New Software Update For Android

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If you recently purchased an Android phone, it is likely that at some point you will be asked to install a security update or two. You may find that these updates generally do not contribute much to the new functionality. Instead, they are smaller in size – about a few hundred megabytes or so. In particular, they are also free to update to larger version updates (such as Android 12) that bring a whole bunch of new features.

No matter how infinite they may seem, security updates are clearly important. As you would expect, exposing your personal device to potential data leaks and malicious attacks is not ideal.

New Software Update For Android

New Software Update For Android

So in this article, let’s take a quick look at what are the major security updates, how they work, and when you should expect the next one to come to your Android smartphone.

How To Check For Updates On Your Android Phone

The basic Android operating system, or AOSP, is open source. This means that Google maintains and maintains the project, but any third party may voluntarily review the code, submit the proposal, and modify it for its own use. This is because Samsung phones run many other software such as Xiaomi or OnePlus devices. In short, developers make their own features based on Google.

Why is this important? Well, every now and then, security researchers discover new bugs and weaknesses in the Android operating system and submit a release report to Google. Once the problem has been identified, Google generates a patch and integrates the updated code with the open source Android project.

However, it is not possible to roll out new software updates for every loss. Most beetles and protective snails are very small and may not directly affect the vast majority of people. In addition, researchers generally do not exploit are publicly identified unless a patch is released. This is known as responsible publishing.

For this purpose, many patches are usually collected in a single large package that reaches your smartphone in the form of a security update. Google has been alerting device manufacturers recently about these impressive fixes, so they are all trying to release an update at the same time. In fact, however, most Android users do not get an update every month, as we will discuss in the next section.

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In addition to the basic Android operating system, exploits and vulnerabilities can occur in other different areas as well. Take your smartphone chip set or display, for example, which may have been manufactured by a third party company such as Qualcomm, Mediatek or Samsung.

These segments interact with the Android operating system through a proprietary code, where similar exploits can be detected over time. Therefore, it is important that they also get the usual safety patches from their respective manufacturers.

Once patches are ready, however, it’s up to the device (and carrier) of your device to deliver them to your device. Some new smartphones get updated every month, others just get a new patch every quarter. As part of the Google Mobile Services Agreement, however, most manufacturers must provide a security update, at least for the first two years of the device’s life cycle.

New Software Update For Android

Generally, Google releases two “levels” of security updates every month: one ends at 01% and the other at 05%. The former contains solutions for all AOSP related issues, while the patch level ending in 05 fixes issues with third parties. -Party components and property code. Each month, Google also publishes a Security Bulletin that describes the content of patched threats on the Android website.

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Take the October 2021 Security Bulletin, which includes dozens of patches. Each one has been identified by identifying a common weakness and manifestation (CVE) and categorized according to their severity. The page also details how each of the vulnerabilities may affect Android devices. For example, an RCE, or remote exploit of code execution, may allow an attacker to execute malicious commands on the device.

While this information is invaluable for public transparency, most users do not need to know the details. And most devices will have even more weaknesses that are specific to the device or manufacturer in nature. In other words, you do not know the exact details of all patches that are included in a particular month’s security update.

It is worth noting that most security patches do not include feature updates or changes to the device’s overall user experience. They come in the form of regular software updates every year, such as jumping to Android 12. However, most manufacturers take extra time to roll out kernel updates to their devices. That said, some manufacturers have timed minor bug fixes and bug fixes into their security updates.

Device OEMs such as Samsung, Nokia, and even Google are developing their own version of the monthly security patch. This is because they either have to add faxes for specific device-specific exploits or exclude some patches that do not affect their device. You can usually find updated notes on the manufacturers’ respective websites for this page.

How To Update The Os On An Android Or Samsung Phone Or Tablet

New phones running Android 10 or later are also able to receive critical security updates through the Play Store. The following is the project mainline – a Google-led initiative that has moderated the Android operating system to facilitate the upgrade. It basically allows different parts of the operating system to get updates through the Play Store, plus full firmware updates from the device manufacturer.

Because both delivery methods are independent of each other, your phone may display two different patch dates. Correct details are usually found under Settings> About Phone> Android Version, as above. The idea behind the two update channels is to allow older devices to achieve more delicate patches through the Play Store. This is especially important when a major exploit like Stage Freight comes up again.

When you go back to regular security updates from Android manufacturers, you can usually expect to get them for a few years – more than feature updates. Take for example the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It gets Android 9 – its last major feature update – in February 2019, almost two years after the phone’s launch. However, it has received more quarterly security updates by mid-2021.

New Software Update For Android

Starting with the Pixel 6 Series, Google promises to provide security updates for five years – two years more than the three-year commitment for Android version updates. Samsung, the world’s largest Android OEM, offers four-year security updates to all its devices, which will be released after 2019. Other brands, including Xiaomi, Nokia, and OnePlus, do not offer the same level of consistency across their product portfolio. However, most of them promise at least two years of security updates these days.

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In terms of frequency, newer and higher-profile devices like the Samsung Galaxy S21 often get patches – once every month or two. Spectrum front-end devices (read: low-cost smartphones and tablets) are probably the least preferred in the manufacturer’s update cycle. However, an update should be available once every few months.

It is important to note that these timelines are only the creator’s promise and may change at any time. Over the years, this is why wearable devices reach their end-of-life expectations faster. Others have gone years far beyond the original promise to get security and feature updates. Needless to say, if the safety of your device is an important factor for you, consider the brands that have a good record with updates for your next smartphone purchase. Android is one of the most popular operating systems for today’s weapons devices. Available on many platforms such as smartphones, tablets, and even some smart home devices, the operating system is versatile and quite user friendly.

As with all software, you need to check for regular updates. Developers periodically release updates to provide users with new features, patch security holes, and fix bugs.

In this article, we will show you how to check for updates on your Android device. Although the manufacturers can vary, the instructions are the same on almost all devices. Let’s get it right!

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It’s very easy to check the software version of your device. Whether you are using an Android tablet, a Samsung Galaxy, an LG smartphone or something, you can follow these instructions.

Your device will start checking for updates. If your device is already up-to-date or not available, it simply says “The current software is up to date.”

Helpful Tip: If you do not see the Software Update option as listed above, use the search bar in the Device Settings. Go to ‘Software’ and select the appropriate option that appears.

New Software Update For Android

That’s all! These instructions will help you to check for software updates on most Android devices. If an update is available, just tap on the option to run the update.

What Are Android Security Updates, And Why Do They Matter?

In the above screenshots we are using Android 11, the latest version of the software, in March 2021. The Android interface hasn’t changed much in recent years, but what if you use an older version?

If you know what version you are currently using, the steps above will not tell you. But finding your version of software is very easy!

Even the latest version of Android today

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