Graduate Certificate Cyber Security Online

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The School of Business at Auburn University today announced a new graduate degree in Cybersecurity Management designed to provide business professionals with the skills to manage operational exposures in today’s high-risk environment.

The new program builds on Auburn’s national leadership in cybersecurity policy and engineering research, including extensive work at the Auburn Cyber ​​Research Center, the McCreary Institute for Cyber ​​and Critical Security, and the Washington-based Center for Cyber ​​and Homeland Security. , DC.

Graduate Certificate Cyber Security Online

Graduate Certificate Cyber Security Online

Rather than focusing on the technical aspects of risk identification, the new degree in Cybersecurity Management allows IT professionals and other business managers to successfully evaluate security measures, assess organizational risk, and develop effective and efficient risk mitigation programs for all business operations. Make.

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The online security management bachelor’s degree in the College of Business is available online and on campus, and business professionals can pursue this graduate degree without enrolling in a comprehensive master’s program. The curriculum is designed to delve deeper into the knowledge required to prepare for three key professional certification exams: the Certified Data Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Risk Test, and Information Systems Control ( CRISC) and Certified Public Accountant Testing System (CISA).

Degree credit earned by a graduate in Cybersecurity Management cannot be applied to business degrees at Auburn or other universities. In addition, Auburn’s full-time, online and executive MBA students, as well as undergraduate students in information systems, can focus on a degree and certificate in online security management.

Frank J. Silofo, director of Auburn University’s McCree Institute for Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure, praised the new graduate certificate and pointed to the growing risk all businesses face, emphasizing why cybersecurity is a business endeavor.

“The corporate IT/cyber team should not be alone in the fight,” Silofo said. “It’s important to adopt good practices and try to comply with relevant laws, but it’s also important to regularly assess potential risks and improve those policies and practices accordingly. Real security is never about “check-the-box” thinking. “It doesn’t. It misses the whole picture, which falsely assumes that filling out a checklist alone will protect you.”

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Silofo noted that a key concern for businesses today is the proliferation of ransomware attacks, which were up 195 percent in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the fourth quarter of 2018. Data breaches are another ongoing concern for all businesses, with the 2018 Value of Data. The study found the average cost of a data breach in the US was $7.9 million, with costs rising into the hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars in the worst cases.

For more information and instructions on applying for a degree in Cybersecurity Management, visit here or contact Graduate Programs Officer Diane Hall at

Auburn University’s School of Business provides students with an innovative—yet tangible—study focused on career readiness. The university’s degree programs in accounting, business analytics and supply chain management are leading in the country. Its research centers on logistics chain management and frequency identification (RFID) technology, guiding the Fortune 100. Leading online learning programs offer value and flexibility. The nationally accredited college produces research reports that respond to today’s business trends. Learn more on the College of Business website. The cybersecurity certificate prepares students for the challenges of identifying network and computer vulnerabilities, conducting ethical audits to determine system risk, and setting online security programs. The content of this program is based on the expectation that students will develop basic problem-solving and research skills in their undergraduate degree in information and communication technology, and the Cyber ​​Security Graduate Program will enhance their existing knowledge and skills. Cybersecurity is everyone’s business, and developing the practical knowledge available to this growing digital industry is critical.

Graduate Certificate Cyber Security Online

The Knowledge Base Framework/Initiative (FQFA) is used for most technical programs in Saskatchewan. Once we have determined that you meet the requirements for entry into the program, you will be granted permission based on the date you are fully eligible for the program. You may be able to start your studies early after providing the appropriate documents and information that qualify you for later admission. Your application, when eligible, will always be considered for the next recipient.

Online Cybersecurity Certificate Program

Applicants to high-dose programs for the academic year will remain on the application list until the start of final registration for that academic year. Programs using the FQFA system receive applications throughout the year and continue to apply for each academic year. Eligible applicants who are not offered a seat must reapply next academic year.

You will explain the role of business network routers and switches and analyze their performance. Your education includes transfers. Floor Tree Protocol (STP); local area networks (VLAN); Protocol Protocol, Internet Protocol Protocol, IPv4 and IPv6; VLAN connection; Active Host Link Protocol (DHCP) and Network Address Interpretation (NAT). The course content is based on the optimization and transformation of the basic Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) curriculum.

You will focus on the vulnerabilities of Windows and Linux operating systems. Your studies will include best practices and techniques to ensure that important security enhancements and system fixes are installed. You will investigate the vulnerabilities of web applications.

You will be scattered with existing scripts and computer languages ​​used by smartphone clients and servers. Your focus is on the methods the application uses to prevent exploiting network security vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate

You will develop skills in identifying key elements of the security management system and business processes that need protection. You will develop the skills and knowledge to perform risk assessments that identify vulnerabilities and proactive measures to prevent and mitigate system failures. You will be able to identify the consequences of data loss and protect to prevent data loss. Your studies will focus on the principles of implementing organizational security, developing cybersecurity policies, and evaluating the effectiveness of existing cybersecurity policies.

You will learn how to manage business environment communications using best practices and standard software tools. You will learn how to craft useful items with the right tools.

You will learn how cyber attacks penetrate information technology (IT) systems by bypassing security or exploiting system vulnerabilities. You will apply a systematic approach to discovery, testing and computation methods and learn to develop secure system designs, identify vulnerabilities and protect against intrusion prevention systems.

Graduate Certificate Cyber Security Online

You will learn techniques used to monitor unauthorized access networks. Your studies will include the concept of ethical hacking and the tools and methods used to test the security of existing systems.

Online Cyber Operations Graduate Certificate

You will learn different methods of attack and defense. As you explore current and emerging security issues, you’ll learn how computer security affects business and commercial data. You will be taught how to protect organizational assets, intellectual property and employees, as well as ways to protect business continuity.

You will integrate the use of cloud computing services. You can identify the pros and cons of integrating a company’s essential services. You will learn best practices for managing the configuration and security of a cloud environment for hosting business applications. You will develop the skills and knowledge to conduct cloud adoption assessments and journeys.

You will learn the key concepts of data protection, confidentiality, integrity and access (CIA). You will examine common vulnerabilities in computer and network systems and how thieves can exploit them to exploit these systems.

You will learn digital forensics techniques to identify, retrieve, track, analyze and interpret digital evidence. You will post the structure, data recovery techniques, data encryption and digital scanning process.

Certificate Of Graduate Studies In Cybersecurity Policy

You will learn ideas about auditing, monitoring and environmental security in information technology (IT). You will learn about the following topics: general internal controls and their use, security, management, standards, guidelines and laws. You will examine the methods and techniques used to assess risks and evaluate the control of an organization’s information systems.

You will learn how to work in a team to design and implement a large information technology (IT) project. You will manage and monitor the project and produce documents to communicate effectively with your stakeholders.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic recognizes that adults learn in different ways. This includes acquiring knowledge and life skills and work experience or non-formal education.

Graduate Certificate Cyber Security Online

Many Sask Polytech students benefit from course transfers. You may be eligible to transfer your score to Sask Polytech or another college or university.

Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate

Thanks to the generosity of donors and alumni, Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers more than $2 million in student awards during the academic year.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers student awards for each degree and diploma program at each institution. Not all student rewards are based on grades – some are based on financial need or factors such as community involvement or volunteerism.

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