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Pilot Flying J has announced a chain of gas stations for smaller fleets, hoping to attract business with more locations, loans, discounts and benefits.

The Knoxville, Tenn.-based truck parking company promoted One9 Fuel Network during a Nov. 19 conference. The network’s name comes from Channel 19, the primary CB radio channel used by commercial drivers across North America.

Pilot Flying J Fuel

Pilot Flying J Fuel

CEO Jimmy Haslam said the chain will help small fleet owners by expanding location options and lending. The One9 network will have access to more than 170 locations, including Mr. Travel Centers. Fuel, Pride, Stamart, as well as highway commercial feeder routes across the country, he said.

Pilot Company Surprises 40 Year Driver With Custom Peterbilt Truck

Haslam also revealed the company’s retail expansion in 2019. The privately held company said it has opened 26 locations, upgraded 20 and renovated three. The company has more than 900 retail and catering locations in 44 provinces and six Canadian provinces, most of which this year are located in the Midwest and Western United States.

Haslam also said Pilot Flying J has added 1,000 parking spaces to its total U.S.-Canada inventory of 75,000 spaces, part of the company’s goal to help address the truck parking shortage.

According to the American Institute for Transportation Research’s 2019 Driver and Fleet Survey, truck parking is ranked No. 5 in the industry.

“A lack of truck parking places creates a dangerous and costly problem for truck drivers, who often have to drive beyond permitted service rules or park in undesignated, often dangerous, areas,” ATRI’s annual report said. Top 10 vehicle issues for October.

Pilot Flying J

According to Robert Poole, director of transportation policy at the Reason Foundation in Los Angeles, the hour-of-hours rule has changed the need for parking. But the new regulations have created a business opportunity for companies like Pilot Flying J by increasing the need for more truck parking, Poole told Transport Topics.

“I think we’re very backward,” he said. “It’s a real problem. … It’s actually an opportunity for truck stop companies.”

One indication of the problem is the success of the Pilot Flying J mobile app, which Haslam and Pilot Flying J officials say has attracted an average of 250,000 users a day since its launch this April. It can book parking, plan trips and get gas prices.

Pilot Flying J Fuel

The fuel marketing agreement with Speedway is an extension of Pilot Flying J’s previously announced relationship with Marathon Petroleum Corp.’s subsidiary. Pilot Flying J officials said the chain offers “indefinite access” to the credit and benefits program at the Speedway’s more than 160 diesel lanes.

Pilot Flying J Says One9 Network For Small Fleets

In other news, Pilot Flying J announced that it is adding paid parental leave and gender-neutral leave to its benefits package. The policy came into effect on September 1.

The benefit will provide six weeks of 100 percent paid parental leave to all full-time and part-time team members who have worked at least one year and worked at least 1,250 hours in the past 12 months, company officials said.

“Supporting our team members with growing families is critical,” president Ken Parent said in a statement. “We believe that parental leave for both parents is a much-needed benefit, especially for hourly workers in the retail and store industries.”

Pilot Flying J also operates 32 Pilot Flying J Truck Care service centers with roadside assistance, 44 Goodyear tire and service dealers, and 34 Boss Shops. Pilot Flying J is changing its name to Pilot Company as it expands its oil business and reflects the reality of limited growth in new truck stops in the U.S. and Canada, the company said Thursday.

Pilot Flying J Changes Name To Capture Totality Of Businesses (with Video)

The pilot company is the umbrella of a retail group that includes about 1,000 travel centers and the energy sector, including 1,800 trucks that make up the country’s third-largest tanker fleet. Every 18 seconds, they deliver some kind of liquid to a truck stop or somewhere else.

Pilot Flying J is changing its name to Pilot Company, reflecting the $29 billion company’s growth in the energy sector. (Photo: Pilot Company)

“It’s an organizational approach that allows us to explain to our 28,000 team members what the company really looks like,” said CEO Jimmy Haslam, son of the company’s founder.

Pilot Flying J Fuel

Customers of the 750 Pilot and Flying J service plaza canopies won’t see anything else, as both brands have strong connections with the trucking and traveling public. Pilot also has diesel sales agreements with over 200 additional outlets.

The Untold Truth Of Pilot Flying J

Logo’s company initiatives include the first gas station Pilot founder Jim Haslam bought in Virginia in 1958 for $6,000. Pilot had $31 billion in revenue in 2019.

Pilot opened its first truck stop in 1981 and grew through mergers, acquisitions and organically before reorganizing in the wake of the Great Recession and acquiring Flying J in 2009. The two joined Pilot Flying J in June 2010.

“We couldn’t make money from the travel center business alone, so in 2016 and 2017 the company started looking at the energy side of the business,” Haslam said.

“Truck parking is limited in the U.S. and Canada,” he said. “The boom may be over.”

Diecast Replica Of Pilot Flying J Freightliner Cascadia Fu…

But Pilot plans to open 20 new stores and negotiate 30 new diesel marketing deals this year, and remains committed to retail sales.

In 2017, Pilot Flying J hired former Goldman Sachs commodities executive Shameek Konar as chief strategy officer. Later that year, Pilot Flying J sold 39 percent of the company to Warren Buffett’s private equity giant Berkshire Hathaway for $2.8 billion.

Houston-based Conar oversees the acquisition of about 14 oil and related businesses in 2019, moving the company into oilfield services and expanding into the transportation of crude oil and water from fracking.

Pilot Flying J Fuel

Over the past two years, Pilot has invested in building an integrated service model focused on supply chain, logistics, oilfield services, and wholesale marketing.

Be A Driver At Pilot Flying J

“We look and see opportunities every week,” Haslam said. “We don’t expect 2019 to be as frenetic as it was.”

As a “super worker,” Pilot supplies 11 billion gallons of diesel, biodiesel, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and gasoline annually through its retail and wholesale network. The average price per gallon of diesel fuel is provided by SONAR DTS.USA.

The new corporate image foreshadows the future as the Maggeleth family, which owns Flying J, exits the business and keeps the brand intact. Berkshire Hathaway will become the majority owner of Pilot when it buys an additional 41% of the company in 2023.

“They leave you completely alone,” he said. “They are good partners who are hands-on and allow the current management to run the company.”

Pilot Flying J Truck Stop Fuel Island Full Of Tractor Trailers. Editorial Photo

Alan Adler is an award-winning journalist based in Detroit who has worked for the Associated Press, the Detroit Free Press, and most recently as the Detroit bureau chief for Trucks.com. He also spent twenty years in domestic and international media relations and executive positions with General Motors. Since the creation of the interstate highway system, weary travelers have become accustomed to filling up their stomachs as well as filling their tanks at highway-side travel plazas. From kitsch to ultramodern, cruise lines and truck stops have become a natural extension of the US ramp. They continue to proliferate across the country as they continue to attract customers with their competitive edge with a growing number of options on the road.

In this hungry spirit of American expansion, no cruise line or truck stop became more competitive than Pilot Flying J. Whether you’re taking a turnpike or a free ride, you’ve probably seen Pilot Flying J’s iconic red and yellow sign. Like a beacon ready to offer you everything from your next exit.

All things considered, Pilot Flying J is fast approaching the asymptote of unlimited food and fuel options. Disguised as highway infrastructure, Pilot Flying J’s unmistakable truth is much more than meets the eye of the traveler.

Pilot Flying J Fuel

Pilot Flying J is led by Jimmy Haslam, owner of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. The CEO led the expansion of the Free State’s largest chain of tourist resorts. With more than 750 locations at the time of this writing, Pilot Flying J continues its aggressive expansion through mergers and acquisitions, with eye-catching deals adding to its dominant position.

Berkshire Backed Pilot Seeks $3.5 Billion Loan To Pay Haslams

Pilot Flying J’s acquisition history is laid out like a chronological road map. The first notable addition was the acquisition of Lonas Oil Company of Knoxville, Tennessee in 1977, bringing the business under the Pilot brand name. More than a decade later, the company signed a deal with Marathon Oil to acquire a 50 percent stake. The move led to rapid expansion and acquisitions at a rapid clip. This allowed the Pilot brand to grow and enter the 99th position

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