Flying Blue Miles Redemption

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In 2004, Air France and KLM Royal Dutch merged to form the Air France-KLM Group. One of the products of this blend is the aircraft’s joint loyalty program: Flying Blue It quickly became one of the most popular airline loyalty programs due to its credit card transfer partners, lucrative promotional prices and a large list of earning and exemption partners.

Flying Blue Miles Redemption

Flying Blue Miles Redemption

All of these flying blues make it a very attractive program for many travelers, especially those of us who focus on earning transferable points. But if you’m new to the program, it can be a little intimidating – especially given its unexpected moving rewards pricing. You are not alone, because today I will take you through the ins and outs of the Flying Blue program.

How To Book Air France/klm Flying Blue Awards

I’ll give you a preview of the loyalty program and then continue to earn and unlock the Flying Blue Mile. Let’s get started!

Flying Blue has previously been said to be a joint loyalty program of Air France and KLM, but they are not the only carriers using Flying Blue as their default loyalty program. In fact, many airlines inside and outside Europe use this program for mileage earnings and aristocratic status. Here’s a look at all the airlines that use it:

So if you are a Flying Blue member and flying one of these airlines, you can add your Flying Blue member number to Myle, Experience Points (XP) for qualifying status. Once you get to the point, you will be able to take advantage of these airlines and take advantage of each other’s airline benefits.

But just because these airlines use Flying Blue as their default program, does not mean you can not earn Flying Blue Mile with other airlines. I will dig deeper into the next section, but since most of these airlines are on the common platform, you will be able to earn flying blue miles with all SkyTime Airlines and non-affiliated partners.

A Beginner’s Guide To Flying Blue Miles

Like many airlines, Flying Blue often gives its flyer the status quo. Airlines now offer three different levels of accounting: silver, gold and platinum. Each of these offers a variety of benefits, and while not as lucrative as many American airlines, these benefits are useful to those who regularly do European Flyers or Air France or KLM.

The Silver Flying Blue is the lowest level of the aristocratic situation, but it does include some great benefits that a change for regular commuters can bring. Benefits include free standard seat choice, priority check-in and boarding and other Skateboard Elite facilities. The most notable SkyTime Elite feature is a free booked bag on all Flying Blue and SkyTom Partner aircraft.

Gold, on the other hand, includes more premium benefits With this status quo, you and a guest can access the SkyTime Lunch while flying on an international flight operated by Flying Blue or SkyTime Airlines and on a flight that operated by China South Airways or Virgin Atlantic. In the same way, you are eligible for SkyBirth Board, Fast Track Immigration and more for the SkyTime Elite Plus facility.

Flying Blue Miles Redemption

Like Silver, you get a choice of free standard seats, but you earn a 50% discount on your favorite seats and delta comfort +. Not as good as the gratiss, you may find that the long-distance economy renewal is worthy where you would otherwise be trapped in a narrow economic chair.

Sweet Spot Sunday: Fly To U.s. To Europe, North Africa In Economy With Flying Blue

Another interesting advantage is the free access to the Le Bus direct route between Paris (CDG) and the Paris-Orly (ORY). When your trip requires transportation between the two airports, and it can save you 12 euros (~ $ 13.15) on a one-way ticket.

Finally, Gold (and higher) Flying Blue members can book Air France La Premiere first class using your Flying Blue Mile. The award is limited to Flying Blue Gold and Platinum members, and although they come at a high price, they are one of the best first-class products in the premium market. Flights from Europe to North America, Asia or Africa cost more than $ 10,10,000, so to be able to book with miles, make another available ticket available for many pamphlets.

The Flying Blue top-level platinum casing contains all the golden benefits we mentioned earlier, but enhances some of the benefits and adds to the sweetness of the deal. Platinum members can get free economy comfort and extra legroom on all Skyatem flights and get Delta comfort + seats for free.

You can qualify for the Flying Blue archery position by earning experience points (XP). Each phase requires a certain number of these points, and you can earn it through flight and credit card expenses. All Flying Blue (except Transylvania) and Skateem partners are eligible for XP earnings, and some non-affiliate partners like Kantas.

The Ultimate Guide To Earning And Redeeming With Air France/klm Flying Blue

The graph above shows how much XP it takes to get each arithmetic status level. Within a year of earning your first XP, you should reach that number of XPs. Reset XP counter. The current Flying Blue elite will be able to earn enough XP to maintain or upgrade their status within a year and qualify again.

XP earnings are surprisingly simple, but it’s not without its speed – I posted a copy of it. You can see that you earn XP based on the distance level and the flight service class, and miles are earned regardless of your ticket rental class. This means that a discount economy ticket earns the same XP as a full rental economy ticket.

Pretty easy, right? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. According to the price tag, the 211-mile flight from Paris (CDG) to London (LHR) will soon earn 5 XP in economy class or 15 XP in business class.

Flying Blue Miles Redemption

But when it comes to an existence in a big country like the United States or Canada, things get weird. The 2,994 mile flight from Salt Lake City (SLC) to Hanolulu (HNL) will earn 2 XP in the flight category – according to the chart above – it is a domestic aircraft. So if you often fly in the United States or Hawaii and follow a squat position, it is in your best interest to recognize your mileage elsewhere.

Redeeming Points And Miles For Air France Or Klm Business Class

In fact, it is considered international, so the 214 miles between Detroit (DTW) and Toronto (YYZ) will earn 5 XP in economy class. You can earn XP on these routes while flying high-quality, Delta or WestJet flights, so there are plenty of opportunities for United States-based flying Blue Abhijit to replenish their XP balance.

Another interesting aspect of Flying Blue is that you earn points based on sections. So if you fly to New York (JFK) via Amsterdam (AMS) in KLM in business class, you will earn 15 XP for FRS from AMA and 30 XP for 3,643-mile AMS from JFK. This equates to a total of 45 XP for a one-way trip to the department, giving you about half the silver position.

This may come as a surprise to some, but Flying Blue has a US-branded credit card with the Bank of America. I will go deeper into the Air France KLM World Elite MasterCard in the next section, but one of its notable benefits is the ability to earn XP through credit card spending.

You will earn 60 XP per bundle when you are approved for the card and 20 XP per year that you will pay the card annually. In addition, if you spend at least $ 15,000 a year on card members, you can earn an extra 40 XP a year on your account.

Capital One Miles To Flying Blue: 20% Transfer Bonus

This means you can earn without stepping on more than half of the XP planes required for the Silver position each year. This is very much for Flyers based in the United States, who want to get the Flying Blue status and one of the most generous benefits for allied status of all airline credit cards that are co-branded. Granted, its usability for most US-based flyers is minimal

With the combination of Air France’s KLM World Elite MasterCard and XP earned with Flying, United States Flyers can easily earn Flying Blue status. If silver is your goal, you can just apply for a card and you can take a short short trip to Canada twice to get the situation settled quickly.

On the other hand, gold or platinum will do a little more work Gold requires 180 XP With a co-branded credit card you can store it up to 120XP and earn it through a combination of short-distance international hop and aircraft in Europe.

Flying Blue Miles Redemption

For example, the remaining 120 XP can be obtained from the United States to Canada with two 60 XP round-trip business class flights, one return economy flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Paris (CDG).

Transfer Chase Points To Flying Blue With 25% Bonus

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