Early Childhood Education Online Degree

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The Early Learning and Care program was developed for child care workers who progress from the QQI ECCE Level 6 Main Awards (6M2007) to prepare you to play a professional and leadership role in delivering ELC.

Early Childhood Education Online Degree

Early Childhood Education Online Degree

This can be a formal leadership position or a mentoring, training and support role in the workplace. As part of your preparation, you will gain a clear understanding of how children grow and learn and of the interaction between learning and development.

Early Childhood Education Degree Online

You will recognize the important role of play in learning and development and apply it critically and thoughtfully to planning, conducting and evaluating activities for young children. Observing children and analyzing your observations will allow you to create an appropriate learning environment for each child, taking into account their stage of development, their interests and their needs.

Recent government initiatives, in the “Top 5” example, point to predictors of growth and market demand, so Ireland aims to have at least 50% of its workforce (i.e. all house managers, assistants and managers) who work directly in Work with Children in a center-based ELC environment and babysitting support coordinators to possess appropriate graduate level qualifications.

This course was developed for the explicit needs of child care workers who already hold an accredited NFQ Level 5 or 6 and wish to upgrade their qualifications to support their continued employment and workplace.

Our two-year online BA in Early Learning and Nursing is designed and organized to enable you to develop your skills logically and progressively over a 2 year period.

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A professional practice internship is a requirement at all stages of the program, with 35% of the program assigned to internships. Internships are organized at TUSLA registered early childhood institutions.

Building on a foundation of skills, knowledge and attributes, it enables you to continually expand your skills to become a competent early learning and care professional and industry leader. In addition, we support you throughout the program in enhancing your potential to expand the range of knowledge and skills. The program objectives consider a three-step learning approach based on admission prerequisites, as follows;

Successful completion of the QQI Level 5 and 6 Early Childhood Care and Education Professional Award (prerequisite for entry): You will gain knowledge and understanding of key theoretical concepts and areas of expertise observed in practice while registering for supervised practice of a personal teacher. The Open College offers early childhood care and vocational education awards for grades 5 and 6 so that students can progress.

Early Childhood Education Online Degree

Year 1: You will be responsible for applying and implementing the knowledge acquired, understanding your personal level of skills, knowledge and competences. This is done as part of a larger team under the supervision of a registered professional.

Early Childhood Education Associates Degree Online

Year 2: By demonstrating higher-level skills relevant to each area of ​​expertise, you will begin to become an independent thoughtful professional and leader.

Our online early learning and nursing programs will be delivered entirely online through a combination of appropriate online teaching and learning activities.

Live online lessons, lectures, events and discussions (individual and in small groups) with your teachers and peers every week. With online classes, you can join live lessons with classmates or catch up on past or missed lessons at your own pace.

During recess, you will engage in reading, discussion, and other activities related to what you have learned in online classes. Assignments have a fixed schedule in which they must be completed, but otherwise students have a lot of flexibility as to when and where they study.

Online Degree In Early Learning & Care

The complete degree program consists of 12 online modules for a total of 120 ECTS credits. 60 ECTS credits will also be awarded to modules completed under the QQI Level 6 Early Childhood Care and Education Specialization Award – 6M2007 through prior learning recognition, so you will receive a total of 180 ECTS credits for the degree program upon successful completion of the program.

A central theme of the program is giving you the opportunity to reflect on practice using examples and work-based experiences shared through online guided discussions.

35% of the total course time was allocated to practicing placement-related learning with TUSLA-registered early childhood providers, with an appropriate balance in caring for children between the ages of 0 and 2.5 and 2.5 and 6 years.

Early Childhood Education Online Degree

In addition, online classes will be conducted in such a way as to develop graduate academic literacy, research literacy, digital and computer literacy, critical and personal literacy, and active citizenship. The range of appropriate online teaching and learning strategies adopted by the College will aim at;

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During the Early Learning and Nursing Degree Online BA (Ord), students will complete a series of modules that connect theory to practice and will be assessed in a range of contexts.

The purpose of this module is to explore key aspects of the child’s development process from various perspectives. Students will critically reflect on the role of educators in the overall development of children. The importance of play and the role of the educator in providing the educational environment in which children grow up will be a fundamental part of this module.

Students will gain an understanding of Irish curriculum frameworks and standards in an international context and will be encouraged to criticize them by conducting research using the range of computer and e-learning systems available to them. This will enhance students’ understanding of the importance of quality standards in curriculum implementation, as they act as first practitioners and leaders.

This module is an integral part of the Early Learning and Nursing degree program and students can expect to complete around 100 years. 300 hours of professional training, finding the right balance between the care of children from 0 to 2.5 years and from 2.5 to 6 years. This will foster meaningful learning and engagement in high quality practices.

Online Early Childhood Education Degree

Students will have the opportunity to observe quality practice, apply theoretical knowledge to their professional practice experience, and engage in critical self-reflection under the supervision of a practice supervisor. Students will be required to share learning experiences with their peers and to document such learning experiences, such as progress in placement.

This module will explore national and international legislation affecting the early childhood environment. Early childhood education and care provision will be placed in the relevant legal context to facilitate compliance with statutory sector regulations and ensure compliance with legislation.

Children’s rights and the protection of minors will also be examined. The needs and rights of children will be at the heart of this module, with a focus on the importance of various legislation for the health and well-being of children.

Early Childhood Education Online Degree

This module will equip students with the theoretical and practical academic knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to successfully complete early learning and the Bachelor of Nursing.

Online Bachelor’s Degree In Early Childhood Education

This module will introduce students to the basic requirements of the academic writing process and the study skills and techniques required to participate in a two-year degree program.

The module will also develop research and critical reading skills through a range of group activities focusing on information from a variety of sources. Through these activities, students will develop an awareness of key issues in early childhood research and the skills to engage in discussions, making informed arguments about various aspects of the field of study.

A focus will be on your learning and you will have the opportunity to reflect throughout the module and link the module content to your experience and to practice key skills in academic reading and writing.

Students will be introduced to various forms of additional needs and collaboratively explore the etiology, prevalence and educational needs and will be asked to critically analyze which educational and nursing practices will support the meaningful participation of these children.

Online M.a.t. In Early Childhood Education Degree

Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of their relationship with children with additional learning and care needs through case studies, legislation analysis and theory.

This module will fully familiarize students with the most recent and current initiatives in early childhood care education and practice and research and prepare them for employment or further related studies. The module will start in the first year to allow students to critique current practices in more depth and devise ways to improve them.

They will have opportunities for discussions, group work and individual projects, allowing each student to analyze various discourses in ECCE practice at a high level.

Early Childhood Education Online Degree

This module is an integral part of the Early Learning and Nursing degree program and students can expect to complete around 100 years. 300

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