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WASHINGTON – Established as an easy and reliable way to communicate via video or text with friends and family, even in a country that has shut down messaging services like WhatsApp and Skype.

But the service, ToTok, is actually a spy tool, according to US officials familiar with the spy investigation and the New York Times’ investigation into the program and its developers. It is used by the UAE government to try to track all conversations, trips, relationships, dates, sounds and images that would put them on their phones.

Free Phone Spy Apps

Free Phone Spy Apps

Launched a few months ago, ToTok has been downloaded millions of times from Apple and Google app stores by users in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. While most of its users are in the Emirates, ToTok has become one of the most popular social networking apps in the United States last week, according to a list of apps by App Annie, a research firm.

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ToTok equates to a recent increase in arms race competition between wealthy governments, questions asked by U.S. foreign leaders and former judicial investigators. Governments are looking for better and easier ways to spy on foreign enemies, networks of criminals and terrorists, journalists and critics – a force that has trapped people all over the world in the net.

Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar have first resorted to private companies – including Israeli and American investors – to target their enemies, as well as their own citizens. ToTok’s development, experts say, has shown that governments can step in to help spy on their targets, voluntarily, if they don’t want to, to provide their information.

Technical analysis and interviews with computer security experts have revealed that the company behind ToTok, Breej Holding, may be the leading company that connects DarkMatter, an Abu Dhabi spy agency located in Abu Dhabi. Dhabi, where the UAE spy agency, former Security Service personnel and former Israeli military secretaries work. DarkMatter is below the F.B.I. investigations, according to former employees and law enforcement officials, into cybercrime. The U.S. intelligence and technology analysis also linked ToTok and Pax AI, a mining company operating in Abu Dhabi that appears to be affiliated with DarkMatter.

The headquarters of Pax AI operate in the same building as Abu Dhabi and the Emirates Signals Intelligence Agency, to the extent that it houses DarkMatter.

It Seemed Like A Popular Chat App. It’s Secretly A Spy Tool.

The U.A.E. is one of America’s closest allies in the Middle East, with the Trump administration a stronghold against Iran and a close ally in the fight against terrorism. Its ruling party is developing the country as a model of a modern, rational Arab country, but it has also been at the forefront of the use of surveillance technology to crack down on dissidents – including attacking Western journalists, delisting bank accounts of critics and human rights activists for long periods of time alone on Facebook.

The government has suspended certain software applications such as WhatsApp and Skype, a fact that has made ToTok very popular in the country. Huawei, China’s telecommunications giant, recently upgraded ToTok to advertising.

Representatives of C.I.A. and the Emirates government refused to comment. Breej Holding’s phone number was not answered, and Pax staff did not respond to e-mails and messages. F.B.I. a spokesman said, “While F.B.I. does not comment on specific programs, we always want to inform users of the potential and potential disadvantages of this approach. ”

Free Phone Spy Apps

When the Times first spoke to Apple and Google representatives about ToTok-related issues related to the UAE government, they said they would investigate. On Thursday, Google removed the app from its Play Store after discovering that ToTok had violated a vague policy. Apple on Friday removed ToTok from its App Store and is continuing its investigation into the app, a spokesperson said. Once ToTok users have downloaded the app they will be able to use it until they download it from their phones.

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. An expert on digital security in the Middle East, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said that he had told Emirati officials that ToTok was indeed a program designed to monitor its users in the Emirates and elsewhere.

ToTok seems to be making it easier, according to a forensic analysis by The Times conducted by Patrick Wardle, a former National Security Agency researcher who specializes in security research. Apparently a copy of the Chinese free text messaging app, YeeCall, has been slightly aligned with English and Arabic speakers.

ToTok is a well-designed tracking tool, based on technical analysis and conversations, as it works like many other Apple and Android apps that track users’ locations and locations.

On the surface, ToTok monitors where users provide accurate information. It looks at new relationships every time the user opens the app, pretending to help connect their friends, just as Instagram shows Facebook friends. It has microphone, camera, calendar and other phone information. Even its name is a game that appears on the popular Chinese program TikTok.

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Although recognized as “fast and secure,” ToTok does not require a password until the end, such as WhatsApp, Symbol, or Skype. The only indication is that the application displays user information buried in the privacy policy: “We may share your personal information with group companies.”

Instead of paying hackers to reach their target phone – a $ 2.5 million move to hacking devices could reach Android phones remotely, according to the latest price list – ToTok has given the UAE government a way to convince millions of users to submit their information. personal free.

“There is beauty in that way,” said Wardle, now a security researcher at Jamf, a software company. “You don’t have to steal people to spy on them if you can get people to download this app on their phone voluntarily. What kind of intelligence do you need to get out of sex, to talk to videos, to places,” he said.

Free Phone Spy Apps

In the data collection process, Mr. Wardle said that ToTok will be Phase 1. Like most data collection programs of the National Security Agency – which was suspended this year – ToTok allows spy analysts to analyze calls from employers to find ways. , although its collection is very large. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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Every day, billions of people give up their personal lives to make it easier to use apps on their phones. The Times Opinion secret project, which launched a survey last week, shows how developers and other people track mobile phone users minute by minute.

Private companies have collected this advertising information. As for ToTok – according to existing and former executives and the digital tools left by the developers – a lot of information is passed on to spy analysts working on behalf of the Emirati government.

In recent months, state-run books have begun to publicize ToTok as a free-to-use Emiratis search engine. This month, Emirates messaging service users requesting paid subscribers, Botim, received an announcement telling users to migrate to ToTok – calling it a “free, fast and secure” messaging app. The message contained a line to set it up.

In return, Emiratis thanked the ToTok organizers for bringing them a free messaging app. “Bless you! Your app is the best app so far it has allowed me and my family to keep in touch !!! ”Wrote one. “We are happy,” another wrote. “Finally the program operates in the UAE!”

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ToTok celebrities have come a long way in the Emirates. According to the latest Google Play list, it was in the top 50 free apps in Saudi Arabia, the UK, India, Sweden and other countries. Some analysts say it is most popular in the Middle East because – at least on the surface – it has nothing to do with a large, powerful country.

DarkMatter office in Abu Dhabi. Technical analysis and discussions have revealed that the company behind ToTok, Breej Holding, may be the leading company behind DarkMatter.Credit … Jon Gambrell / Associated Press

Although the program is a tool of the Emirati government, the real relationship between the companies behind it is bad. Pax’s staff is made up of European, Asian and Emirati scientists, and the company is led by Andrew Jackson, a former Irish data scientist based in Palantir, a Silicon Valley company that works with local American intelligence.

Free Phone Spy Apps

Its branch, DarkMatter, is actually in the hands of the UAE government. Its activities include theft of government ministries from Iran, Qatar and Turkey. FIFA executives, the world’s top football governing body; journalists and dissidents.

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Last month, the UAE government announced that DarkMatter would be merged

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