Economics, Group Any in the table below Any changes to the course title must be reported to the Admissions Office.Participation AVID National Merit Semifinalist Project Leader The Way College May St. Paul MEP FIRST Robotics UMTYMP Achievement National Achievement TRIO PROGRAM Learning Centers Opportunity Program Gear Talent Search Top Up 3

5 Special circumstances and additional information (optional) If you have personal or additional information that you would like the admissions committee to consider during the comprehensive review of your application, please share this information below. (Maximum 4,000 characters.) Activities and Awards If you have an abstract of an activity, please submit it instead of this section. If you do this, make sure all additional forms are marked with your full name. SCHOOL SPONSORED EVENTS. Clubs, music, student government and more. list school-sponsored activities such as If necessary, attach an additional sheet. Activities Involved Grades 9th 10th 11th 12th Leadership Position(s) and Year Involved EXTRA-CLASS ACTIVITIES Community Service, Volunteer Service, Scouting, 4-H, FFA, etc. List any extracurricular activities you participate in, such as If necessary, attach an additional sheet. Grades Attended Name of Event 9th 10th 11th 12th Leadership Position(s) and Academic Year Attended OTHER TALENTS, HONORS, ACHIEVEMENTS, AWARDS OR SERVICES List or refer to any talents, titles, achievements, awards show inconsistent behavior. top If necessary, attach an additional sheet. 4

6 Work Experience Work experience is an area in which candidates can demonstrate significant leadership and/or responsibility in their family, community, work or service. This information will be taken into account as part of our additional factors when carefully reviewing your application. Share any and all work experience in this section. Occupation City/State (mm/yy) From (mm/yy) Job Title Hours/Week Military Service Are you currently or have you ever served in the US Army? Yes No (The University’s Office of Veterans Affairs will send the information necessary to receive veterans benefits to admitted students.) Are you a US military member currently stationed overseas? Yes No (US military personnel currently deployed overseas do not need to pay an application fee. We will contact you to obtain a copy of your deployment documents.) Additional Required Information The University of Minnesota is committed to providing and supporting an academic environment. education. with safety, respect and integrity. As part of this commitment, the University requires undergraduate applicants to provide information about their conduct. Applicants who report academic dishonesty, criminal convictions or criminal records will never

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