Investment Firm San Diego

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SCC is a boutique real estate company located in San Diego, California. Our experience with brokers has shown us the requirement for competent asset management. At SCC, when we sell you a business asset, we provide you with the skills and support to maintain and improve your acquisition.

Professional property management is the most important area that commercial real estate investors often overlook. Larger business management firms tend to be scattered about optimizing revenue, minimizing overhead, and improving your investment portfolio. At SCC, we have combined commercial real estate acquisition with strategic, individualized property management to maximize your portfolio.

Investment Firm San Diego

Investment Firm San Diego

SCC provides management services to the multifamily, retail and commercial markets. We offer a wide range of consulting services, including marketing, event support, management and maintenance services, and rental services. We work hard to understand our clients’ needs, goals and objectives and to create and implement a customized management strategy with you.

San Diego Investment Firm Buys Local Portfolio Of Industrial, Office Properties

Our staff offers customized asset management solutions for a wide range of properties, from single-family homes to apartment buildings and business projects. We understand that all properties are as unique as you are, and we are here to provide detailed and personalized management that meets your specific needs.

Our clients’ fees are the same or lower than the fees charged by larger real estate companies, because we have cut out intermediate and outsourced management. We offer the service directly to our customers. In addition, at SCC we are, above all, mediators. We get much more enjoyment out of cultivating and marketing quality properties than selling mediocre properties. We actively create the highest value ever, so that when the owner decides to trade up to a more valuable property or sell it outright, we can help them. We don’t take cookies – rather, we pride ourselves on being able to tailor our management services to meet your needs and deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction. At South Coast Commercial we service a maximum of 500 active accounts at any one time so we can give you and your property the best we can.

We take care of the placement of all ads – signs, newspaper ads, website ads, rental ads and referrals. The owner is charged the actual costs of newspaper advertising at low contract prices, and advertising on our website is charged a fixed price.

We receive and process all calls from the advertiser. We require a detailed draft, after which each application is thoroughly assessed and examined before being approved by a potential tenant.

Value Add Investment Firm Acquires Futura Business Park In San Diego

We collect your rent and deliver a monthly statement. We review rents at the end of each rental period to ensure that your property is getting its best income potential according to prevailing market conditions.

We maintain a good professional relationship with each tenant. Our goal is to please long-term tenants who pay their rent on time and take care of the property.

We have an experienced maintenance and repair service that meets all needs as they arise. These professionals were chosen because they have proven to be honest and competent and their services are reasonably priced.

Investment Firm San Diego

We require comprehensive deposits equal to the monthly rent to ensure that the tenant commits to fulfilling the terms of the lease. Security deposits are held in an escrow account in accordance with California state law.

San Diego Office Market Draws New York Investment Firm

Our management fee is a small percentage of the gross monthly rent collected, and our rents are reasonable and competitive. When your apartment is vacant, we will actively work to advertise and secure a suitable tenant and will continue to take care of all possible maintenance and repair needs if necessary.

We operate normally on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All of our property managers have email accounts for communication with owners which are checked frequently and you will receive your manager’s mobile number for urgent matters.

South Coast Commercial is a specialized commercial brokerage and investment service company. SCC provides unparalleled efficiency for landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers of commercial real estate.

Our team is dedicated to creating defined investment strategies to develop a commercial real estate portfolio with an emphasis on safety and solvency. Sason, a family-owned New York-based real estate company, is planning extensive renovations to the Kearny Mesa office it purchased, including renovations. to build vestibules. Courtesy of Sason.

Investment Firm Makes $420 Million Wager On Workers’ Return To Downtown San Diego

A New York real estate company has bought a Kearny Mesa office building to tap into the San Diego County market, where it says more acquisitions are planned.

“We’ve been looking at San Diego for the better part of the last year and a half,” Sason said. “We believe in San Diego and continue to grow our presence in the market with future real estate acquisitions where we can create best-in-class environments that embody the future of work.”

Planned renovations to the Kearny Mesa property include facade changes, new landscaping, a new roof, the creation of indoor/outdoor work areas in the building’s three lobbies, updated elevators, lighting and other mechanical systems.

Investment Firm San Diego

– The bones are particularly attractive in this building. The glass facade is something we like,” Sason said. We are modernizing and updating the facade. We build these outdoor terrace spaces from the lobbies of the building. We will fully renovate and modernize every lobby.”

Local Investment Firm Buys San Diego Apartment Buildings For $4.2 Million

“San Diego, and Kearny Mesa Supermarket in particular, is attractive because of the continued demand from tenants and the unparalleled level of amenities and connectivity the location offers,” Sason said. “At Canvas, we target forward-looking companies that value pre-planned indoor and outdoor workspaces and general well-being.”

Part of the appeal of San Diego’s office market comes indirectly from the influx and expansion of life sciences and biotech companies.

Homeowners serving the bioscience market have quickly converted traditional office spaces into life science laboratories and research space that requires higher rent.

“This significant influx of life sciences into Sorrento Valley and Sorrento Mesa has displaced the traditional leaders in these submarkets,” Sason said.

Qualcomm, Investment Firm Ssw Partners To Buy Veoneer For $4.5 Bln

Gonor said submarkets like Kearny Mesa, Scripps Ranch and Mission Valley, among others, “are poised to see increased tenant demand for office space.”

“A lot of tenants have now moved, not just in Sorrento Valley, but in other submarkets,” Gonor said, adding that some building owners are offering incentives for businesses to move before their leases expire so the space they occupy can be. changed to bioscience.

“Sason sees an opportunity to come to San Diego and offer products in attractive locations where they can reposition buildings to create the kind of creative office product that these tenants are looking for.”

Investment Firm San Diego

“In 2020, it was very quiet. Unless the tenant needed to do something, the typical office tenants were kicking the can down the road and waiting to see what would happen,” Gonor said. “We’re seeing more companies start requiring workers to come back, at least part-time.”

San Diego Investment Firm Frozen By Sec, Accused In $300 Million Fraud

The commercial real estate agency Cresa reports that office rents at the end of 2021 have reached the highest level since the start of the pandemic.

“More than 7.8 million square feet have been leased, with levels approaching recent historical averages,” Cresa says. “The fourth quarter of 2021 exceeded 2 million square feet of lease transactions.”

Sason’s strategy since its founding in 2009 has been to focus on office investments primarily in Sunbelt cities, and the company has seen no reason to change strategies after the impact of COVID.

“We started the strategy around the office before COVID. We actually accelerated acquisition through COVID,” Sason said. “We are very pleased with the direction of our acquisition.”

San Diego, Honolulu Investors Look To Acquire Dallas Property Investment Firm

Noteworthy: Sason is a family business that invests across real estate asset classes thematically with a focus on emerging markets and special situations in the United States. The US Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday announced the charges against ANI Development, an equity investment company. well-known San Diego businesswoman Gina Champion-Cain.

The announcement came after investigators reached an agreement with Champion-Cain to freeze the company’s assets and allow the board to appoint a receiver to take over.

“The SEC has taken urgent action to stop what we allege is blatant fraud,” said Michele Wein Layne, SEC regional director in Los Angeles. “Importantly, an agreement with the defendants to freeze their assets during the trial gives investors the best opportunity to maximize their recovery going forward.”

Investment Firm San Diego

According to a 19-page lawsuit filed Wednesday, ANI Development has fraudulently raised hundreds of millions of dollars since 2012 by telling investors they could benefit from short-term, high-interest loans for people applying for liquor licenses in California.

Out Of Town Investor Group Buys Sorrento Office Complex

Instead of borrowing investors’ money, Champion-Cain directed “significant amounts of mutual funds” to a company he controlled, according to the complaint.

“For their services, Cain and his company, ANI Development, told investors that the defendants would secure an interest on each license approved by the State of California, which they would then share with the investors,” the lawsuit alleges.


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