Become Juvenile Probation Officer

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My son K___ is almost 16 years old. In 2016, the month of October. he has been diagnosed with bipolar, adhd, and odd. Shortly after we got the medicine we had to call the police to help him. We had to take him to the ER where he was transferred to a psychiatric hospital. They later sent him to a state hospital for mood stabilization and medication.

They released it last September. He was not following his treatment plan and was disturbing others. We contacted State Att. office to see what we can do. We were afraid of him. He killed himself and killed himself. We were encouraged to submit a CHINS (children in need of care) petition. The last 1 1/2 yrs. he was placed on probation. Not “breaking” the law, but not succeeding either.

Become Juvenile Probation Officer

Become Juvenile Probation Officer

We were referred to a company consultant (in addition to a private consultant). Recently my son was caught smoking, which of course is a violation of his probation. We will be going to court soon (November 5th) to revoke parole. His probation officer recommends DOC … boot camp.

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There seems to be something missing in this whole process… Like the resources to get him the help he really needs. His PO is so frustrated that he tells K___ NOT to do something and he DOES. Doesn’t it seem like the money would be better spent giving children who fall into the category of mental illness something instead of seeking punitive consequences?

I live in South Dakota…I don’t know if there is anyone in other states that recognizes that these kids need help…just in a different way. Hopefully the judge will look at foster care and not Boot Camp. What are your thoughts on this? How can I help change the system?

We have been to court and will be going to a disposition hearing again…by which time we will have the results of the latest Psychological evaluation. What are the statistics on children coming in and out of DOC?

Your son can’t do anything about his genetics (bipolar has a strong genetic link, so someone in your family probably has bipolar or had, like a great-grandfather).

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He cannot do anything about his environment (i.e. parental influence in his nuclear family). I don’t blame you, but I have something to say, so don’t misunderstand:

I work with parents who are in the same boat as you. And these parents have been over-entertaining their children for years (basically the entire life of the child) and unfortunately, they are now reaping the consequences of their over-insistent parenting style.

But your son can do something about his personal choices. And he simply has not yet learned to choose better. As you may have read in my e-mail book, he is (due to overindulgence) emotionally more like a 9-year-old, even though chronologically he is 16. So, think about this:

Become Juvenile Probation Officer

A “normal” child (whatever that means) matures around age 21 (around this age the brain is fully developed). Since your son is about 9 years old (again, I’m assuming he’s been over-dedicated most of his life, which may or may not be the case), he likely won’t be fully emotionally developed. another 10-12 years. I don’t want to shock you, but that means he’ll be around 26-28 years old before he gets to the point where he can make “adult” choices.

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DOC has its pros and cons (too many pros and cons to list here). The main advantage is that the DOC environment will help it mature. The downside is that he’s likely to become a “criminally minded” person (weird example: if you hang around “dirty people” long enough, it won’t be long before you’re dirty).

There are dozens of studies on this topic. One study aimed to evaluate the practical effects of alternative programs for juvenile offenders, which have been popularized over the past decade as a way to reform rather than punish juvenile offenders. To the surprise and dismay of many, most alternative programs did not reduce recidivism, and in fact, those who participated in alternative programs had higher rates of recidivism.

This particular study compared the recidivism rates of 600 juveniles convicted in 1994 and 1999. Offenders who completed alternative programs in 1999 were found to be more likely to reoffend upon release than offenders who were in the juvenile justice system in 1994. , before alternative programs are started.

Juveniles were compared every 6, 12 and 18 months after release, and those who in 1999 participated in alternative programs had higher recidivism rates.

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Another major finding of the report was the failure of current programs to help juveniles with substance abuse, negative peer pressure, and the needs of dysfunctional families. The study selected 22 of 100 alternative programs and found that only two were able to significantly reduce juvenile recidivism. Of the 22 programs studied, 4 are administered by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the other by the Legal Aid Services Division of the Judicial Division. The recommendations focused on the need to increase parental accountability in court and expand care services for minors when they return to society (which is what I do in my day job; I provide care services for children returning home after giving birth). work for DOC).

I know it seems like there is no hope here. However, if parents dig in and stick to my email. strategies in the book, they will greatly increase the likelihood that the “maturity process” will be accelerated (that is, their child’s emotional age will sooner or later approach his chronological age). Regardless, you’re going to have to play catch-up for a while.

Be patient with the process. If you smoke for 16 years, you wouldn’t expect your lungs to heal overnight. It will also take some time for your son to recover from the “bad choice” story.

Become Juvenile Probation Officer

I appreciate your email. a letter. We cannot check our excessive indulgence towards our son. After all, he is an only child (maybe that explains a lot???). I’ve always thought we were a bit stingy…after all, we never rushed out to buy him the latest…anything. But he never lacked anything either.

Living The Dream Of A Juvenile Probation Officer Free Essay Example

You mentioned that maybe it felt like there wasn’t much hope. In fact, I think this is a very hopeful situation. There are two things out of three that we CAN do something about…provided he cooperates in making better choices and we don’t let go of the power of prayer. I mentioned all this to our pastor’s wife (a very close friend of mine) and she said, “He’s an only child.” So from here on out, we’re going to try to do something different so he can be different…and while he’ll likely end up in DOC custody, I hope THERE he’ll find the tools he needs to make it better. choices.

I have a lot of respect for those in authority over us, and even though we don’t have a reliable system, I believe God will use this time in K___’s life to change him. And in that time we will change.

Thanks again for taking the time to chat about this. I’m sure you work hard and maintain the site and all the answers. I pray God bless you through it too! Probation officers often hide in the community and can be a little mysterious – you know they’re there but no one has a clue what they do.

Probation officers exercise the authority of the court over persons on probation. Court orders are called probation conditions, and the probation officer must ensure that defendants comply with their conditions.

How Can Juvenile Probation Help At Risk Youth?

Probation officers are the “eyes and ears” of the court. They monitor and attempt to change behavior by encouraging positive behavior, reducing negative behavior with sanctions, and reporting their findings to the court. Probation officers are directly accountable to the judge for their actions and decisions along with their clients.

In this June 20, 2017 photo, Scott Tubb examines one of the 140 cases he handles in Baton Rouge, La. Tubbs is Baton Rouge’s only mental health professional. (AP Photo/R.J. Rico)

Probation officers are said to wear many hats. Their main objective is to facilitate the transformation of the accused to become productive members of society. Officers assess the need for their services, make appropriate referrals, monitor progress and impose sanctions where appropriate. They are social workers, counselors, judges, educators, and law enforcement officers, all in equal positions.

Become Juvenile Probation Officer

One of their most important responsibilities is to promote public safety. If the defendant constantly fails to fulfill the requirements or raises a

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