Mobile Tracker Software Free Download For Android

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Your coffee is hot, your candle is burning, and all you have is music. You’ll find this flow state where you’re feeling peak productivity and you suddenly remember you forgot to start your watch.

Instead of interrupting your creative flow to keep track of the clock or relying on your memory after the fact, a time tracking app can automatically do all the work for you.

Mobile Tracker Software Free Download For Android

Mobile Tracker Software Free Download For Android

The best time tracking apps let you easily start and stop clocking, modify work hours after the fact, access reports to understand how long it takes to complete various tasks, and generate invoices or export data. Whether you’re tracking time for personal productivity or streamlining your business process, a time tracking app can make the task easier.

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By knowing how you spend your time, you can analyze your work trends and make smarter business decisions. Whether you work alone or in a small team, time tracking software can give you a complete picture of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly performance.

What do you do with this information? Perhaps most importantly, tracking your time can help you get paid, allowing you to feel confident about your bills, rather than trying to estimate how long you worked after the fact. If you’re part of a team, tracking time can help you answer the question, “What are you working on this month?”

Here we focus specifically on time tracking applications for individuals and small teams. We do not consider employee monitoring software, which often includes some type of time tracking. Employee monitoring tools are best suited for large organizations that need to keep a close eye on when employees clock in and out and whether they’re working when they say they are.

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Additionally, we do not include project management, invoicing, or accounting applications that come with add-on or built-in time tracking. While time-tracking watches can be very useful within these tools, we’re guessing that if that’s what you need, you’ll likely buy a more viable solution.

Looking for ways to make tracking time easier? Add automation to apps to track your time and automatically start events, create projects, and notify your team when you start working on a job.

If you need an app to track your time but can’t afford to pay for it, you should use Toggl Track. Time Tracker has a generous free tier that gives you access to all of its apps (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Internet, and browser extensions) and includes all the basic features you’d expect on the go : app.

Mobile Tracker Software Free Download For Android

Toggl Track works effortlessly, mainly because it doesn’t ask you to do much once you start distributing work. With many time tracking apps, you must have a client, project, and job logged into your account before the app will allow you to track time. If you don’t, you should put your work aside for now and get into them. With Toggl Track, you can track your time instantly, view your time entries in a grid or calendar format, and worry about the details later.

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Additionally, when using Toggl Track via Chrome or Firefox browser extensions, the Toggl watch button appears in almost every web app you can imagine, from Google Docs and other Google apps to Scout Help. Since you always see the Toggl Track button while you work, you have a constant reminder to track your time.

Toggl Track has some of the most detailed options I’ve seen in a time tracking app. For example, in the Toggl Track Chrome extension, you can automatically start and stop tracking time based on whether or not the browser is open. It also has excellent idle detection that helps you maintain high accuracy in your files. When the app detects that your computer is down but the clock is still running, it suggests ways to fix the recorded time block. That way, if you’re interrupted at work and pulled into a 20-minute conversation, Toggl Track can record you for those 20 minutes. Toggl Track even has a technical Pomodoro setting, so you can work on a project that needs your attention for a certain amount of time, then take a break, all with simple reminders that look like a stopwatch.

For even more flexibility, use the Toggl Track integration to connect Toggl Track with your favorite apps like Google Calendar and Slack.

Toggl Track Pricing. free for up to five users; $9 per user per month when paid annually for the Starter Plan, which includes rounded up time, billable rates, retained reports, and more.

Best Time Tracking Apps Of 2022

If you’re looking for a simple time tracking app with no bells and whistles, consider Clockify. While the free plan doesn’t offer the same level of functionality as Toggl Track, it does include unlimited tracking, unlimited users, unlimited projects, and unlimited reports, all for free.

Among the best time tracking apps overall, Harvest is a top choice for teams. It’s also a great option for solopreneurs, but it’s designed to manage a variety of collaborative tasks in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

Anyone on your team can install and use as much Harvest as they want, including desktop apps, mobile apps, and browser extensions. The apps work offline, allowing you and your teammates to log work even when you’re not online. Harvest can automatically remind team members to track their time and submit their timesheets if desired, and the business owner can always edit, review and approve their team’s time file.

Mobile Tracker Software Free Download For Android

Additionally, Harvest integrates with a long list of apps. Some supported apps let you track your work hours directly from them (Asana, Basecamp, Slack, Trello, to name a few) and send the results to Harvest. Others are for invoicing and accounting if you choose not to use your own Harvest tool for invoicing. Harvest also has its own employee scheduling app called Harvest Forecast (sold separately) that integrates well with the main app.

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If you need to integrate Harvest with a tool that doesn’t support it natively, you can make your own Harvest integration using the . Connect Harvest with thousands of apps like Google Sheets and Dropbox so you can track your time wherever it’s most useful.

Most time tracking apps offer tagging or color coding to categorize your work hours. For example, perform all tasks associated with a specific red or blue client. ATracker takes this a step further by letting you customize the iOS or Android app to perfectly suit every job you do.

You can add tasks for anything and everything, from business-related activities like writing or sending email to personal tasks like playing an instrument or doing housework. You can choose from over 800 icons to visually represent a task and use color coding and labels for more organization.

After all, you can have dozens of jobs on the home page of the application. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to start tracking time. All you have to do is enter a task to start the clock and enter it again to finish it (unfortunately, you can’t have multiple clocks at the same time).

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ATracker will be most powerful for those who really want to dig into the details of their day. You won’t find much value in this app if you only want to track two or three tasks. Instead, you should commit to dividing your day into very few tasks and diligently follow through on each one.

ATracker Pricing. Free for the Lite version with five active tasks; $4.99 one-time price for Pro version with unlimited work and data export; $2.99 ​​per month for the Premium version to access the web app and other advanced features.

TrackingTime is a collaborative time tracking tool that looks different from most other time tracking apps. It represents time in blocks or windows as if this work time were an event on your calendar. Not only does the app provide your time in this mode (Timeneye and Toggl Track do, too), but it offers even more customization options. For example, you can choose between day, week, month, or team views.

Mobile Tracker Software Free Download For Android

The daily view has the most useful layout we’ve seen, showing the entire month’s calendar on the left (the calendar shows an icon that shows the time to track) and your chosen day on the right, organized by track. blocks. time and color coded.

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