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The Kent Denver School recently made national news after two former teachers, Jonathan and Diana Toebbe, were charged with espionage. But we think managers are happier about another development. Kent Denver was voted Colorado’s Best Private High School.

New listing of niche grading services for the 2021-2022 school year provides separate timetables for the state’s public and private high schools, with indicators focused on five main subject areas: Academics, Diversity, Teaching, College Preparation, and Clubs/Activities do. . It also includes points for public health and safety and sports for private institutions.

Private Schools In Boulder Co

Private Schools In Boulder Co

The niche ranking, which is in its 8th year this year, surveyed 94,491 public schools, 2,489 private schools, and 11,846 school districts nationwide in 2021. For example, Kent Denver is listed as the 143rd best private high school in the United States (out of a total of 4,290). But it outnumbered all of Colorado’s private competitors, and Cherry Creek High School won the gold medal among public high schools.

Boulder, Co Private High School

Speaking of gold, paying for a Kent-Denver education with annual tuition exceeding $32,000 is beyond most parents’ ability. And Niche found that only about 24% of students get financial aid. Additionally, prospective students must move out of Colorado’s metropolitan area if they want to experience what Niche considers one of the most elite educational opportunities in the state. The best schools in both public and private categories are all in Metro Denver or Colorado Springs.

Continue to check out our niche selection of Colorado’s Top 5 Public and Top 5 Private High Schools, with grade and educational information in key categories. For more information about each school, click the link in the topic.

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Colorado Best Public And Private High Schools 2022 Update

By using this website you signify your acceptance of our Terms of Use, Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy, and you may obtain part of a sale on products and services purchased from our affiliate partners through links on our website. © 2022 Denver, LLC. All rights reserved. September School is a private high school and middle school located in Boulder, Colorado, a leader in relationship-based education. We are here for you and above all for your children.

Students learn what they need to succeed academically. We provide accommodation to any student who explores a learning style and finds it useful. Students with learning differences all learn together. Every day we see young people discovering strengths and passions.

We view each student as a holistic individual and value social and emotional growth and academic achievement. Teenagers develop important life skills such as self-advocacy, conflict resolution, stress management, and empathy. Human development, cognition, group dynamics, and yoga classes along with math, science, English and social studies develop a well-rounded individual.

Private Schools In Boulder Co

September School was founded with the belief that teenagers learn better in their community. Our students work together to make our school community a safe place for all. All are committed to complying with the Community Membership Agreement to: take responsibility; Be polite. And challenge yourself. When someone breaks boundaries, we use restorative justice frameworks to model empathy and restore relationships.

Best Private High Schools In Boulder County, Co

Every week we gather from the whole community to make decisions, solve problems, and celebrate each other’s successes. We travel together, cook together, and create art together. Students learn together in mixed grade classes and work with teachers on independent honors projects.

Our curriculum centers around the voices of underserved communities, enabling students to grow beyond the “bubbles” of their own experiences. We learn history from different perspectives and celebrate diversity. We offer a diverse learning style and a community that includes people with learning disabilities and welcomes heterosexual, LGBTQ and trans students of all races.

Our students make real connections with what they learn through internships, fieldwork and travel. Classes are held weekly, hiking trails near campus, exploring Boulder Creek, and art picnics to paint nature. Students do internships at local nonprofit organizations, organic farms, and local Boulder businesses.

Each year, we take three trips with our students to build communities, increase independence, and bring wonders to the world. Students help build routes, make reservations, and plan meals. Recent destinations include Costa Rica, Chicago, Montreal, the badlands of South Dakota, backpacking in Colorado, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Puerto Rico.

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September School’s teachers model lifelong learning by sharing interests, experiences and adventures with students. For example, our science teacher is an avid photographer and teaches photography in addition to physics. Our social studies teachers share our beliefs as staff supporters of the Jewish Cultural Club. Students can attend the opening ceremony of the art teacher exhibition in the gallery and imagine their future as creative people.

Ready to learn more? If you think September is a good school for your teen, please call (303) 443-9933 to visit and learn more. Dawson School Photo – Every fall, the entire high school goes on a field trip to various locations across the state. Students learn camping skills, rafting, leadership, team building, and engage in community service.

Adventure Montessori Learning Photo – All Montessori caregivers pay attention to each baby’s individual needs and are highly trained in observation skills and child development. Our Nidorum is also a parenting community in that parents are supported and parenting skills and education are provided. The breastfeeding room is great for feeding or just cuddling at an auspicious time of the day. Our caregivers support and work with the entire family.

Private Schools In Boulder Co

Desiderata School Photo – Students can complete independent learning tasks in a variety of facilities with the supervision and assistance of an adult instructor. These students work for the Tutoring Club in Longmont during the 2010-2011 school year.

Watershed School: Progressive 6 12 Independent School In Boulder, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Christian Academy Photo – RMCA provides classical and Christian education to students in grades K-8. Our faith-based curriculum provides students with an education that exceeds the expectations of any acceleration program in the area. RMCA teachers work with parents to create communities in which Jesus Christ is exalted, parents are respected, students are respected, and teachers are respected.

Mountain Shadows Montessori School Photos – Photos of the Performing Arts Center and Gym. Used for LO classes, plays, parenting nights and more!

Goddard School Photos – At Goddard School, kids find learning is fun. It establishes the prospect of serving for a lifetime!

If you’ve started thinking about sending your children to private schools, you probably have a lot of questions. Here are answers to more common questions.

Alexander Dawson School (lafayette, Colorado)

Why is welcoming students so important? Because it makes freshmen and their families feel like they are part of the school community from day one. Read more about this valuable marketing tool here.

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