Nyu Early Childhood Education Masters

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Prepare a bachelor’s degree for two teachers in New York State as you study the core subjects of math, social studies, science, and language arts, with a focus on how children learn at different stages of development. You will be ready to teach in general education or special education settings, as well as early intervention, home, kindergarten, and other infant / toddler programs.

It combines the core of liberal arts in areas such as history, literature, science, and math with courses in human development, educational foundations, and inquiry-based learning to ensure you have a solid foundation of learning:

Nyu Early Childhood Education Masters

Nyu Early Childhood Education Masters

This is a city-based program designed to teach the core content of the elementary curriculum subjects (math, science, social studies, and language arts). Through fieldwork for all different childhood age groups in education and community-based settings both in general education and special education, you will learn to create and change an environment that allows each child to reach his or her full potential.

Ma, Early Childhood Education And Special Education, Birth–grade 2, Initial Certification

Knowledgeable adults can conduct direct research on educational research, working closely with teachers in developing research questions, selecting and implementing appropriate methods, etc.

You will have the unique opportunity to learn about human development in London, UK or Accra, Ghana, including weekly observations of schools and classrooms to learn first hand in the local environment. This course often includes three art choices for an unforgettable semester-long experience. You can also take the NYU outdoor semester to many other outdoor courses.

This dual certification program provides New York State’s early childhood qualification for early childhood education and early childhood special education (birth grade 2). After graduation, you will be offered a variety of jobs including:

If you have further questions about our certification, please feel free to contact Mark Alter Program Director Mark.alter@nyu.edu for Special Education and Erin O’Connor eoc2@nyu.edu for Early Childhood Education. This program is a one-year residency and Masters in Teaching (MAT) program that prepares you to teach elementary students of all kinds and learning needs. All resident teachers are entitled to some level of compensation and financial support. In addition, it is possible to get support or rent, depending on where you live.

Ma, Childhood Education, Grades 1–6, Initial Certification

Residential Teaching at NYU prepares you for classroom reality through challenging coursework, hands-on practice, and culturally responsive instruction. You will have the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of how to serve all students, including emerging bilinguals and students with disabilities, in the core area.

Our curriculum is designed to be similar to what you do in class. You will meet one unit at a time as you study with the close support of your teacher counselor and gradually increase your classroom responsibilities.

When it comes time to lead your class, you will gain the confidence and practical foundation to meet the needs of each student as you build a student community and connect with families and the local community.

Nyu Early Childhood Education Masters

One of our partner schools must participate in residential training. Currently, only five out of ten charter school residences in NYC offer MAT in Early Childhood Education.

Ma, Early Childhood Special Education, Birth–grade 2, Professional Certification

For the Inclusive Education Certificate, your support team will include a primary and secondary education counselor and staff at the residential school, the local director and their school counterparts, as well as two NYU module teachers who will teach you together .

With the help of Zoom and Canvas interactive tools, you can meet online teachers and friends twice a week. When you collaborate and build meaningful relationships in this learning community, you can share your challenges and get useful advice. A third-party interactive video tool called Torsh helps you reflect on your progress, identify areas where you need extra support, and celebrate your successes.

During the year of residency, she facilitates a Participatory Research Project (PAR) project with her and her students. Previous PARs have focused on a variety of issues, from school culture and bullying policies to efforts to make math more interesting and engaging. This project provides an opportunity to develop collaborative relationships in the student community, one of the most important skills you will learn in your role as a teacher.

Accommodation with an Inclusive Kindergarten Teacher is an elementary school teacher training program. Course work and field work lead to New York State initial certification of early childhood education and early childhood special education for grades 1-6.

Mat, Inclusive Childhood Education: Teacher Residency (initial Certification)

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