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In dental care, many fundamental and complementary trends are undergoing profound structural changes and the adoption of advanced digital solutions will be mandatory to stay ahead of the competition. Integration into dental chains has accelerated, while technological advances, low-cost options, a shortage of trained staff, changing patient preferences and dental school curricula and new treatment standards are accelerating the adoption of digital solutions. These advanced measures will eventually cover the entire dental workflow, providing measurable benefits to dentists, technicians and – most importantly – patients. Ultimately, clinics that excel in digitization will reap significant benefits in terms of quality of results and cost and time savings.

“Like laboratories, the adoption of digital solutions in dental clinics is very slow. Sales of intraoral scanners that create digital impressions have been increasing recently, but very few dentists use them – currently about 10-20%. Honestly, this technology is still in use. Early adoption. To take. “

Dental Supply Companies Online

Dental Supply Companies Online

Dentists, nurses and dental technicians have been performing treatments and prosthetics in small laboratories for years, primarily with analog instruments and manual methods of operation. Although early digital systems such as CAD / CAM were introduced in the early 1980’s and quickly adopted by large laboratories due to the large scale and standardized procedures, less than 20% of dental clinics in the US still use the CAD / CAM system in Europe. (2018). In addition, the exchange and workflow of information between dentists and laboratories is still largely analogous, and common AI-powered imaging solutions in medical fields such as radiology or reproduction have yet to make progress in dentistry.

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In the past, dentists’ reluctance to embrace digital innovation had both economic and structural reasons: other parts of the healthcare system have been experiencing integration for some time, but the dental care market has traditionally – and still is – severely fragmented. In Europe, private chains account for 15% of the total number of clinics in the UK, 8-10% in the Nordic and Spain, 8% in the Netherlands, and less than 1% of all clinics in Germany and France. Dental care market.

This fragmentation limits the individual clinic’s ability to invest in advanced equipment, as the establishment of a dental clinic involves a significant investment of EUR 400-900 thousand in facilities, basic equipment and consumables, as well as efforts for mid-level recruitment. Staff level, e.g. as hygienists and nurses. Historically, advanced digital solutions such as scanning and milling machines have been very expensive, and the levels used to be profitable for most individual practice owners are very uncertain, giving them limited incentive to invest. Furthermore, individual practice owners often exhibit low levels of professionalism in administration and documentation. However, these barriers and reluctance to change are slowly diminishing and dentists are beginning to adopt digital solutions in their workplaces.

Over the next 5-10 years, the adoption of digital innovation in dental care will be driven by seven fundamental, mutually reinforcing trends.

In dental laboratories, the creation and consequent integration of chains in the EU, which began 10-15 years ago, as well as low-cost offers from countries like China, have driven investment in digital solutions such as CAD / CAM. To stay competitive. . This has dramatically changed the economics of running a dental laboratory.

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Recently, there has been a similar trend of integration in dental clinics, with former regional dental chains expanding into the European Union. Driven by private equity investments, the chains are taking a more long-term strategic and professional approach to dental care. The ability of chains to finance, specialize operations, and train staff are key components of the rapid adoption of digital technology.

In addition, by opening or purchasing their own laboratories, clinics will further integrate into the value chain, intensify their efforts to digitize and integrate workflows to improve the speed and accuracy of communication across multiple organizations, as well as reduce administrative work-related costs. Through our participation in recent transactions, we have seen the importance of strong IT and digital capabilities that are reflected in the limits of due diligence and assurance of ownership story.

In the past decades, the production of dental prosthetics and equipment was often outsourced to low-cost countries. However, with the recent digital innovations, even medium-sized laboratories and dental clinics can achieve low-cost and adequate quality by in-house production of affordable entry-level hardware with high-quality software. In addition, the current Covid-19 epidemic has had a significant impact on the supply and transportation of dental products in and within the EU, which we see as another accelerator for the adoption and tipping of in-house CAD / CAM systems. Reverse previous outsourcing decisions.

Dental Supply Companies Online

The strategic alliance between dental equipment companies and technology companies enables in-depth integration with other software through APIs and expresses the ability to create digital workflows according to user needs. In support of this trend, many previously discontinued solutions, such as the CAD / CAM system, are being launched, allowing users to choose specific software and hardware.

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Over the last 5-10 years, we have seen tremendous advances in computer technology and prosthetics production that have disrupted the entire workflow in dentistry – from the way patients are diagnosed to the design and implementation of surgeries and their sharing. Patient data. And saved. Digital solutions not only become more affordable but also consistently provide better and more controlled results by reducing the time required. Treatments that used to be very complicated or even impossible have now become part of the daily routine. With more convenient and individualized treatment, there will be a significant increase in the patient’s overall satisfaction. Given these advantages, previous unrealistic advance investments in advanced solutions become viable options for analog methods or outsourcing products.

Another major, long-term technological advancement is AI and machine learning solutions. AI is expected to play an increasingly important role in the design and production and restoration of complex dental applications as this technology improves their image analysis capabilities.

Dentists have long enjoyed loyal patients, but with increasing transparency about the cost and quality of treatment and the expansion of advanced aesthetic and orthodontic treatment options, patient demand has also followed. It was common to visit a dentist for several sessions lasting several days or weeks for a transplant, but dentists can now diagnose, plan, and treat their patients in one or two sessions thanks to digital imaging and planning measures that allow seamless transfer of information. Digital workflows are additionally enabled by patients who increasingly accept and trust digital storage of information.

In the past, educational institutions have been reluctant to include education in digital solutions such as CAD / CAM in their curriculum. This reluctance has been alleviated in recent years by studies showing excellent clinical results with digital solutions and the growing demand among physicians for students with previous experience using complex hardware and software. Students are also becoming more open to digitizing important parts of their workplace due to the extremely positive experiences of testing digital solutions during their studies.

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In the future, digital tools for exchanging knowledge will further accelerate the use of software among students and active academic collaboration with dental technology companies will enable schools to acquire relevant qualifications and skills.

In recent years, strict treatment guidelines have recommended the use of digital solutions to ensure results or product quality. When patient management is considered, the rigorous documentation and administrative requirements under the GDPR are putting pressure on dentists and laboratories to digitize information flows to ensure their overall workflow and compliance. One thing is clear: as technology advances, rules and regulations for digital dentistry will evolve. This will affect both dental companies and practitioners, as accreditation and certification procedures for the manufacture and use of equipment will become more stringent, and compliance using analog procedures alone will no longer be feasible.

Like many other healthcare features, there is a shortage of qualified dentists and nurses, and demographic developments will increase this trend in the coming years, with 30% of all dentists in Europe over the age of 55. As a result, the adoption of digital technology will replace fewer dentists by increasing productivity and efficiency. As older dentists retire and younger dentists enter the workforce, the additional spillover effect will drive the use of digital solutions.

Dental Supply Companies Online

As an example of how digital solutions can help improve efficiency and fill staff shortages, it is important to look at how the UK has addressed the shortage of radiologists: the shortage of local radiologists has led to the outsourcing of image analysis by digital solutions. . Images are sent to radiologists living in completely different time zones (e.g. Australia), images are analyzed overnight with the help of analysis software, and the results of the analysis are communicated to patients in the UK the next day, both at speed. Analyzing and filling the gap of local radiologist.

The Future Of Dentistry Is Digital

So the key question is: how can dental players accelerate digital reliance and use the potential of advanced digital solutions to provide end-to-end care and support across all interfaces of the care process?

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