Best Web Development Programs

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In 2022, web development is making huge strides as one of the most in-demand professions. Nowadays, more and more companies are looking for skilled web developers to expand their services and offer an unprecedented experience to customers on the web.

And along with the increased demand, the pay offered by web development companies is also quite lucrative. Depending on their experience in the field, web developers can easily earn between INR 303,000 and INR 824,000.

Best Web Development Programs

Best Web Development Programs

Therefore, it is not uncommon to see dozens of people, beginners and working IT professionals, looking for a career in web application development. However, as rewarding as it is, learning web development can be quite frustrating and challenging if one does not know the right approach.

The Best Courses For Learning Web Development [2022]

Enrolling in a web development course is one surefire way to learn how to work in and with websites. But due to the excessive number of web development courses available on the web, students may find it difficult to choose the one that suits their requirements.

To help you solve this dilemma, we have compiled a list of the 15 best online web development courses to enroll in. If you are planning to become a web developer but are worried that you are wasting your time in the wrong course, this list is for you. But before that, shall we cover the basics of web development?

Web development basically refers to the effort required to develop and manage web pages hosted on the WWW (World Wide Web) or intranet. A web developer performs tasks related to building, updating, maintaining, and repairing website components or the website as a whole.

Apart from these technical skills or hard skills as IT professionals call them, web developers must also possess the following soft skills

Best Web Development Courses Online In 2022

Are you overwhelmed after looking at all the hard and soft skills a web developer should possess? Do not worry. The web development courses listed below will give you everything you need to know about web development.

The first web development program on our list is Scaler, a fork of , one of India’s largest interview preparation and upskilling platforms for IT professionals.

Scaler has carefully built this course to offer students a structured curriculum that covers web development in depth. It includes live lessons and doubt lessons combined with many real-world projects to provide the best learning experience possible.

Best Web Development Programs

Overall, this course is worthy for anyone who wants to go from beginner to pro in web development without changing the curriculum.

Top Web Development Courses For Beginners (free And Paid)

This course is suitable for both complete beginners and advanced learners. So candidates of all skill levels can take this course.

Scaler has designed this course so anyone who has a passion for learning web development or building their web development skills can enroll.

Duration – Scaler determines students’ skill level based on a 30-minute MCQ test. They are then labeled as beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Udemy is a famous online course provider that hosts a database of thousands of courses attended by millions of students. This particular web development course covers everything you need to get started as a web developer.

Websites You Should Visit To Learn Web Development

Students who enroll in this course will receive lifetime access to video lectures and other course resources, as well as a course completion certificate. It also consists of 15 projects that students can work on to test their skills.

An online course for everyone on Coursera is compiled and curated by the University of Michigan. It offers students the opportunity to brush up on the basics of web development and use that knowledge to move up the professional ladder.

People who take this course will learn how to create interactive websites, work with various web development tools, and build a professional portfolio.

Best Web Development Programs

Duration – This course lasts for about six months. But with its flexibility, students can adjust their pace to complete it in less or more time.

Best Web Development Courses Online

This web development course is the brainchild of MIT xPRO, MIT’s continuing online education initiative. Contains a curriculum detailing the basics of web development with an emphasis on JavaScript.

Students who complete this course will develop an in-depth understanding of web development as a professional field and work to build their developer portfolio.

MIT xPRO also offers a certificate of recognition when students complete the course. However, unlike most other programs, this course is grade-based and requires students to achieve at least 75% to receive a certificate.

MIT xPRO states that this course is suitable for beginners – recent graduates, students, interns, etc. who are looking for a career in web development.

Best Web Development Certifications (free & Paid)

However, IT professionals with job profiles like testers, tech support, project managers, c/c++ developers, etc. can also benefit from this program.

Prepared by the University of California, Davis, this introductory course is suitable for beginners who want to get into web development without being overwhelmed.

Students enrolled in this course will learn the fundamentals of web design and development with an additional focus on web hosting. UC Davis has also designed it to make students prolific enough to approach advanced web development concepts without any hassle.

Best Web Development Programs

Its curriculum consists of various advanced concepts like transitions and animations with an in-depth explanation of some basic programming theories like OOP. In addition, the projects in this course mimic real-world scenarios and offer students greater insight into the professional goals of web developers.

Best (free) Web Development Courses For Beginners

The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp is primarily for those who want to take the next step toward becoming a certified professional web developer.

But it also welcomes students working professionally as web developers who want to get used to newer technologies in web development in an organized way.

Duration – Ideally, this course can be completed in 34 hours and 14 minutes. However, the flexibility of the curriculum allows students to set their own pace.

CodingNinjas Complete Development Course is a comprehensive web development program that covers almost every aspect of web development. It offers students an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of programming as well as the theoretical part of web development.

Best Web Development Online Courses For Beginners In 2022

Skills needed to get started – Coding Ninjas requires people applying for this course to have a solid understanding of programming fundamentals and data structures.

Who is this course for? – Like the other courses on this list, this course is for anyone who wants to learn and monetize web development.

Coding Elements is a Delhi-based institution founded to simplify the coding learning process. The Complete Web Development Course follows this idea by breaking down its learning into digestible layers that students can absorb without much trouble.

Best Web Development Programs

Students can also work on multiple projects to help measure their progress. At the end of the course, a certificate of course completion is issued.

Best Web Development Courses (free & Paid)

Who is this course for? – It is suitable for people who want to go from beginner to expert in web development in one course.

Students who choose this course will learn to apply their web development skills to creating robust and responsive websites and applications.

Like other Coursera programs, this one benefits from the flexibility and security of thousands of students already enrolled.

Who is this course for? – People who want to focus their passion on learning the basic concepts of web development are best suited for this course.

Best Web Developer Courses On Udemy

According to CodeAcademy, people who take this course will learn with a guided curriculum, starting with the front-end elements and gradually moving to the back-end to complete the full circle.

Completion of this course will enable students to build web applications, APIs and responsive websites and expand their development portfolio with outstanding projects.

The course is designed to help students establish a solid foundation in web development and use it to easily master advanced concepts.

Best Web Development Programs

In addition to offering real-world knowledge of web design and development, this course explains the various web technologies that exist today, along with some information about networking and the web.

Why Visual Studio Code Is The Best Code Editor For Web Development

Individuals taking this course will learn web development with cloud-based SDKs and IDEs and live coding environments in the browser. The course material for this program is also entirely text-based, allowing students to absorb more content in less time.

No prerequisites are required for this course. Candidates who know the basics of computer programming such as variables, loops and OOP (Object Oriented Programming) principles will find it easier to get through the course.

After completing this course, students will be able to create APIs and robust web applications, master database development and management, and work on user authentication and access control as part of the backend.

Skills needed to get started – Applicants enrolled in this course should know how to write software in any OOP language, such as Python.

Best Web Development Courses For Beginners In 2022 (free And Paid)

Openclassrooms advertises this course as an Associate Diploma. In this way, students who receive a certificate of completion can increase their chances of a professional career.

This course emphasizes the design element of web development and leads students to master best practices for working with HTML and CSS to create interactive web pages.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to design responsive websites that combine functionality with aesthetics. In short, they will make design-based decisions that favor the user’s perspective and increase the chances

Best Web Development Programs

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