Graduate Program Cyber Security

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This year, Pace University’s Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems introduced two new graduate degrees to its list of programs: master’s degree in cybersecurity and master’s degree in data science. With these new degrees available, students get a chance to explore concepts they may have previously covered in other computer theory or web security courses. By pursuing one of these degrees, those seeking to expand their knowledge of these topics have the opportunity to learn more about their favorite topics while increasing their chances of surviving from it.

With a master’s in cybersecurity or data science, the careers you want to pursue can expand exponentially. If you are interested in learning more about cyber security, then a cybercrime analyst or incident analyst may be perfect for you. Or, if you decide to study data science, you might consider becoming a data application architect or machine learning engineer. Whichever path you choose, the potential careers below will give you an idea of ​​the jobs you can get in one of these degrees.

Graduate Program Cyber Security

Graduate Program Cyber Security

One of the biggest benefits of majoring in cybersecurity is that it further expands your list of employers. With so many services being provided online, especially during an ongoing pandemic, those focused on web security need to be more than ever. It is important to know that cybersecurity is essential for most of the applications and services we enjoy today. For example, it is important to protect your financial information when banking or shopping online, and it will also ensure the protection of your medical records when you use health care services. The cybersecurity curriculum also includes a variety of electives for students to study. From classes such as Introduction to Homeland Security to Network and Application Security, the range of electives offered will help students study the aspects of cybersecurity that are closest to their career aspirations.

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Upon completion of this graduation program, students are encouraged to complete their capstone project, which is a real -world test of the cybersecurity knowledge they have acquired. Participation in this project prepares students for the expectations that will be required of them in their future careers. Also, as a way of replicating a team -focused work environment, students are expected to work collaboratively in groups, teaching them the importance of effective communication, delegation and compromise.

Like cybersecurity, data science has become more relevant to the online services we regularly use. This aspect of computer science, which is the application of the collected data, is important to help organizations know how to improve their services. These advances are determined by studying the patterns in the information collected and evaluating the most efficient way to use them. The data science curriculum here at Pace not only touches on the basics of data science, but also gives students the opportunity to take electives outside of the computer science options provided. This opportunity allows students to explore a topic other than computer science where data science may still be applicable.

The capstone project at the end of this program is more of an independent course that gives students the freedom to take their work in multiple directions. Even if it is a project that is less focused on the group, help and referrals from the instructors of this course are still an option for students. With this project, students will be tasked with analyzing current data and determining the best practices needed to identify and solve potential problems. Completion of this project will encourage students to apply their knowledge of data science to practical work situations, thus preparing them for a smooth transition to the workforce.

If you love cyber security or data science and want to expand your knowledge of these topics, then pursuing one of these degrees may be ideal for you. Working on one of these degrees can open up many opportunities. Becoming an expert in your field can make you more marketable to employers and can increase your chances of being promoted to higher paying positions. If you are interested in learning more about any of these programs, please do not hesitate to check out the Seidenberg website for more information.

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